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Gay Candidate Richard Tisei Releases Unconventional Ad: VIDEO


This actually is nice, Massachusetts U.S. House candidate Richard Tisei. Thank you. While airing a beach ad right after the East Coast's most devastating hurricane in history may be bad timing, a double-digit lead over Democratic incumbent John Tierney may allow for a little risk taking.

Watch Tisei's video AFTER THE JUMP.

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News: Pipsqueak, NFL, Sandy's Full Moon, Scotland

1NewsIcon You'll be happy to hear that Pipsqueak the adorable goat has been adopted.

RichardTisei1NewsIcon Massachusetts Congressional candidate Richard Tisei again says that more voters have an issue with his GOP status than his being gay. "Being gay in Massachusetts isn't a problem," he told CBS News. "Being Republican is much more of a hurdle."

1NewsIcon Female members of the Israel Gay Youth are lobbying for the group's senior leadership to appoint more women. "In recent days we find ourselves in a familiar state of agitation, after another woman is fired in order to make way for a ‘more suitable’ man," the women wrote. "This is even more outrageous than in other cases, since this is taking place in a relatively small gay organization, where most activists are volunteers; unfortunately, the move reflects an all-too-familiar alignment of the social power hierarchy."

1NewsIcon LGBT activists in South Florida are mourning the death of Richard Cimoch: "A politically active Dolphin Democrat, who won their Volunteer of the Year Award in 2001, Cimoch had served for many years as the enthusiastic and energetic co-chair of Pride South Florida."

1NewsIcon Take a listen to Lenny Kravitz and Aerosmith's new song for the NFL, written as a replacement for the one sung by homophobe Hank Williams Jr. That was dropped after Williams compared President Obama to Hitler.

Daley1NewsIcon Let it be known that Olympic diver Tom Daley has a Keek account.

1NewsIcon Two New Zealand parliamentarian's, the National Party's Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi and Labour's Su'a William Sio, attended a protest against gay marriage this weekend. Bakshi is on the committee that considers civil rights legislation.

1NewsIcon The Boston Globe covers the thawing relationship between evangelical and LGBT communities: "Another hopeful sign is that some evangelical leaders understand that they have a problem, too. 'We, the church, had utterly failed to reflect Jesus to gay people,' says Bill Henson, founder of the Acton-based Lead Them Home Ministries, which trains evangelical leaders to minister to gay, lesbian, and transgender people."

1NewsIcon A new poll puts Obama three points ahead in Minnesota, where a question on defining marriage as one man, one woman will also be decidd.

1NewsIcon Alex McQuillan on the secular nature of France's anti-gay movement: "The French Republic was founded on the ideas of equality and a French concept called laïcité—the complete absence of religion in governmental affairs. This means political discourse in France must be entirely free of religious rhetoric. So what you have in France is a large group of old people battling civil rights, not with religious ideals, but with science, sociology, and cold, reductive rationality."

Hurricane-sandy-space-station1NewsIcon The full moon may enhance Hurricane's Sandy impact. "When the moon waxes to its full phase Monday afternoon, high tides along the Eastern Seaboard will rise about 20 percent higher than normal, even without the help of Sandy's storm surge..." Stay safe out there!

1NewsIcon Lady Gaga has a slew of great Halloween costumes to choose from.

1NewsIcon John Deighan, the Catholic Church's Parliamentary Officer in Scotland, wrote a letter accusing LGBT activists of "intolerance". "Cultivating victim status has effectively put Stonewall beyond reproach in the public square. An attempt to counter their antagonistic ‘some people are gay, get over it’ bus advertising campaign was halted before it could even get off the ground by London Mayor, Boris Johnson," he wrote. "The constant promotion by the media and entertainment industry that anything gay is good has caused informed public debate to be dropped. In its place we have intolerance and intimidation."

Richard Tisei Has No Fear Of GOP 'Knuckleheads'

TiseiThe national Republican Party has a well-deserved reputation for being homophobic, and Richard Tisei, an openly gay GOP Congressional candidate from Massachusetts, understands he'll have to deal with some resistance should he win his election and move to Washington next year. But Tisei says he's fully prepared for anti-gay "knuckleheads".

"I feel totally comfortable," Tisei said of his encounters with Republican big-wigs.

He went on, telling The Hill, "I’m sure that there are a few knuckleheads that will, you know, look at me based on my sexuality as opposed to what I bring to the table. But I’ve got to say, every single person I’ve met so far has made me feel really comfortable.”

Tisei also told reporter Russell Berman that GOP leadership like House Speaker John Boehner are "supportive of me because they believe that the party needs to be more diverse" both in terms of gay inclusion and, he believes, his geographic origins: "There aren’t very many Northeast Republicans nowadays, and most people recognize that in order to have a truly national party, you have to have members coming from all over the country."

Boehner's office says that while the speaker and Tisei "don't agree on every issue," including DOMA, which Boehner has spent hundreds of thousands of tax-payer dollars defending and Tisei says is "unconstitutional", "Richard and the Speaker respect one another". Boehner also campaigned for Tisei earlier this month, which could read as either a sign of respect or as an insurance policy for his own speaker seat.

DOMA Defender John Boehner Campaigns for Gay Republican House Candidate Richard Tisei in Massachusetts


For House Speaker and DOMA-defender John Boehner, ousting a House Democrat in favor of a Republican trumps differences of opinion on gay rights.

TiseiThe HuffPost reports:

Boehner spent Tuesday morning raising money for Republican candidate Richard Tisei, who is openly gay and supports same-sex marriage.

Tisei, who is running against Rep. John Tierney (D-Mass.), seemed to indirectly address the fact that Boehner opposes gay rights in a statement ahead of their joint breakfast event in Boston.

