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Protests, Criticism of Mary Glasspool's Ordination

Yesterday, The Episcopal Church consecrated Mary Glasspool making her the first openly gay woman to become a bishop in the Church. Today we have photos of the service where Glaspool was caught beaming with joy. I've posted a couple more AFTER THE JUMP.

Video of  the entire service will be available on the Web site of Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles on Monday.

According to ABC News, two protesters did manage to disrupt the ceremony: "Just before the ceremony began, a man stood, shouted about the need to repent and held up a sign that read "Do not be deceived, homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God." After he was escorted out, a young boy in the same section rose holding a Bible and shouted similar slogans. Security guards also led him out."

The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has previously spoken out against Glasspool's ordination claiming that it "raises very serious questions not just for the Episcopal Church and its place in the Anglican Communion, but for the Communion as a whole."

A group called Reform Ireland (not the Church of Ireland as had earlier been noted) has also issued a statement criticizing the ordination: "We wish to express sorrow that Mary Glasspool, a person who is living in a same-sex relationship, is to be consecrated," the Church of Ireland said in a statement. "The elevation to senior church leadership of a person whose lifestyle is contrary to the will of God revealed in scripture is both wrong and disappointing."

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News: Mary Glasspool, George Rekers, Google, Madonna

 road Mary Glasspool is the first openly lesbian bishop in the Episcopal Church. Follow the ordination on Twitter.


 road Heroes dies a less than heroic death.

 road Madonna about photog Tom Munro: "To have your picture taken by Munro is kind of like smoking a bubblegum cigarette."

 road The Wachowskis will apparently next make a gay-themed film about a US soldier who falls in love with an Iraqi civilian.

 road Lena Horne, who died earlier this week, is laid to rest.

 road Openly gay Christian singer Ray Boltz: “I don’t believe God hates me anymore. I always thought if people knew the true me, they’d be disgusted, and that included God. But for all the doubts, there’s this new belief that God accepts me and created me, and there’s peace.”

 road Does anyone care about Lady Sovereign's coming out?

 road Ian McKellen to a crowd of 1,000 supporters of marriage equality in Melbourne: "Establishing the rights for gay people to be married would cost the Australian Government nothing financially and would gain for you worldwide respect from people like us and of course would change lives enormously - the lives of gay people and of their friends and of their families and therefore of Australia as a whole."

 road Google may have mistakenly spied on you. 222

 road The questioning of Elena Kagan's sexuality: "It’s a slippery slope if members of the Senate Judiciary Committee start asking Kagan whether she prefers men or women. What’s next? Forcing every job applicant to open their bedroom door? Having gays wear pink badges, as required by the Nazis?"

 road The Dallas Voice on "Shaping Your Child's Sexual Identity" written by George Rekers: "Published in 1983, this is one of several anti-gay books written by Rekers over the years but appears to be the only one listed on that includes cover art. The title and photo are especially troubling given that Rekers, 61, was caught hiring a 20-year-old male prostitute."

 road The roommate of the guy who found the prototype iPhone tattled on him to Apple.

Gay Man in Running to Be Utah's Next Episcopal Bishop

The recently-confirmed Rev. Mary Glasspool of Los Angeles, and Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire are the Episcopal Church's only two openly gay bishops, but they could soon be joined by a third, the Salt Lake Tribune reports:

Barlowe"The Rev. Michael L. Barlowe -- who married his partner, the Rev. Paul Burrows, in San Francisco in 2008, just before the fractious Proposition 8 vote banning gay marriage -- is one of four finalists to replace retiring Bishop Carolyn Tanner Irish. Reflecting the Utah diocese's diversity, the other three candidates are: the Rev. Juan A. Quevedo-Bosch, a Cuban-born rector in New York; the Rev. Mary C. Sulerud, who helps train new priests in Washington, D.C.; and the Rev. Scott B. Hayashi, who once pastored a church in Ogden but now ministers in Chicago...Each of the candidates is 'immediately engaging,' [Ric Tanner, president of the Utah church's Standing Committee] said...The selection of a gay bishop, however, would be the most controversial."

According to the paper, Utah's Episcopal church is on record supporting the ordination of gay and lesbian priests in committed relationships. The next step for Barlowe is what's known as a "walkabout" wherein the candidates travel the state visiting with parishes and members. Delegates from the Church then come together to elect a Bishop on May 22.

Mary Glasspool Now Episcopal's Church's 2nd Openly Gay Bishop

Last Thursday I posted that openly lesbian Rev. Mary Glasspool had received the necessary amount of consents for final confirmation as an Episcopal bishop.

