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Watch: John McCain and Mark Kirk Share Evil Laugh Over Death of Omnibus Spending Bill — 'Did We Just Win?'


Political theater at its most macabre, from Thursday night.


The death of the omnibus bill was what led Reid to file cloture on the DREAM Act and DADT repeal.

There are some reports emerging that McCain and Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) are so angry about the DREAM and DADT votes that they're threatening to push back on the START treaty ratification. And some that they're not.

Stay tuned...

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Schock Welcomes Kirk to Congress


No doubt they'll have a lot to talk about. Like what not to wear to a joint session of Congress.

Congressman Aaron Schock Not Gay, Details Reconfirms [tr]
Illinois Senate Candidate Mark Kirk: I'm Not Gay [tr]

IL Senate Candidate Mark Kirk Didn't Know a Single Openly Gay Person in His 21 Years of Military Service


Illinois Senate candidates Alexi Giannoulias and Mark Kirk squared off on Wednesday night (images not from last night's debate) in Chicago, and touched on gay rights, Chicago Pride reports:

"Ponce asked the candidates if they supported gay marriage or civil unions. Kirk said he supported civil unions, and Giannoulias said he supported both."

They were also asked about DADT.

Giannoulias has expressed his interest in full immediate repeal before. Kirk, a 21-year-Navy vet who has been accused of being a closeted gay man several times during the campaign had more to say

"I think we should wait for the Joint Chiefs of Staff to report as they are scheduled in December; this was actually the recommendation of Defense Secretary [Robert] Gates and the President. But Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi wanted to move forward anyway...The problem here is that when you remove a policy, you have to have a new policy. I look at this from the perspective of a 1st sergeant running a platoon or a chief running a department on a ship. The first thing they are going to ask is, 'If I have problems, what am I supposed to do?'"

Kirk also reportedly criticized Obama for his handling of the issue, and said that he did not know a single openly gay service member in his 21 years in the Navy.

Watch: IL Senate Candidates Giannoulias and Kirk on Gay Rights


During last night's Illinois senate debate Alexi Giannoulias and Mark Kirk were asked about the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy as well as marriage equality.

Interesting questions, given the fact that Kirk, who was serving in Afghanistan as recently as January, has been accused of being a closeted gay man several times during the campaign.

Watch our interview with Giannoulias, if you missed it, here.

See what they had to say at the debate, AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Arizona, Ken Mehlman, Kansas, Ted Olson, Swimsuits

 roadUniversity of Arizona creates workaround for this heinous act by Jan Brewer.

Bertroche  roadTrunk show, starring Ryan Bertroche.

 roadIndonesia has its chain-smoking baby, and Philadelphia has its beer-chugging toddler.

 roadIraqi LGBT expresses concern about UK deportation of 100 Iranian asylum seekers tomorrow: "This group will certainly contain deeply closeted gay people and they will be at extreme risk of torture and murder in Baghdad."

 roadRabbi who recorded Helen Thomas mocks Mexicans in a weatherman skit.

 roadManhunt's 'Assfinder' to take on Grindr.

 roadAnti-gay bullying assault incident at Mount Si High School in Snoqualmie, Washington raises questions about school responsibility: "Some who've followed Mount Si's history believe that administrators have not taken a stronger stance in defense of gay students — or those perceived to be gay — out of fear of community backlash. Outspoken anti-gay rights pastor Ken Hutcherson and a group of parents in 2008 called for cancellation of the Day of Silence. They told the school board that the event was an example of Mount Si teachers forcing their liberal political agenda on students. When the day wasn't canceled, they urged parents to keep their students home. More than 100 held a prayer vigil outside the school."

 roadT.R. Knight has a new man.

Lawrence   roadAnti-gay assault victim in Lawrence, Kansas speaks out.

 roadRecent homophobic attack the latest in a new wave of anti-gay violence in Rome: "The attack was the latest in a string of assaults on gays, immigrants and even tourists that have been linked to extreme rightwing thuggery in the traditionally tolerant eternal city, fuelled by a spiralling consumption of alcohol and following the election of former neo-fascist, Gianni Alemanno, as mayor."

 roadPenguins play soccer. Wonder if they have a gay team?

 roadMilitary sexual assault victims push for changes from the Department of Defense: "They’re intimidated or punished or know that from the beginning that it’s useless. They’ll be seen as a traitor, a snitch and a weak soldier."

 roadGray whale spotted again off the coast of Spain.

 roadA bundle of fresh lies from GOP Illinois Senate candidate Mark Kirk.

Anteater  roadBaby anteater.

 roadAUDIO: Michelangelo Signorile talks to Prop 8 case lawyer Ted Olson. "We talked about how the case went, and where it goes from here. I presented him with the arguments of skeptics, legal scholars we've interviewed on the show in recent months. We also discussed how the case, and his representation of gay couples suing for the right to marry, might have changed opinions on the right."

 roadPREVIEW: Katy Perry's 'California Gurls' video.

 roadMatthew Morrison to release non-Glee-related solo CD.

 roadCeline Dion has her own private water park.

 roadFormer RNC Chair Ken Mehlman bought a swank condo at gay ground zero in Chelsea, NYC. Lance Bass and Marc Jacobs are neighbors.

 roadWhere we came from: "The Earth and Moon are the result of a gigantic collision between two planets the size of Mars and Venus. The collision took place in less than 24 hours and the temperature of the Earth was so high (7000º C), that both rock and metal melted. The two planets collided at a time when both had a core of metal (iron) and a surrounding mantle of silicates (rock)."

Mark Kirk Says People Think He's Gay Because He Got a Divorce


Chicago's WGN asked Illinois GOP Senate candidate Rep. Mark Kirk about the gay rumors that resurfaced this week after blogger Mike Rogers wrote a post saying that Kirk had outed himself to Rogers at a party.

Reporter: You said you are not gay? Why do the bloggers keep saying that?

Kirk: Because I guess I got divorced, but I hope to remarry one day.

Reporter: To a woman?

Kirk: Absolutely.

Watch the interview, AFTER THE JUMP...

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