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Marky Mark's Monk-D, Cock-D Workout Routine


Here's a little slow news Friday flashback for you fly honeys. Rich at FourFour put together a few highlights from Mark Wahlberg's now extra-ridiculous 1993 workout video.


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News: Meteorite, Harry Jackson, D.C. Aide's Death, Mark Wahlberg

 road60 people attend 25th annual memorial service for Charlie Howard in Maine: "Howard, who could not swim, was killed on July 7, 1984, when three teenage boys tossed him into Kenduskeag Stream from the State Street bridge. He was 23."

Jacksonghost  roadMichael Jackson's "ghost" spotted on hood of car.

 roadWhitney Houston looking fine.

 roadMarion Barry blames current ethics investigations on gay councilman David Catania: "Barry, a longtime supporter of LGBT rights in D.C., has cited dischord between the LGBT community and African-American religious leaders for his current stance on marriage equality.  New ethics questions have surfaced about Barry’s role in administering grant money authorized by the city council."

 roadYou look better with your shirt off: Madonna single "Celebrate" to go to radio August 3.

 roadMadge steps out with Jesus Luz, Dolce and Gabbana in Milan.

 roadNYU Law dean Richard Revesz defends invitation to homophobic visiting Singaporean law professor Li-ann Thio. You may remember her from this post.

 roadPortland police accused of failing to protect gays and lesbians from homophobic attacks at city's Pride festival: "According to police reports, videos and eyewitness accounts, the trouble that started late on the night of June 13 outside a bar in Portland's Old Town included fistfights and several obscenity-laden shouting matches."

Wahlberg  roadMarky Mark returns to the ring.

 roadIan Thorpe turns to boxing?

 roadKathy Griffin to host Schmemmys.

 roadBishop Harry Jackson and gang write open letter to Obama: Pissed about cases against DOMA, cocktail party for gays.

 roadA look inside Mika's new album, We Are Golden.

 roadSun warnings "overstated" in skin cancer risk?

 roadFlorida's New Times looks into the case of Carol Anne Burger, the Florida gay rights activist who stabbed her lover Jessica Kalish to death with a screwdriver, 222 times.

Deschaine  roadGay D.C. Council aide Desi Deschaine drowns in Baltimore: "Deschaine, the communications director for D.C. Council member Jack Evans, died in Baltimore's Inner Harbor area after a weekend boating trip. His body was recovered Tuesday morning. A source said Deschaine left a private boat owned by his boyfriend, J'aime Huret, after docking Sunday night to take a walk. Deschaine never returned, and authorities believe he fell off a dock into the water."

 roadGays in El Paso, Texas want new training for police following Chico's Tacos kiss incident.

 roadBrüno banned in Ukraine: "The ministry said Wednesday that Cohen's depictions of sexual organs, homosexual intercourse and language are obscene and improper."

 roadBrazil's Jonatas Faro.

Meteorite  roadMeteorite found on country walk to be auctioned, expected to fetch £90,000.

 roadRing of roses: David Beckham adds to collection of tattoos.

 roadRapper Noriega: There are gays all over Hip-Hop.

 roadGrassroots campaign to recall Portland Mayor Sam Adams gets its first high-profile suppporter in the form of former mayor Tom Potter: "Potter made his backing known in a comment he left over the weekend on his wife's Facebook page. Potter's wife, Karin Hansen, posted a status update on her page saying she has petitions for the recall and directing people to a site where they can join the effort."

 roadHugh Jackman takes on new role as Avon man.

 roadThe new season of HGTV's Design Star features two gay designers, Jason Champion and Nathan Galui.

 roadWitnesses to murder recant statements in Lateisha Green murder trial: "Two prosecution witnesses who told police they saw an accused 20-year-old man kill a transgendered woman recanted their statements on the witness stand Tuesday. Siblings Johnny and Jasmine Gaston testified that investigators told them what to say about the shooting of 22-year-old Lateisha Green at a Syracuse house party last November."

News: Sean Penn, Berlin, Coral, Jake Gyllenhaal, Wisconsin

road.jpg Is Bush blocking Obama speech at Berlin's Brandenburg Gate?

