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LGBT Donor Conference Moved from Beverly Hills Hotel Over Brunei's Plan to Stone Gays to Death


A secret, high-dollar LGBT donor conference planned at The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles has been moved following news that its owner, the Sultan of Brunei, would be instituting a death-by-stoning penalty for gay people in his small Southeast Asian country.

The Washington Blade reports:

Sultan of bruneiThe OutGiving conference, known this year as “Winning the Heartland,” was set as of Thursday to take place at the Beverly Hills Hotel from May 1-4, according to the registration website for the conference.

The hotel is owned by Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah [pictured], who announced this month plans for his country to start punishing same-sex relations with death by stoning in addition to subjecting perpetuators of rape, adultery and extramarital sexual relations to the same punishment. That policy would be consistent with Islamic Sharia law in the predominately Muslim country.

After the Washington Blade raised the connection on Thursday with the Gill Action Fund, which organizes OutGiving, the organization said it had notified the hotel earlier in the day the conference would no longer take place at that location.

The paper adds:

The United Nations has already criticized the new policy in Brunei. Rupert Colville, spokesperson for the Office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights said, “Application of the death penalty for such a broad range of offences contravenes international law.”

Hollywoodland, a New Gay Web Series: VIDEO


Hollywoodland is the first installment of a new web series by Joseph Baken about the people who live in Hollywood. Something tells me this particular grouping and the 'Day Drunk Gays' operate in the same circles.


Starring Baken, Michael Airington, Justin Kelly, and Willam Belli (yes, that Willam).

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L.A. Issues Health Advisory on Meningitis Following Deaths of Three Gay Men

MeningitisBY LISA KEEN / Keen News Service

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health issued an advisory Wednesday urging that men who have sex with men, particularly those with HIV, be vaccinated against invasive meningococcal disease (IMD). IMD is a rare bacterial infection of the blood, spinal cord, and/or brain lining that can be fatal. The department has identified 24 cases in the past 17 months, 7 of those among gay and bisexual men. Eight cases reported this year alone included four gay and bisexual men, three of whom had HIV infection. Three of the four have died. The county and the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center are offering free vaccination.

KTLA Anchors Dive Under Desk During Today's L.A. Earthquake: VIDEO


Los Angeles was hit by a 4.4 magnitude earthquake this morning at approximately 6:25 am PT. It struck near Westwood, and was caught on camera during the KTLA newscast as the anchors leapt under their desk.


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Artist Chris Burden Created Metropolis II, An Amazing, Functioning Cityscape: VIDEO


It may have been created several years ago, but Chris Burden's Metropolis II, a large-scale city model complete with bustling traffic, trams, and trains still impresses. It is a sight to behold, and even more fun to watch.

Check out a great video and interview with the artist, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Los Angeles Panics Over Rain: VIDEO


Jimmy Kimmel points out in one of his finely-sourced supercuts that although the rain is "desperately needed" in Los Angeles that hasn't stopped the city from going into complete panic mode.


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