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Ricky Martin Resists the Urge to Bring Different Men Home Every Day for the Sake of His Children


In a new interview with The Sun, Ricky Martin says he's got a major sex drive but that his children take priority over it, adding that he is still single since the separation from his partner of seven years Carlos Gonzalez Abella:

"I try to keep my life very civilised, that's what I need for the well-being of my children....I am single now after seven years. I meet people. I'm fine. I meet very handsome men. I like to have a conversation, looking into someone's eyes and finding out their sense of humor. I'm not saying you have to be an Adonis, but you have to connect...We're all men. It's in our DNA to go for it. But I have two boys and I cannot bring different men every day into my house."

He adds:

[Carlos] comes to see the kids. There was a year of silence but now we're buddies...The first year as a single father with twins was insanity. I had eye bags down to my knees but it was the most beautiful year of my life...I am only starting. I want a bigger family. Let's see what happens next year. I'm also seeing the possibility of adopting. But in some countries as a single man it's kind of difficult, if not impossible. But it's worth a try."

Zoe Saldana Doesn't Think Dolce & Gabbana's Anti-gay Remarks Should Affect Her Fashion Choice: VIDEO


Actress Zoe Saldana is the latest celebrity to weigh in on Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana’s “synthetic children” and gay adoption remarks and despite vocal outcry from multiple celebrities against the designers, Saldana voiced her support for them, saying she won’t stop wearing Dolce & Gabbana reports E! Online. Saldana said that changing her fashion choices because of the fashion duo’s unpopular opinions would be the "stupidest thing."

Said Saldana: 

"No! Not at all, that would be the stupidest thing if it affected my fashion choice…People are allowed to their own opinion, however, I wouldn't have chosen to be so public about something that's such a personal thing. I’m certainly not going to stop wearing Dolce, and I'm certainly not going to be refuting when they are adopting synthetic children, however they wanted to say it. I do think things are lost in translation…

"My husband (Marco Perego) is from Italy and if I judged him based on the words that he misuses in our English language he wouldn't be here today. It's like ‘Look people, have a drink, relax, it's okay.’ Obviously it caused some sensitivity, but then again if you continue to follow the news, you see they all kinda hugged it out, so why are we making a big deal about it?"

Watch Saldana weigh in on the D&G controversy at the GLAAD Media Awards red carpet this weekend, AFTER THE JUMP...

The D&G design duo uttered the now infamous remarks in an interview with Panorama magazine, saying that they oppose gay adoptions. Also, Dolce’s comments calling children born of "chemistry," a reference to IVF, "synthetic children," angered several celebrities including Elton John, Madonna, Sharon Stone and Ricky Martin.

Said Dolce:

"You are born to be a mother and a father. Or at least that's how it should be. I call children of chemistry, synthetic children. Rented wombs, semen chosen from a catalog."

D&gDolce and Gabbana have since backpedaled on their original statements and choice of words, with Gabbana stating "It was never our intention to judge other people’s choices. We do believe in freedom and love." Dolce mirrored Gabbana’s statement saying "I was talking about my personal view, without judging other people’s choices and decisions." Despite the vocal backlash from LGBT supporters, Dolce and Gabbana have since received support, whether they want it or not, from the National Organization for Marriage who called the designers "wonderful advocates for the true definitions of marriage and family."

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Ricky Martin Celebrates Marriage Equality in 'Disparo al Corazón' ('Shot to the Heart') - MUSIC VIDEO


Ricky Martin is out with a new Spanish language album A Quien Quiera Escuchar (To Those Who Want to Listen) and the music video for its latest single "Disparo al Corazón" ("Shot to the Heart") has the Latin stud paying tribute to love in all its various forms.

It's a subject that's been on Martin's mind recently, as evidenced by his interview last month with Billboard about how excited he is for marriage equality's forward march in the United States:

It's amazing, isn't it? By June, the Supreme Court will say, "Let's stop this nonsense and cover the entire country." It's inevitable -- equality is inevitable.

Watch the new music video, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Dolce & Gabbana Backtrack on Same-Sex Parenting Comments: 'We Believe in Freedom and Love'

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the two men and former couple behind the Italian luxury fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, have responded to the controversy surrounding their latest comments on "non-traditional" families, the AP reports:

Dolce & gabbanaGabbana said in a statement Sunday that "it was never our intention to judge other people's choices. We do believe in freedom and love."

Dolce says he was expressing his view about family based on his experience growing up in a traditional Sicilian family "made up of a mother, a father and children. I am very well aware of the fact that there are other types of families and they are as legitimate as the one I've known."

Dolce said he was expressing his personal views "without judging other people's choices."

The controversy began following a recent interview with the Italian magazine Panorama in which the two indicated that "the only family is the traditional one" and that children born through in vitro fertilization were "synthetic" - views that naturally didn't sit well with many.

Wrote Elton John on Instagram:

How dare you refer to my beautiful children as "synthetic". And shame on you for wagging your judgemental little fingers at IVF - a miracle that has allowed legions of loving people, both straight and gay, to fulfil their dream of having children. Your archaic thinking is out of step with the times, just like your fashions. I shall never wear Dolce and Gabbana ever again. #BoycottDolceGabbana

Other big names have also spoken out against D&G:

Back in a 2006 interview with an Italian newspaper, Domenico Dolce expressed similar views saying:

I am opposed to the idea of a child growing up with two gay parents. A child needs a mother and a father. I could not imagine my childhood without my mother. I also believe that it is cruel to take a baby away from its mother."

Catch any celebrities who have joined the D&G boycott that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: More celebs speak out 

Ricky Martin Heads to the Dance Floor with Pitbull for New Single 'Mr. Put It Down': LISTEN


Ricky Martin is a prolific man these days. He just released a Spanish-language album in February and he is already pushing out tunes from his forthcoming English-language album.

The first single, "Mr. Put It Down" features fellow Miami native Pitbull spitting out some of his signature Mr. Worldwide licks while Ricky counters with a few falsetto verses of his own. Not a bad pair.


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Ricky Martin Explains His Shirtless Selfie Habit, is 'Obsessed with Social Media': VIDEO


Ricky Martin is making the media rounds with his new album A Quien Quiera Eschuchar ("To Whomever Wants to Listen") but Ellen DeGeneres was focused on his social media accounts, particularly the shirtless selfies he often posts to Instagram.

"Something happens every moment that I feel like taking that kind of picture. It's like once a month. It's not every day."


Martin elaborated in an interview this week with PrideSource:

I just want to let people know how normal my life is, and I try to do it with a simple picture - that's what Instagram is about. So the other day I was laying in the sun and I was like, "Hey everyone, I'm here. I'm in a good place." You know, I'm a little bit obsessed with social media, to be honest. That's the first thing I do in the morning. I check out my Twitter, my HeyHey account, Facebook and Instagram, and I read what people have to say and what they need from me as an artist. It's fun, man.

Martin also talked about being single:

To be honest, I love being in a relationship...I love waking up in the morning and, if you're not with your boyfriend, (sending) that first message or text in the morning: "Hey baby, how ya doing? I hope you're fine. I just woke up. I'm doing this and this and this today." I loooove that. I really do. And I love picking up my phone and waiting for that reply from that text - it's great. But at the same time, right now, I'm enjoying being single. I'm enjoying this process. I'm not saying that I don't want to be in a relationship - I would be lying to you. I love being in love.


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