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Mizzou Students Give Standing Ovation to Michael Sam, Destroy Westboro Baptist Protest: VIDEO


The Mizzou basketball stadium went wild last night as Michael Sam returned to the school to accept the 2014 Cottom Bowl Champaionship trophy with the Tiger football team at halftime of the Mizzou vs. Tennessee game.

Fans holding signs like 'We Heart Michael Sam' got to their feet as the defensive end, who came out as gay last week, returned to his alma mater for the first time since the announcement.

The Westboro Baptist Church came to picket the event.


Shirley Phelps-Roper cackled and spit to local station KRCG:

"They comforted Michael Sam in his sin this past week. Just absolutely went crazy when he announced - he announced! He told the world he was a filthy pervert and a rebel against God. And they fawned all over him!"

But the Phelps clan was completely owned by a massive human wall of Michael Sam supporters that formed a ring around the stadium to counterprotest the WBC.

Said one organizer of the protest: "We're both Christians. God is love. And what they're doing is hateful."

Watch videos of the counterprotest and Sam's standing O, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, GOP Chair Ed Martin at Odds Over Gay Marriage

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon told reporters this week that he favors repeal of the state's ban on same-sex marriage, the AP reports:

Nixon“I hope the voters will have a chance to revisit that issue,” Nixon, a Democrat, said in response to questions at an event sponsored by the Missouri Press Association and The Associated Press. “If it appeared on the ballot again, I would vote to allow same-sex marriage.”

Nixon’s comments came one day after the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit seeking to force Missouri to recognize the out-of-state marriages of several same-sex couples. But the governor said a vote was the appropriate way to change the state’s marriage laws, not a lawsuit.

“My personal belief is that we shouldn’t treat folks differently because of who they are and who they love. If folks want to get married, they should be able to get married,” Nixon said.

MartinThe Chairman of the Missouri GOP is, not surprisingly, against repeal of the ban and also slammed the ACLU lawsuit, the Kansas City Star reports:

Chairman Ed Martin said the suit is an “Obama-like effort to gut the constitution of our state.” ...

“To seek to have judges overrule the will of the people of our great state is not only arrogant but a waste of resources to our courts,” Martin said. “This suit is not about the issue of marriage; it is an Obama-like effort to gut the constitution of our state.

“This is a cut and dry issue for Missouri Republicans, both our national and state platforms are crystal clear on this issue. Voters matter and Missourians deserve elected leadership that supports and defends the Constitution they swear an oath to.

“We also deserve better than a governor acting lawlessly in using an executive order to circumvent our state constitution.”

The executive order referred to by Martin is one signed by Nixon directing the Department of Revenue to accept joint tax returns from gay couples as a reaction to the June ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court striking down the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

ACLU to File Suit Challenging Missouri's Ban on Gay Marriage

The ACLU will file suit this week to overturn Missouri's ban on same-sex marriage, the News-Leader reports:

MissouriStephanie Perkins, deputy director for PROMO, a Missouri gay and lesbian advocacy group, said the litigation seeks to overturn Missouri's ban on same-sex marriage.

Couples from Kansas City, St. Louis, mid-Missouri and Springfield are included in the suit, which will be filed in state court in Kansas City.

Charles Abernathy, spokesman for the GLO Center in Springfield, said a news conference involving the ACLU litigation has been scheduled at the GLO Center for Wednesday.

Missouri's ban was passed in 2004.

Missouri Lesbian Couple Denied Communion After Priest Learns Of Their Relationship


When Carol Parker's (above right) partner was mentioned in her deceased mother's (left) obituary this December, the priest at their local Catholic church took notice and took action.

Parker and her partner, Josephine Martin, were members of Saint Columban Catholic Church for 12 years until the priest, Father Benjamin Kneib, denied them communion upon learning of their romantic partnership. Parker sang in the choir, and worked as a cantor and lector for the church, and both women were saddened by the church's actions.

Fox News 4 reports:

“He had called me the day of the rosary and said he wouldn’t be able to give us communion because of our same-sex relationship,” said Parker.

The couple says they will never step foot in the church again. Parker said it took away a final opportunity.

“It was very important to me, my last opportunity to worship here at the church with her,” Parker said...

“To be singing in the choir and be lectors, and everything, it’s all God. He just took it away in a second,” Martin said. “I just really don’t understand where his heart is.”

Fox News 4 attempted to contact Father Kneib, but his secretary said "he did not wish to comment." Parker and Martin have found a new place of worship where they are accepted. Parker has also found resilience in faith.

“My faith is strong enough that I wasn’t going to let this deter me to go to church,” she said.

Rachel Maddow on Mizzou's Amazing Snowy Tribute to Michael Sam's Coming Out: VIDEO


Rachel Maddow reported on a heartwarming tribute that University of Missouri students created for defensive end Michael Sam to show support for his coming out on Sunday night.


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8 Missouri GOP Lawmakers File to Impeach Governor for Accepting Tax Returns from Gay Couples

Back in November, Missouri Rep. Nick Marshall (R-Parkville) threatened to impeach Governor Jay Nixon for signing an executive order accepting joint tax returns from gay couples married in other states.

MarshallNow, Marshall, along with seven other Republican lawmakers, has filed to impeach Nixon.

Wrote Marshall on Facebook:

I assure you that the Articles of Impeachment filed yesterday are very serious charges that should not be taken lightly by the Governor's Office. If I just wanted publicity, I would have called a press conference. If I just wanted to send a message, I would have picked up the phone.

The Riverfront Times reports:

Marshall's legislative assistant, Beth Peters, told Daily RFT that his objection is about violating the Missouri constitution, which forbids gay marriage, not about targeting LGBT couples.

"If Missouri were a state that allowed gay marriage, we wouldn't be having this conversation. But it's not," says Beth Peters, Marshall's legislative assistant. "It has nothing to do with what people want to do in their personal lives."

Rick Brattin, Jeff Pogue, Ronald Schieber, Mike Moon, T.J. Berry, Kurt Bahr and Ken Wilson are the other Republicans involved.


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