"The Speaker understands that he and I do not agree on absolutely everything, and that I will often be a voice of independent leadership -- particularly if it is not in the interests of the Sixth District," Tisei said. "I look forward to working with the Speaker as a voice of reason and moderation in Congress to help solve our nation's problems."

News: Meningitis, Jack Welch, California Gas, SpaceX

1NewsIcon The CDC now says the 90 people are infected with meningitis in a contaminated steroid pain treatment.

Bigbird1NewsIcon Big Bird doesn't want to "ruffle any feathers" on SNL's Weekend Update.

1NewsIcon Asked to explain why Rep. Paul Broun, a doctor who sits on the House Science, Space and Technology Committee, would call evolution "lies from the pits of hell," the Republican's spokesperson said, "Dr. Broun was speaking off the record to a large church group about his personal beliefs regarding religious issues."

1NewsIcon Liam Neeson's Taken 2 topped at the box office with about $50 million nationwide.

1NewsIcon British Foreign Secretary William Hague and financial chancellor George Osborne both said they will back a marriage equality law when given the opportunity to vote on it in Parliament.

1NewsIcon In other, less pressing British activism news, there's a campaign to preserve that country's version of Fraggle Rock.

1NewsIcon Voting for a losing candidate has been shown to lower testosterone levels in men. "Is it possible voting makes male voters too vulnerable? Could the unpleasant feelings male voters experience when their candidates lose discourage them from revisiting the polls? No wonder they stop voting. It hurts too much."

Beckswork1NewsIcon This is David Beckham's work attire.

1NewsIcon Check out stills of Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johansson channeling Vera Miles and Janet Leigh, respectively, for Hitchcock.

1NewsIcon Failed president candidate Newt Gingrich says that former GE CEO Jack Welch's theory that the latest job numbers were fabricated to benefit the president "rings true". Obama adviser Robert Gibbs described that assertion as "absolutely crazy" and says Welch "embarrassed himself."

1NewsIcon David Axelrod says that President Obama was surprised by Mitt Romney's "brazenness" during the first presidential debate.

1NewsIcon From a New York Times article called "Helping a Child to Come Out": "In our family, we knew that Joseph was probably gay, and we saw in problems he was having at school that he was under psychological pressure... But we were reluctant to force him out of his closet. We asked our gay friends what they would have wanted at Joe’s age. They confirmed: don’t push, unless Joe seemed to be in real distress. It’s his secret to reveal, they said." That echoes what Sally Field said at HRC's dinner last night.

1NewsIcon Patrick Abner on his recent marriage to MSNBC's Thomas Roberts: "I never imagined in a million years that I would be on a stage kissing my male partner, spouse — husband, Thomas is saying — in front of my father. I never thought that would be the case. And to be able to do that and have not just my father but my whole family be proud of me, that’s something special."

1NewsIcon Gas prices in California have hit a record-high average of $4.6140.

1NewsIcon Journalist Mark Oppenheimer has penned an e-book about LGBT activist and fellow journalist Dan Savage. "Never before have we glimpsed Savage’s whole life, from his Catholic-school days, raised by a Chicago cop and a housewife, to his current role as a unique American character," reads the Amazon description.

Spacex1NewsIcon SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket will launch its Dragon supply unit into the stars and toward the international space station tonight, marking a potentially seismic step forward for extraterrestrial travel.

1NewsIcon Richard Tisei, the openly gay Republican congressional candidate from Massachusetts, dismissed incumbent John Tierney comparisons between his politics and the Tea Party's. "I’m the only gay, pro-choice Republican who wouldn’t sign the [Grover] Norquist pledge" he told the Washington Blade. "I don’t think [Tierny] realized how much he’s damaged his own credibility. Rather than talking about what he’s done over a 16-year period. Trying to paint me as some type of Right Wing extremist is just so off-the-wall that it damages his own credibility."

Barney Frank Sees No Good Coming From Richard Tisei Win: VIDEO


Republican Richard Tisei desperately needs to win over some Democrats if he wants to represent Massachusetts' 6th District in the U.S. House next year. And winning over those Democrats will require proving to voters that he's not like the national Republicans who lean ever-more to the right.

That ideological break was made even more clear today when Tisei, who is openly gay, asked his state's GOP to reject the national party's homophobic platform.

The platform "espouses beliefs that exclude many in our party, includ­ing myself," Tisei wrote to state Republican chairman Robert A. Maginn Jr. "As a ‘live-and-let-live’ ­Republican, my philosophy is that the government should get off our backs, out of our wallets, and away from the bedroom." 

MassGOP told The Boston Globe that they're all about "big ideas, and there is no shortage of opinions within the party," but "ultimately, we all share one goal, which is electing more Republicans in ­November."

Meanwhile, Barney Frank, the retiring U.S. Representative from Massachusetts, weighed in on Tisei and said that no matter how LGBT-friendly he may be, his election would maintain GOP control in the House and therefore hurt LGBT people, which is why voters should support Democratic incumbent John Tierney, the straight man in the middle.

"John Tierney’s election as opposed to Rich Tisei’s is better for the advancement of the legal equality we are seeking because if Republicans gain contain control of the House, no bills advancing our rights will come up,” said Frank.

Tisei got the last word, though, telling The Daily Item, "I think I will be able to carve out an identity for myself that’s separate from the party and that most people support me on." Unfortunately such identities are often assimilated or undermined upon arrival in Washington.

On a related note, Tierney yesterday released his first political ad in which he aligns Tisei with the Tea Party. Check it out AFTER THE JUMP.

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