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Nick Jonas Talks Purity Rings, Virginity, and Being a 'Booty Man' - VIDEO

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This week has been an especially busy one for Nick Jonas, with the Kingdom star appearing on both The Meredith Vieira Show and The Wendy Williams Show yesterday. And as expected, both interviews managed to keep Nick's new "sex symbol" status at the forefront of everyone's mind.  

On Wendy's show, she revealed that the last time Nick stopped by he was just a little kid with a purity ring. She followed up by asking him if he regretted that chapter in his life and whether he was still a virgin (surprise: he's not).

On Meredith's show (complete with "horny" audience), the two talked about Joe Jonas' photoshopped image of Nick's face on Kim Kardashian's #breaktheinternet nude picture, as well as Nick's status as a "booty man."

Check out both interviews, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Nick Jonas Shows Ellen His Ass-etts: VIDEO

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Nick Jonas has been flaunting his perfectly sculpted abs for gay clubs and photo shoots, but the 22-year-old Kingdom star decided to spice things up for a recent appearance on Ellen. 

I'm done taking my shirt off," Jonas explained. "However I did get some really good new underwear from you and I'm gonna now take my pants off."

Check out Jonas' beautiful bottom (and his "Jealous" performance) , AFTER THE JUMP...


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Nick Jonas Shaves His Chest, Plays Crotchball With Ryan Seacrest: VIDEO


Nick Jonas dropped by "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" this morning and found himself getting more than he bargained for. His much talked about crotch was commandeered for a game of "Crotch Ball" that had a distinctive air of truth or dare to it. As Gossip Cop notes: "The rules were simple. Seacrest attempted to throw a ball through a hoop that was attached to Jonas’ waist (above his crotch). If he missed, the “Jealous” singer had to perform a dare."

Jonas was quite adept at moving his crotch as needed. However, no doubt trying to force a dare, Seacrest threw a wild shot that Jonas' crotch couldn't handle. The result? He had to shave his chest. Well, a part of it at least. As Jonas prepared to shave a swatch of his naturally hairy chest, Seacrest turned the conversation to Jonas' hair down there:

“Do you manscape anything else? You manscape.” Jonas responded coyly, “Sometimes. I don’t do everything.” Seacrest exclaimed, “Nick Jonas shaving his chest. This is something I just dream about.”

Watch Jonas work his crotch around Seacrest's ball, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Nick Jonas Delivers Rousing Gospel Rendition of 'Jealous' - VIDEO


Man of the moment and object of lust Nick Jonas has found another way to grab our attention: this time, instead of a crotch-grab, the former Jo-Bro has brought in the musical power of a Gospel choir to help him do a soulful cover of his own single, "Jealous."

Get ready to turn your cheer music up and puff your chest (and maybe also stomp your feet and clap your hands), AFTER THE JUMP...


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Nick Jonas Strips Down, Gets Wet for MTV EMA Performance: VIDEO

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 9.32.55 AM

A little Miami rainshower proved to be the perfect addition to Nick Jonas' concert last night at the 2014 MTV European Music Awards.

As MTV points out "not only did the 22-year-old solo artist nail his “Jealous” performance, but he sealed the deal by ripping off his black jacket to soak up some of the downpour, turning his EMA moment into a one-man wet t-shirt contest."  

Soak up some Nick yourself, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Nick Jonas Gives You A Tutorial In How To Do The Perfect Crotch Grab: VIDEO


Following Nick Jonas' recent homage to Marky Mark's famous crotch grab (and subsequent conversations on whether Nick is queerbaiting the gay community), Nick decided to let us all in on how to master the perfect crotch grab.

Check out the three essential steps and watch the video, AFTER THE JUMP...

Careful, a "willingness to do anything" is required. 

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