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Mary Cheney is an 'Intolerant Lesbian Bigot': VIDEO


Bryan Fischer just wants to make one thing clear - just because Liz Cheney doesn't believe her gay sister is as worthy as the rest of heterosexual humanity to be allowed the right to marry, it is Mary who is the "intolerant lesbian bigot."

That's right, it's the straight people who are being victimized.


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Mary Cheney 'Not Supporting Liz's Candidacy' For Wyoming Senate Seat


In an article titled, "The Race That Broke the Cheney Family," Politico's Jason Zengerle delves into the Cheney family feud that ensued after Liz Cheney, embroiled in a primary challenge for fellow Republican Mike Enzi's Wyoming senate seat, a race she was early on anticipated to win, publicly announced her opposition to same-sex marriage. Liz's sister, Mary, is openly gay and married with children and her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney, is also notably pro-marriage equality. Politico reports:

Unbeknownst even to some of her closest friends and advisers, [Liz's] newly announced opposition to gay marriage had caused a major rift in the famously close Cheney family, and she and Mary were no longer on speaking terms. Days after we talked it all became public, when, in a series of Facebook posts as devastating as they were surprising, Mary blasted her sister’s stance against marriage equality. “Liz’s position is to treat my family as second class citizens,” Mary wrote. “This isn't like a disagreement over grazing fees or what to do about Iran.” The public rebuke was the first communication between the sisters since August, and soon their parents, former Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife, Lynne, found themselves dragged into the imbroglio, issuing a statement defending Liz.

But Mary wasn’t done speaking out. In a series of emails to me this week, as the news of her break with her sister spread, Mary wrote, “I’m not supporting Liz’s candidacy.” She later clarified: “By supporting, I mean not working, not contributing, and not voting for (I’m registered in Virginia not Wyoming).” The best she could say of the sister who was once her close friend and confidante was a final postscript: “I am not saying I hope she loses to Enzi.”

As previously reported, one of Mary's most pointed posts on Facebook referenced Liz's comments on Fox News: "Liz - this isn't just an issue on which we disagree - you're just wrong - and on the wrong side of history." Though Mary and Liz were previously close, particularly during their father's tenure as Vice President, both sisters having worked on the 2000 and 2004 campaigns, the question of gay marriage has seemingly torn the fabric that once united the Cheney family: “'It’s very un-Cheney-like for one arm of the family to do something the other part doesn’t know about in the political sphere and cause any degree of heartburn,' says one former adviser to Dick Cheney."

Jon Stewart Mocks the Cheney Family Feud, Hallmark's 'Gay' Ornament: VIDEO


In his latest edition of 'Gaywatch', Jon Stewart covers the Cheney family feud over gay marriage, the controversy over Hallmark's holiday ornament, and marriage equality in Hawaii.



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Jake Tapper's 'The Lead' Debates the Cheney Gay Family Feud: VIDEO


Is the Cheney gay family feud a mirror of the conflict within the larger Republican party?

NYT reporter Ashley Parker,Crossfire host Van Jones, and CNN commentator Kevin Madden discuss.

Said Jones: "It's really painful to watch. You can imagine being a parent and watching this sort of thing happening around a normal Thanksgiving table, now it's happening out in public...It's tough enough to be lesbian and gay and trying to raise a family. To have your own family member diss you publicly, it must be horrible."


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Dick and Lynne Cheney are 'Pained' That the Family Feud Over Gay Marriage Has Become Public


Dick and Lynne Cheney have released a statement in response to the family feud that broke out publicly yesterday after Wyomin Senate candidate's appearance on FOX News Sunday.

"This is an issue we have dealt with privately for many years, and we are pained to see it become public. Since it has, one thing should be clear. Liz has always believed in the traditional definition of marriage. She has also always treated her sister and her sister's family with love and respect, exactly as she should have done. Compassion is called for, even when there is a disagreement about such a fundamental matter and Liz's many kindnesses shouldn't be used to distort her position."

To recap, Liz says she favors "traditional marriage" and her lesbian sister Mary and Mary's wife Heather Poe aren't having it anymore.

Mary Cheney and Wife Heather Poe Lash Out at Liz Cheney Over Opposition to Gay Marriage: VIDEO


Mary Cheney and her wife Heather Poe lashed out at Wyoming Senate candidate Liz Cheney after an appearance on Fox News Sunday in which she asserted her belief in "traditional marriage."

Watch Cheney's FNS appearance, AFTER THE JUMP...

Cheney_poeWrote Poe on her Facebook page:

I was watching my sister-in-law on Fox News Sunday (yes Liz, in fifteen states and the District of Columbia you are my sister-in-law) and was very disappointed to hear her say "I do believe in the traditional definition of marriage."

Liz has been a guest in our home, has spent time and shared holidays with our children, and when Mary and I got married in 2012 - she didn't hesitate to tell us how happy she was for us. 

To have her now say she doesn't support our right to marry is offensive to say the least

I can't help but wonder how Liz would feel if as she moved from state to state, she discovered that her family was protected in one but not the other. 

I always thought freedom meant freedom for EVERYONE.

Mary agreed:

Couldn't have said it better myself. Liz - this isn't just an issue on which we disagree - you're just wrong - and on the wrong side of history.


Writes the NYT: "Such comments could present political difficulties to Liz Cheney, who is trying to unseat Mr. Enzi by running to his right. Former Vice President Dick Cheney has already said that he supports same-sex marriage, but the matter is now plainly causing intense family friction."

Here's the transcript of Liz Cheney's FNS appearance:

WALLACE: Some of your conservative critics and, frankly, some of the Enzi people, say that you have flipped positions on some issues to try to attract voters that you didn't previously hold. You now say that you oppose same sex marriage, but they point out that in 2009, you opposed a constitutional amendment -- I know you say it's a state issue -- a constitutional amendment that would have banned same sex marriage and they point out that you supported the State Department offering benefits to same sex partners. They say that's a flip.

CHENEY: It's not and I stand by both of those positions. I don't believe we've got to discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation. If people are in a same sex relationship and they want their partner to be able to have health benefits or be designated as a beneficiary on their life insurance, there's no reason they shouldn't do that. I also don't support amending the constitution on this issue. I do believe it's an issue that's got to be left up to the state. I do believe in the traditional definition of marriage.


WALLACE: You talk about your position against same sex marriage. Your sister, Mary, who is married to a woman, put out this post. She said, "For the record, I love my sister," you, "but she is dead wrong on the issue of marriage."

CHENEY: Yes. And I -- listen, I love Mary very much. I love her family very much. This is just an issue in which we disagree.

Watch a portion of the interview, AFTER THE JUMP...

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