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Towleroad Touch Editions for iPad/iPhone (Beta): How to Add an 'App' Icon to Home Screen for One-Touch Access


Follow these steps to add a Towleroad icon to your app collection. Just tap the icon and you'll be rushed to the latest from Towleroad. It's kind of a VIP icon in that way. 

1. Go to the Towleroad Touch edition on your device, as described in our earlier post. Just type type "towleroad.com" or "tlrd.com" in the url bar of the browser and touch "Go".

2. Once it's open, find and touch the Action Button. It's the folder icon with an arrow pointing left that is at the top of the browser on the iPad and at the bottom on the iPhone.  (On your first visit, you'll see a message pointing at the icon as shown.)

  Action Action

3. FIRST POP-UP MENU: Find and touch the Towleroad Touch icon in the center of the popup menu. 

Home  Addhomesm

4. SECOND POP-UP MENU: You can just touch the blue "Add" button, unless you want to change the text that will appear below your icon. If so, type the words you prefer and then click "Add".

Add Add

5. CONGRATS! Your one-touch access icon should appear where there is room on your app screen. Touch it to launch Towleroad directly wherever you have data service for your device. You can move and organize this icon as you do any app icon, so you might want it on your home screen for easy access to the latest Towleroad posts. 



Towleroad Poll -- First Presidential Debate... Vote and Forward

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Gay Stories:
A Survivor's Account of An Unbelievable Hell Called Home


Nathan MFromdwoodontowleanske and Marquise Lee are halfway though a 3 month trip around the United States collecting stories for their I'm From Driftwood site. We're finally ready to start catching up with some of the stories collected over the first half of the trip along with some of the insight into what they're seeing now. 

You've really got to see this one, so check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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A Survivor's Account of An Unbelievable Hell Called Home" »

Breaking: NYTimes reports on capture of Bronx Group who trapped and tortured gay men


This is one of  the most heinous crimes i have ever heard about. Andrew mentioned it in his earlier news round up, but these details are going to be the news, especially i the context of increased awareness of crimes against gay people. Be warned, the NYTimes reporters share a great deal of graphic detail in this piece from tomorrow's paper, online now.   From the piece:

“These suspects deployed terrible, wolf-pack odds of nine against one, which revealed them as predators whose crimes were as cowardly as they were despicable,” Police Commissioner said as he described the attacks in grim detail at a news conference at Police Headquarters.,

In the piece it sounds as though police did a good and professional job of investigating but that the  perpetrators might still be at large were it not for the single neighbor who slipped a note to one of the officers at the scene and shared enough information for them to track and arrest these guys today and yesterday. The victims were hesitant to come forward immediately beccuase of the serious threats mad about what would happen if they did speak to authorities.

Though stories that hit on Friday nights typically  disappear by Monday. It's clear to me that i won't forget this for a long time, nor will many others. You need to read about it, but again, i warn of the graphic description.

What Exactly Gets Better? Well, for starters... ; Towleroad Tips

If you just came out from under a rock this week, this is part of the It Gets Better Project on You Tube, launched by Dan Savage in response to increased coverage of suicides by young gay people, and likely an increase in actual attempts. This one by half of Logo's Jefferey and Cole team and TV writer Guy Branum speaks to the important role of friends in the end. A good reminder for any age.


Towleroad notes...

Though his talents differ from those of the friends portrayed in the video, thanks to my friend Rob for sending it on.

You too can always tip us on news or anything you think we should consider for Towleroad by sending us email at tips @ towleroad.com or through our contact page. Steve Pep's will be posting through the weekend, following a great effort in a  big news by by Andrew Belonsky. He continues Monday. And Andy Towle really will be back in another week.

And, Direct message to Andy T.: Yes you're missed. No, it isn't the same. Put down he iPad.

Bonus Tip: On an iPhone? Hit the bookmark button when on the site to get a direct link to the site among your apps.

Bonus Tip 2: Can't remember how to spell "towleroad"? Just start typing t-o-w-l in Google's real-time search and you're here. Or use the shortcut url of tlrd.com (like our twitter name) which forwards to the site automatically. 

Have a good weekend.

WATCH: Hipster DJ/Producer Team Duck Sauce's Cameo-Filled Video 'Barbra Streisand' Is Good, Goes Viral


Screen shot 2010-09-28 at 4.34.01 PM

I spent just a little extra time among the music blogs this very hot afternoon in LA because of the always very hot hot links the guys at Modern Tonic find to fill our weeky music column. So i ran right into this -- going viral literally in the course of maybe 20 minutes. 

Screen shot 2010-09-28 at 4.34.50 PMThis "Non-stop, uber cool party diary including cameo appearances from the likes of Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Vampire Weekend ..." (Pop Dash) If you don't listen now, you will be getting more opportunities.   

Duck Sauce is producer A-Trak and DJ Armand Van Helden and the song will be released Oct.10. I'm clearly not hip enough to be a huge Barbra fan, but certainly my dad knows some and as there are a number in the Towleroad reader base. i'm pleased to bring you news of just how cool you are.

Perhaps, again. 

No seriously. Following on Beyonce's performance in her honor a few years ago at the Kennedy Center, it's quite clear that this generation has sufficient respect, knowledge, talent, and wit to match Ms. Streisand as well as to pay homage. 

Give a hand identifying other cameos, mainly NYC-based music folks with hipster tendencies,  in the comments 

Watch Duck Sauce, "Barbra Streisand" and Beyonce for a bonus...after the Jump:

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