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 road National Organization for Marriage (NOM) loses appeal in Maine.

Shepard  roadJudy Shepard memoir nixed from university reading program for being homophobic?

 roadTom Cruise gushes on David Beckham: "I really admire David Beckham as a person, father, husband and athlete. He's absolutely fantastic. He's got a great competitive spirit and he's a tireless worker with a clear mind and a solid body." Especially a solid body.

 roadMassive flow of bullshit continues to flow from BP headquarters. "Though no one knows exactly how much of the dangerous bullshit is currently gushing from BP headquarters, estimates put the number at somewhere between 25,000 and 70,000 words a day."

 roadAIDS Drug Assistance Program threatened by specter of Tea Party challengers.

 roadWATCH: The first 13 minutes of Jersey Shore season 2.

 roadGay rights poised to become wedge issue in Georgia gubernatorial race.

 roadLady Gaga makes a fashion statement at her sister's graduation.

 roadMadrid Pride cancels invitation to Israeli officials over flotilla incident: "The Israeli delegation, made up of members of the LGBT association and the Foreign Ministry, was scheduled to run an Israeli 'bus' in the parade, for the first time since its establishment. But the delegation has recently received hints from Spain that their arrival may cause anger among local pro-Palestinian groups, which may require excess security and, more importantly, cause a lot of embarrassment."

Rosen   roadHuffington Post cuts ties with Hilary Rosen for taking consulting job with BP. "Hilary is no longer our Washington Editor at Large, a mutual decision we recently reached given her involvement with BP. However, we still have a great personal relationship. And, of course, Hilary’s work with BP has had zero effect on our coverage of the company or the disaster in the gulf. Comprehensive and hard-hitting, our coverage speaks for itself."

 roadRyan Gosling eats pizza, looks fine while doing so.

 roadRobbie Williams and Gary Barlow to release duet single: "The single, titled Shame, has been written by the pair and will be released on 4 October."

 roadSF Appeal looks at the problem of gay hook-up violence...

 roadLittle Britain's Matt Lucas scores role on Glee.

 roadAs does John Stamos — who will be cleaning teeth!

 roadApple under investigation for weird questions during sales of iPads to Asians.

Pronger  roadChicago Tribune ridicules Flyers hockey player Chris Pronger by putting him in a women's skirt.

 roadGay men attacked in Windsor, Ontario.

 roadGrand Rapids Community College trustee opposes funds for theatre group because it once performed Terrence McNally's Corpus Christi about gay Jesus Christ.

 roadSun floats Taliban HIV-bomb story.

 roadJudge drops bioterrorism charge in HIV-infected Detroit man's defense case: "'People didn't take the time to investigate properly and understand what HIV is,' Allen told reporters. 'It's not a death sentence. I'm not dying. I'm living. People need to stop hating people with HIV. This disease can happen to anyone.' Allen is accused of biting his neighbor, Winfred Fernandis Jr., on the lip during an altercation over a football in Allen's driveway. Prosecutors say Allen was the lone attacker. But Allen's attorney, James L. Galen Jr., said Allen was the victim, and was attacked by Fernandis and members of Fernandis' family because he's gay."

Massive Cristiano Ronaldo Erection Rises in Madrid


Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was honored with a statue 10 meters tall in Madrid yesterday:

"Residents living near the Plaza de Ramales, a quiet square in a western residential area of the Spanish capital, woke yesterday morning to find the streets adorned with green and red confetti (the colours of the Portuguese flag) along with an imposing statue of Cristiano Ronaldo. As reported by Spanish sports daily Marca, the statue of the world's most expensive player is 10 metres in height and silver in colour, featuring the player standing over a football. The Plaza de Ramales was renamed the 'Praça de Ronaldo' for the duration of the day."

The statue was reportedly erected by Nike, for a promotion.


In other Ronaldo news, the footballer recently held a shirtless meet and greet with top-ranking Formula 1 race car drivers.


