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New Book Of Russian ‘Gay Propaganda’ Tells Stories Of Those ‘Persecuted For Who They Love’


Since Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the anti-gay propaganda bill into law back in June of last year, we’ve extensively covered the impact of the law, shows of anti-gay prejudice across Russia, the media's coverage of the issue and the reactions the law elicited from LGBT activists and allies across the world.

Now a new book has been released, Gay Propaganda, edited by Masha Gessen and Joseph Huff-Hannon, that serves as “a collection of stories, interviews and testimonials about the lives and loves of LGBT Russians living both in Russia and in exile today.” The project tells the “tales of long-term commitment, dating, and daily life—offer[ing] a timely and intimate window into the lives of Russians persecuted for who they love.”

Says former Rep. Barney Frank of the book:

"The most potent weapon in the fight against anti-LGBT prejudice is the reality of who we are instead of the caricatures presented by our opponents. The bigots who seek to censor our reality by banning 'gay propaganda' understand this. So do Masha Gessen and Joseph Huff-Hannon. Projects like theirs are the most potent weapon in the fight against anti-LGBT prejudice, putting the reality of who we are against the caricatures presented by our prejudiced opponents."

You can find out more about the book and buy it HERE.

Wall Street Leaders, LGBT Activists Meet on Davos Panel: VIDEO


CNN's Fareed Zakaria led a HuffPost and Microsoft sponsored panel on LGBT rights at the World Economic Forum in Davos which included  J-FLAG Executive Director Dane Lewis, Russian and American journalist Masha Gessen, Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin, Elliott Management Corporation founder Paul Singer, Third Point founder Dan Loeb and Alice Nkom, a lawyer and LGBT activist from Cameroon.

Watch the panel, AFTER THE JUMP...

The NYT reported on the panel, noting "the seeming unlikelihood that prominent investors would take a stand on gay rights":

Mr. Singer recounted how his son told him he was gay at the age of 21, prompting him to examine the issue of gay rights. Despite being one of the biggest donors to the Republican party — as the host, the journalist Fareed Zakaria, jokingly put it, the financier is both politically conservative and “really rich” — he has become one of the most active gay marriage proponents in finance.

When asked if he used his influence on politicians to push a pro-gay-marriage agenda, however, Mr. Singer demurred. But he added that would-be political beneficiaries are aware of his work.

“I don’t try to proselytize,” he said. “But they know that winning is better than losing.”

Mr. Singer reserved his highest praise for the panel that preceded his at the breakfast: Masha Gessen, a Russian lesbian activist who plans to move her family to the United States to avoid persecution; Alice Nkom, a lawyer from Cameroon who works alone to avoid endangering potential colleagues; and Dane Lewis, the head of the Jamaican advocacy group J-FLAG.

Watch the panel, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Russian Journalist Argues That Boycott Should Be Full Throttle Against Putin, Anti-Gay Russia: VIDEO


Journalist and NYT columnist Masha Gessen spoke to a CNN AC360 panel that included Christiane Amanpour, Charles Blow, and Andrew Sullivan late last week about why she feels that a boycott against Russia and Putin are absolutely necessary.

Said Gessen:

"The Kremlin's hate campaign. It's coming from up top. It's not coming from the public. And the message to the Kremlin,  the message that really gets across is snubbing. It's telling Putin that his life is going to be hell as long as these laws stand. Wearing a rainbow pin does not make his life hell. Not showing up for the Olympics makes his life hell."


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