Gyllenhairroad.jpg Jake gets a mane.

road.jpg No brainer: Guess what they're working on a sequel for...

road.jpg Not a surprise: Tanzania to oppose ordination of women and gay bishops in Anglican church.

road.jpg Same-sex Wisconsin couples who marry in California could face prison if they return to their home state: "When Dick Myers heard that California was going to start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, he and his partner of nearly 13 years considered traveling there to get married. That is until Myers and his partner, Steve Brondino, learned of an obscure state law that makes it a crime for Wisconsin residents to enter into marriage in another state if the marriage would be prohibited here. The law imposes a penalty for those who enter into a marriage that's prohibited or declared void in Wisconsin of up to $10,000 and nine months in prison."

road.jpg Focus on the Family inciting trans panic in Colorado.

road.jpg Tacoma, Washington's county council refuses to go on record supporting gay pride event, spurs outcry by members: "I’m embarrassed. This is a sad, low day for the County Council, that we wouldn’t give you a chance to celebrate who you are and stand against discrimination of all forms."

Coralroad.jpg 25% of the world's corals are facing extinction.

road.jpg New York Governor Paterson to sign expanded domestic violence law: "The new law would make it possible for people in dating relationships, heterosexual or gay, to seek protection from abusers in family court. As it stands, New York has one of the narrowest domestic violence laws in the country, allowing for civil protection orders only against spouses or former spouses, blood relations or the other parent of an abused person’s child."

road.jpg Damn Yankees, with Cheyenne Jackson, Jane Krakowski, and Sean Hayes: a review.

road.jpg From the secret diaries of Mario Testino: "Shooting in LA for an issue of V Man I'm editing. The theme is "extreme". I've tried to do it around the extremes of how a male gets perceived today, in the sense that there is ambiguity: sometimes the butcher a man is, the queenier he can be. And sometimes the most feminine men can be the most masculine. I'm influenced by so many different things, though. That's good if you're in the fashion business. Because things change so much. You can't say "I like colour" because the day after tomorrow black and white is in and you're out. And I don't want to be out. I need to work. It's my livelihood. So I'm adaptable."

Markyroad.jpg He's still a traffic-stopper.

road.jpg Margaret Cho now performing wedding ceremonies: "Cho actually married two couples during the Bay Area's gay pride festivities, she announced last night at the opening of the Outfest film festival in downtown Los Angeles."

road.jpg Tom Cruise as the Village People.

road.jpg Gay Star Trek episode to be screened: "Last March, the team of fans behind Star Trek Phase II began producing 'Blood and Fire' a gay-themed script originally written for The Next Generation in 1988 by 'The Trouble With Tribbles' writer David Gerrold. The story would have included the franchise's first gay couple and dealt with a deadly disease that worked as an analogy to AIDS, but the episode never was filmed."

road.jpg Ciccone tell-all: "When Sean Penn was married to his sister, he made Christopher cut his thumb and then cut his own and merged them to become blood brothers. Penn approached him years later and asked him if he had AIDS."

News: Ted Kennedy, Bacon, Jason Giambi, Gloria Gaynor, HIV

road.jpg Senator Ted Kennedy diagnosed with malignant brain tumor: "Doctors for the Massachusetts Democrat say tests conducted after Kennedy suffered a seizure this weekend show a tumor in his left parietal lobe. Preliminary results from a biopsy of the brain identified the cause of the seizure as a malignant glioma, they said. His treatment will be decided after more tests but the usual course includes combinations of radiation and chemotherapy."

Damonroad.jpg New York Daily News provides New York Yankees with shipment of gold lamé thongs after revelation that Jason Giambi wears one when he is in a batting slump.

road.jpg Jean-Claude van Damme holds flexing show on balcony at Cannes.

road.jpg 25 years ago today, the HIV virus was identified in France.

road.jpg David Archuleta took Brooke White to his fake prom, but he also had other offers: "[David] Cook also asked if he could dance with me — that was a little awkward. So I said no."

road.jpg Judge reopens Okeechobee High School lawsuit over gay-straight alliance: "U.S. District Judge K. Michael Moore dismissed the case last month, saying the club's founder, Yasmin Gonzalez, no longer was affected by the school's decision because she has graduated. But Moore reversed the decision Friday, saying Gonzalez still has a stake in the case because she seeks nominal monetary damages. The judge also allowed current student Brittany Martin to become a plaintiff in the case against the school board of Okeechobee County. 'We are absolutely elated,' said Rob Rosenwald, an attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union, which represents the students. 'I know that the students at Okeechobee High School are very excited that their rights will be vindicated.'"

road.jpg Dina Matos McGreevey says Jim McGreevey didn't whore himself out enough after becoming famous: "The nation's first openly gay governor could have become a talk show host, pursued a movie deal or otherwise cashed in on his fame after a sex scandal forced him from office, a lawyer for his estranged wife argued Monday."

