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UC Davis Pepper Spray Officer Also a Homophobe


One of the officers involved in the UC Davis pepper spray incident, Lt. John Pike, has a record:

But an alleged anti-gay slur by Pike also figured in a racial and sexual discrimination lawsuit a former police officer filed against the department, which ended in a $240,000 settlement in 2008. Officer Calvin Chang's 2003 discrimination complaint against the university's police chief and the UC Board of Regents alleged he was systematically marginalized as the result of anti-gay and racist attitudes on the force, and he specifically claimed Pike described him using a profane anti-gay epithet.

Katehi identified Pike as one of the officers involved in the pepper-spray incident in an interview with the campus television station Sunday, and university communications staff confirmed his role Tuesday.

(via americablog)

Shepard Fairey Designs 'Occupy Hope' Poster

Fairey1  Fairey2

Artist Shepard Fairey has designed a new poster for the 99 Percent Movement featuring a protester in a Guy Fawkes mask, based on his iconic image of Obama.

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Tonight, Queer Rising Will Occupy Times Square

TimesSquareWhere do queer homeless kids go on Xmas? That's what the ginormous billboard above Times Square's Forever 21 will ask passersby beginning at 6 p.m., as Queer Rising stages a demonstration below. The billboard will also offer the curious a phone number to call, if they really want to know about the unlucky kids' holiday plans: "Cuomo: 518-474-8390."

The homeless youth population is disproportionately made up of LGBT folk. And what scant resources are availible to them are chronically under-funded and under-licensed.

Watch Scott Lively Get Occupied

Scott Lively, the Christian fundie fellow who may or may not have helped to put Uganda's LGBT population in mortal danger, has been Occupied. Yesterday, a whole mess of LGBT folk and their allies turned up at his Springfield, MA, coffee shop (Holy Grounds) to mic check the hate away. Watch the video, AFTER THE JUMP ...

[Thanks to Joe. My. God. for sending this around this morning. Good find!]

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1007

BENETTON: The View takes on the 'UnHATE' campaign.

ROBOTBOYS: Dubsteppin.

DOMINANT JEANS: I wonder if they make a submissive pair, too?

NEW YORK, NEW YORK: The raid on Zuccotti Park.

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NYPD Reportedly Drag OWS Protester by Her Hair: VIDEO


Dozens were arrested earlier today at Occupy Wall Street protests, USA Today reports.

Police said about 75 were arrested, including a woman in a wheelchair who was trying to block traffic. There was some minor scuffling as those arrested refused to walk and were carried away. Protesters had to break into two groups as they encountered police at each intersection leading to the exchange. Broadway was closed because of snarling traffic.

One video circulating on the web shows a woman being dragged across cement by police.

An iReporter on CNN wrote:  'We noticed that cops were pulling the girl by her hair. People starting yelling that it was police brutality. That's when I started filming,' he said."

The NYPD also dragged the woman by her backpack.


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