The Armani underwear model has also been showing support for his hometown, the resort island of Madeira, in Portugal, where flash floods have killed more than 40 people.

Dramatic footage of the floods, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Today in Men's Fashion...


More in ridiculous fashion from the Carlos Diez S/S 2010 show yesterday at Madrid Fashion Week. The hairdo with matching jumpsuit, and the gold party hat with mesh sack. Click to enlarge.

Thom Browne's Spring 2010 Look: Mushmouth Chic [tr]

Cristiano Ronaldo's Legs Insured for $144 Million


Cristiano Ronaldo's thighs and calves have been insured by Real Madrid for $144 million:

"Real Madrid is attempting to protect themselves in case Cristiano, 24, ever gets seriously injured during a soccer match, according to Spanish newspaper El Mundo. While the sum may sound extravagant, the amount realistically quantifies Cristiano's dollar value to Real Madrid in terms of market and monetary income. In June, Real Madrid shelled out a stunning $131 million transfer fee to acquire the Portuguese international winger from Manchester United. That amount (which was only the transfer fee) does not include Cristiano's lofty salary of over $18.7 million a year. The insuring of Ronaldo's legendary pins comes shortly after Czech footballer Zdenek Grygera delivered a vicious kick to Cristiano's leg near the knee during a recent friendly."

Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Bruno' Grabs the Bull by the...


Following Lederhosen in Paris, and a Queen's Guard uniform in London, Sacha Baron Cohen showed up to the Madrid premiere of Bruno in this bull outfit, with its anatomy on full display.


And here's a bit more from The Guardian's review of the film I linked to earlier:

"As you'd expect, Brüno charges, or rather minces, into some of the least advisable situations imaginable - attempting to seduce a confused Republican congressman Ron Paul, telling a gayness-curing evangelist he has "blowjob lips", parading through an ultra-orthodox area of Jerusalem in Hasidic-inspired hotpants (if there's one thing Brüno does that Borat can't, it's costume).

"And again, he lures the unsuspecting into shameful acts - getting Latoya Jackson to eat sushi off a naked Mexican gardener, for example, or gaining showbiz moms' consent to dress their children as Nazis.

"Beneath the idiocy, Baron Cohen is also a politically astute agent who's devised an ingenious way to confront and expose serious social issues - and indulge his own exhibitionism.

"Brüno is funniest, though, when it's at its most politically incorrect, especially when it comes to homosexuality. There's an eye-popping montage of extreme gay sex practices (imaginary, one hopes), a surfeit of waving penises, dildos, fetish gear, anal bleaching, and an excruciating mime in which Brüno fellates the ghost of a deceased member of Milli Vanilli in front of a psychic."


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Prado Museum Attributes Major Goya Painting to Assistant


The Colossus, a major work once thought to be painted by Spanish artist Francisco de Goya which hangs in Madrid's Prado museum is now said to be the work of his assistant.

The Guardian reports: "The final decision to remove Goya's name from the painting followed a lengthy study by the Prado expert Manuela Mena [Marques], which the museum published yesterday. It was expected to reignite the controvesy that first raged when the museum signalled last year that it had begun to doubt that The Colossus could have been painted by the deaf Spanish genius, who died in 1828. Mena said X-rays of the picture had allowed her to spot significant differences between this and other Goya works. Not least of these was the discovery of the top half of the faded initials 'AJ', scribbled in the bottom left-hand corner, which she said may point to it being the work of one of his assistants, Asensio Juliá. Julia is known to have been Goya's main assistant in the later part of his life. One of Goya's most passionate defenders, British art historian Nigel Glendinning, had previously said he thought the marks might not be initials but could, instead, form part of the number 18. The Prado's expert, however, also claimed the quality of The Colossus was far below that of Goya's other masterpieces."

Marques identified 16 points indicating that Julia painted the work. It was completed between 1808 and 1812, during the Spanish War of Independence.

Was Goya Living on the DL? [tr]


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