Gaynorroad.jpg Gloria Gaynor on being born again: "I had a backlash from gay fans for a tiny period. Because they didn't understand where I was coming from. Now they recognise that my beliefs are my beliefs and that I have no opinions separate from the Bible. There are areas that we agree to disagree on. It's as simple as that. I don't have a problem with them having their beliefs, because my feeling is that God gives each and every one of us the right to not even believe in him. So who am I to try to take that away from somebody? I will always try to share my faith with any person who is willing to listen. When I feel a wall go up, we can talk about something else ... and I will pray for you."

Wahlbergroad.jpg Apparently the only thing good about The Happening coming out are the Mark Wahlberg Men's Health photos that come with it, and even those leave a bit of skin to be desired.

road.jpg The California Assembly passes bill 45-23 marking May 22 as Harvey Milk day. It now moves on to the senate.

road.jpg Chocolate-covered bacon, anyone?

road.jpg Newly appointed Italian minister for equal opportunities and former Miss Italy contestant and television showgirl Mara Carfagna refuses to back a gay pride march because, according to her, it's pointless and gays no longer face discrimination: "Homosexuality is no longer a problem, at least not the way the organizers of these demonstrations would have us believe. Gay pride's only aim is official recognition for homosexual couples, on the same level with marriage. I cannot agree to that. Gone are the times when homosexuals were declared mentally ill...Today there is such a thing as integration into society."

road.jpg Is 90210 really America's favorite zip code?

Gus van Sant and Sean Penn are First to Spill Milk

Gus van Sant and producers Bruce Cohen and Dan Jinks will be first out of the gate with their Harvey Milk biopic, which is set to begin shooting in January with Sean Penn confirmed as the slain gay rights leader.

PennBack in September I posted that Penn was planning to sign on, news which was confirmed on Friday. According to the Hollywood Reporter, "Bruna Papandrea of Groundswell, William Horberg and 'Milk' screenwriter Dustin Lance Black have come aboard as executive producers. Groundswell CEO Michael London also will serve in a producing capacity on the film."

Van Sant's Milk is one of two dueling projects based on the life of the San Francisco's supervisor. The other, The Mayor of Castro Street, with director Bryan Singer and producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron attached, has apparently been held up by the writer's strike.

Variety reports: "According to producer Craig Zadan, Christopher McQuarrie's script is ready, but it wasn't turned in before the strike. Bryan Singer, who's busy with 'Valkyrie,' is attached to direct that project for Warner Independent. 'Everything's all set; the problem is, because of the writers strike, we can't do anything,' said Zadan, who's been developing the project with producing partner Neil Meron for 15 years."

WahlbergTowleroad has heard some rumors about who else might be lined up for the Gus van Sant film.

Consider this completely unsubstantiated, but we hear that James Franco is in talks to play Milk's brother Robert, and Mark Wahlberg is in talks to play Milk assassin and fellow SF supervisor Dan White.

Matt Damon had been attached to play White, but according to a spokesperson from Focus Features who spoke to Variety, "Matt Damon was not attached when Focus came on board to acquire the project."

Gus van Sant Snaps Up Penn and Damon for Harvey Milk Film [tr]
Singer and Van Sant Vie to be First with Harvey Milk Film [tr]
Harvey Milk to get Bust at San Francisco City Hall [tr]
Thank God for Harvey Milk [tr]

Mark Wahlberg Smuggles His Guns Through Airport Security


And those are some big guns.

Speaking of big guns, the latest word from Broadway is that Wahlberg is being tipped to play the William Holden character in a revival of Stalag 17 on Broadway, directed by Spike Lee. Clive Owen is reportedly on board as well. Donald Bevan told the NY Post he'd like to rewrite the World War II dramedy for Lee's revival: "There are six scenes, and they’re all set in the barracks. I’d like to have two scenes in the camp theater. I certainly have plenty of material. I’ve talked to Mr. Lee about it, and he agrees. So we’ll be working together on it."

Markwahlberg2 Markwahlberg3

(Photos via Just Jared, where you can find more of them)

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