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Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban: There are More Gay Players and Whether They Come Out is Irrelevant

Marc cubanDuring yesterday’s Dallas Mavericks-Brooklyn Nets game, Mavericks owner and Athlete Ally board member Mark Cuban sounded off on Nets center Jason Collins and the possibility of other gay NBA athletes. The Dallas Morning News reports:

“We already know there’s more gay players in the league,” Cuban said. “Whether they come out or not is irrelevant. It’s just personal preference. There’s no reason to ever, ever discuss anybody’s sexuality because that’s their private business and there’s no reason to start now.”

And for those keeping score, the Nets managed to eke out a 107-104 victory over the Mavs. 

Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Joins Athlete Ally Advisory Board

Mark Cuban 2-01Dallas Mavericks owner, billionaire businessman, and philanthropist Mark Cuban has been added to the expanding list of high profile members on the Advisory Board of Athlete Ally, a nonprofit group dedicated to fighting homophobia in sports and in general.

Cuban, who also owns the theatrical distribution company Magnolia Pictures and the art-house movie theatre chain Landmark Theatres, has signed on to advise the group on its various forms of programming, according to a press release. He joins the likes of Super Bowl champ Brendon Ayanbadejo, out pro-soccer player Robbie Rogers, and straight wrestler Hudson Taylor, who also founded the organization. Taylor had this to say:

“Mark Cuban is known for fearlessly speaking his mind on this issue, and his vision and role with Athlete Ally go even deeper than that.  As an advisory board member, Mark is helping to shape the course and impact of our organization. We’re grateful for Mark’s support and excited to learn from him.”

Cuban has already accurately predicted the coming-out of out pro-basketballer Jason Collins in a 2011 interview with TMZ. In the release, Cuban expressed his desire to help make sports an even more welcoming environment for LGBT athletes.

“It’s a new world. Everyone should know that they can be themselves in sports. Leagues like the NBA, their teams and players have a great opportunity to set an example and spread a message to people who are either LGBT or straight that our culture should be celebrated for diversity and individual authenticity.”

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Dallas Mavericks Owner Expects Gay NBA Player Within 5 Years, Likely Before a Female Coach

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told TMZ yesterday that he expects to see an openly gay player before a woman coach, probably within the next three to five years, the Dallas Voice reports.

CubanSaid Cuban:

I don’t think there’s really the perception that we are intolerant. I think the only issues we’ve had is with some fallback and some old-school type language that’s derogatory to gays. So there are certain words that I think were accepted five or 10 ten years ago that guys are starting to recognize you can’t use any longer, and that hasn’t been a problem. So I think it will be more of a media sensation when somebody comes out than it will be a player issue.

Watch the TMZ interview (gay player talk at 9:00), AFTER THE JUMP...

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