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Michael Medved at CPAC: It's a 'Liberal Lie' That Some States Ban Gay Marriage — VIDEO


At a CPAC panel sponsored by Focus on the Family, right wing talk show host Michael Medved called it a "liberal lie" that some states ban gay marriage, Right Wing Watch reports:

"Medved seemed to be citing the Religious Right talking point that marriage bans aren’t discriminatory since a gay person could marry someone of the opposite sex, which is the same arguments once made by opponents of the legalization of interracial marriage."


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Michael Medved Angry That Trans NCAA Player Kye Allums is Allowed to Play on Women's Team


Michael Medved is very angry that Kye Allums, the NCAA Division 1's first publicly transgender player, has debuted on the George Washington University women's basketball team.

Writes Medved (via outsports): Medved

"An insane level of political correctness recently dictated that George Washington University must accept a self-proclaimed man on the women’s basketball team. Kye Allums, a junior forward, 'came out' recently as a transgendered male, and the team officially recognized her male identity as she awaits gender reassignment surgery. This absurd situation means either that the athletic officials inexplicably allow a man to play on a woman’s team, or else they don’t really consider Allums a man. If male players said their essential nature was female, could they play on women’s teams? Separate competition for males and females recognizes the huge physical differences between the two genders—distinctions that remain even after hormone injections and genital surgery. The Allums example suggests that we take athletic competition too seriously to allow gender classification based on feelings alone."

Allums and team officials talk about his competitive status here.

Medved has in the past discussed openly gay athletes, sympathizing with athletes (and soldiers) who have to "share showers and locker rooms with open homosexuals." He has also expressed his discomfort with heterosexual actors playing gay.

Michael Medved: 'There's Not a Seething, Bubbling Hunger to See Straight Stars Impersonating Homosexuals'


The NY Post today resurrected a February rumor from tabloid News of the World that Guy Ritchie has put a gay spin (that they warn could possibly backfire) on the relationship between Robert Downey Jr. (Sherlock) and Jude Law (Watson) in his update of Sherlock Holmes.

Medved While everything so far shows a stronger physicality in Downey's portrayal as well as some Odd Couple style co-habitation dialogue ("When do I complain about you practicing the violin at 3 in the morning. Or your mess? Or your general lack of hygiene, or the fact that you steal my clothes?")

So there's nothing really new here except a weigh-in from former Post movie critic Michael Medved (whose discomfort with gays is certainly nothing new) saying audiences just wouldn't want to see that:

"There's not a seething, bubbling hunger to see straight stars impersonating homosexuals. I think they're just trying to generate controversy . . . They know that making Holmes and Watson homosexual will take away two-thirds of their box office. Who is going to want to see Downey Jr. and Law make out? I don't think it would be appealing to women. Straight men don't want to see it."

In the NBA Locker Room with Michael Medved [tr


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