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'Veronica Mars' Cast Talks Sexuality, Stereotypes On SXSW Red Carpet


This week, the SXSW Film Festival screened the world premiere of Veronica Mars, a film continuation of the TV series about a plucky young female detective which got cancelled after just three seasons.

Sxsw_2014_bugThe film follows the titular detective as she returns to her fictional hometown of Neptune, California to investigate a murder allegedly committed by her rich, bad-boy ex-boyfriend. In the TV show, Veronica; her private investigator father Keith; her basketball-playing, African-American best friend Wallace Fennel; and her motorcycle gang member, Latino classmate Eli "Weevil" Navarro all played markedly middle-class characters who served as a counterpoint to Neptune’s secretive and corrupt upper-class.

We caught up with Percy Daggs and Francis Capra (the actors who play Wallace and Weevil) during the film’s SXSW red carpet premiere to ask them about the challenges of avoiding stereotypes while playing characters of color. We also asked Enrico Colantoni about the show’s depiction of Keith as a single dad who unsuccessfully sought female companionship amid his daughter’s social disruptions.

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #751

ROB THOMAS: It gets better.

SAFETY DANCE: The Cebu Pacific flight attendants break it down.

THE GOOD LORD GAVE US BRAINS: Billy Kennedy makes mincemeat of Virginia Foxx.

TEABAGGER CHRISTINE O'DONNELL: The Taiwan's Next Media Animation treatment.

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Rob Thomas Has a Big Gay Chip on His Shoulder


An excellent piece by Matchbox Twenty singer Rob Thomas at the Huffington Post on marriage equality:

"I've heard it said before, many times, that if two men or two women are allowed to join into a civil union together, why can't they be happy with that and why is it so important that they call it marriage? In essence, what's in a name?...A civil union has to do with death. It's essentially a document that gives you lower taxes and the right to let your faux spouse collect your insurance when you pass away. A marriage is about life. It's about a commitment. And this argument is about allowing people to have the right to make that commitment, even if it doesn't make sense to you. Anything else falls under the category of 'separate but equal' and we know how that works out."


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