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Jeff Wright Explains What God Wanted From The Bachmann Campaign

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At a "Gathering of The Eagles" this week in Maryland, Jeff Wright of the National Prayer Embassy cleared up why, exactly, God chose to inspire Michele Bachmann's doomed run for the presidency: Apparently, the creator of the universe wished to draw attention to the "ex-gay" ministry of Michele's husband, Marcus.

Laughable as that is, there's something almost sweet about Mr. Wright's statement, which is viewable AFTER THE JUMP. Even ten years ago, a guy like Wright would be frothing at the mouth over the homosexual agenda, insisting on the moral depravity and conscious evil of his opponents in the culture war. But history's rolled on, and now the worst he can say about us and our allies is that we're nice people, just a little misguided:

I believe that people, like Jesus said, those that are pushing the homosexual agenda think they are doing the work of God, and I believe that the people who are promoting the homosexual agenda believe they are doing what God wants them to do, to be nice to homosexuals and to help them in their pain. It’s the best they know. They have no revelation that God can change people by His power.

Click through to see a bigger chunk of Wright's address.

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Marcus Bachmann Shopped for 'Doggy Sunglasses' While Michele Campaigned: VIDEO


Last night in Des Moines, Michele Bachmann revealed that she's not the only one in the family touched by first-husband hopeful Marcus Bachmann's talents as a personal stylist. Last night she also announced that she's not a politician.

Watch both videos, AFTER THE JUMP...

Bachmann came in last among those Republicans who campaigned in Iowa.

(via buzzfeed)

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Confronted by 'Gay-Friendly Iowan', Michele and Marcus Bachmann Call Kinsey Report a 'Myth': VIDEO


A voter in Clarion, Iowa yesterday asked Michele Bachmann to autograph her "gay-friendly Iowan" sign and then asked the candidate about her views on gay people, CNN reports:

"I wonder if you're aware that 10% of the population is gay. And if you have 28 children, then 2.8 of those kids are very likely gay."

The congresswoman, within definite earshot as she hovered over Schnell, at first seemed to avoid the question, trying to say "hello" to someone new. Schnell turned to her friend and said, "She's not listening to me." Bachmann must have heard that because she then turned back.

"Well, that's according to the Kinsey Report," the candidate replied.

Dr. Alfred Kinsey is best known for conducting interviews with thousands of individuals and publishing his findings in books on human sexual behavior during the 1940s and '50s. Bachmann's husband, who runs a clinic in their district in Minnesota that has long been accused of conducting "reparative therapy" by trying to help gay individuals become straight, then chimed in.

"Your facts are wrong," he said.

"That's not valid?" Schnell asked back.

"No it isn't," Michele Bachmann said. Her husband added, "No, it's not at all. It's been a myth for many years."

Watch VIDEO of the exchange, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Marcus Bachmann Announces His Anti-Gay 'First Spouse' Agenda

Marcus_bachmannMarcus Bachmann told the NYT what his agenda would be should his wife be elected President:

“I’ve decided my cause is not going to be happy meals,” he said during a stop at the Family Table Restaurant here, apparently a dig at Mrs. Obama.

“We are going to be the message-givers,” said Mr. Bachmann, who runs a Christian counseling service that has been accused of trying to “heal” gays by persuading them to become heterosexual.

“We are going to get this message across,” he said. “Marriage is between one man and one woman. We are going to promote families.”

Marcus Bachmann Outlines ‘First Spouse’ Agenda [the caucus]

Marcus Bachmann Decides He Doesn't Want a Public Battle Over Fees for Unused 'Ex-Gay' Therapy Sessions

You may recall that back in July, John Becker, from Truth Wins Out, a group that works to expose the "ex-gay" movement, paid an undercover visit to Marcus Bachmann for a set of "pray away the gay" therapy sessions which he then wrote up to apply pressure to the Bachmanns for accepting public funds for this discredited and damaging practice.

Marcus_bachmannYou may also recall that in November, Bachmann began demanding payment for the sessions that Becker didn't use.

Bachmann has decided to let it all drop, which disappoints Truth Win Out's Wayne Besen:

“The last thing we expected was for Marcus Bachmann to behave rationally and abandon his specious and spiteful claim that we owed him money. It is a shame that he wasn’t foolish enough to allow a $150 billing dispute to turn into free publicity that highlighted the harm caused by ‘ex-gay’ programs.”

Letterman Mocks Marcus Bachmann: 'If You're a Homosexual, He'll Take Care of You' - VIDEO


CBS apparently thought David Letterman went a bit far in discussing Marcus Bachmann's 'ex-gay' clinic in his monologue last night because they deleted the joke from the official web posting of the clip.

Letterman, in discussing the GOP debate mentions Michele Bachmann, adding:

"And if you're a homosexual, her husband will take care of ya. He's got a thing, a camp or a clinic or something. And if you're a homosexual and you feel you're in the need of some special treatment or counseling, he'll take care of you."


(via aksarbent)

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