Glasspool She has been confirmed, in Los Angeles:

"Mary Glasspool is the first openly gay bishop approved since 2003, when the election of a gay man as bishop of New Hampshire caused such an uproar that the U.S. church, under pressure from other members of the global Anglican Communion, imposed a moratorium on such elevations. The ban was lifted last year. Glasspool is also one of the first two women to be elected as bishops in the 114-year history of the Los Angeles diocese. The other, Diane M. Jardine Bruce, won final approval March 8. 'I'm overjoyed,' Glasspool said in a phone interview from Baltimore, where she is canon, or senior assistant, to the bishop of Maryland. 'It's time to celebrate. . . . I know there are people who might not be overjoyed by this, and I am committed to reaching out with my own hand and my own heart to people who might not feel the same as I do.'"

Glasspool will be ordained and consecrated at a ceremony on May 15.

Episcopal Reverend Mary Glasspool Poised for Final Consent as Church's Second Openly Gay Bishop

The Episcopal Rev. Canon Mary Glasspool, whose election to bishop in December has been in limbo during a routine consent process, has received enough approvals to ascend to bishop, Episcopal News reports:

Glasspool  "The Los Angeles Standing Committee reported March 10 that within the last 64 days it has received 61 consents needed to the election of Glasspool... In each election a majority of 56 consents was needed from the counterpart Standing Committees of the 110 dioceses of the Episcopal Church. The consent process to Glasspool’s election is not complete until the Presiding Bishop’s Office in New York confirms that it has received the necessary majority of consents from bishops with jurisdiction in the dioceses of the Church. Meanwhile, the Presiding Bishop’s Office has notified the Los Angeles Standing Committee that 58 of the 61 Standing Committee consents received have been verified to date."

Glasspool and New Hampshire bishop Gene Robinson will be the world Anglican fellowship's only openly gay bishops.

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Teen seeks $4 million from Tel Aviv LGBT youth center for injuries sustained during attack: "Yonatan Buks, 15, suffered internal damage when he was shot in the lower extremities of his body. He is undergoing rehabilitation and has difficulty speaking, Ynetnews reported Tuesday."


Air Force acknowledges existence of stealth spy plane.


Williams College hit by homophobic graffiti incident.


Sonia Sotomayor uses term "undocumented immigrant" rather than "illegal immigrant" for first time ever in SCOTUS opinions.


Tom Brady making a bunch.



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Barney Frank endorses Sestak over Specter in Pennsylvania Senate race.


Whatever happened to Ennis Del Mar? The Autry National Center of the American West takes a look at LGBT representation in the American West at a panel discussion this weekend in L.A: "Moderated by Virginia Scharff, author and professor of history/director of the Center for the Southwest at the University of New Mexico, the panel includes Los Angeles Times and NPR film critic Kenneth Turan; Peter M. Nardi, Ph.D., author and professor of sociology at Pitzer College; and William Handley, associate professor of English at the University of Southern California and editor of The Brokeback Book (forthcoming)."


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Sacha Baron Cohen sued by Bethlehem grocer and peace activist over Bruno film: "Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen's attempt to pretend that he interviewed a notorious terrorist leader in the film Bruno may cost him $110 million in damages - 80 percent of the movie's gross box office earnings. That's the sum demanded by Ayman Abu Aita, a Palestinian grocer and peace activist from Bethlehem who says his life has been ruined byBaron Cohen's movie."



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Kabul contractors' $189 million contract dumped by State Department following exposé of hazing practices.


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Episcopal Bishop Mary Glasspool speaks out about election: ''I've had hundreds, probably a thousand, e-mails from people all over the world who don't know me but who are expressing through the fact of my election a pride in the Episcopal Church. 'I've committed my life as a life of service to the people of Jesus Christ, and what hurts is the sense that anybody might have that my name or my servanthood could be perceived as divisive.''


Canada lifts ban on gay bone marrow donors.


Nebraska Supreme Court rejects appeal by Westboro Baptist Church in flag desecration case: "Police arrested Phelps-Roper for wrapping a flag around her waist as a skirt and allowing her son to stand on another flag as she and other members of the church picketed the Bellevue, Neb., funeral of a soldier killed in Iraq. Represented by the American Civil Liberties Union of Nebraska, Phelps-Roper argued that she was exercising her constitutional right to 'symbolic expression' in disobeying a law passed in the 1970s against 'mutilating, defacing, defiling, burning or trampling' on a flag."


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