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Giuliani Denounces Reyes' Anti-Gay Flier As 'Silly,' Endorses Opponent


Rudy Giuliani has officially distanced himself from former aide and GOP New York Senate hopeful Juan Reyes to back fellow Republican Eric Ulrich's campaign instead.

The rumor mill began churning out news yesterday that former New York City Mayor Giuliani planned on denouncing Reyes for his homophobic primary campaign mailer accusing Ulrich of being too "gay-friendly", and Giuliani didn't disappoint when he finally did the deed in the evening

"After seeing what his campaign has done, which is disgusting, Juan doesn't belong in politics. I don't know where he belongs, but he belongs someplace else," Giuliani said before turning all ad hominem on former friend Reyes: "I find these attacks, the gay-bashing attacks, childish, silly and a real indication you don't belong in public service."

Reyes, meanwhile, is probably trying to scrape together what support he can and hope that his political career isn't completely over, which is a very likely scenario.

Rudy Giuliani Says Anti-Gay Stance Makes GOP Look Like 'It Doesn't Understand the Modern World': VIDEO


Rudy Giuliani spoke about the current election, Rick Santorum, and the focus on social issues that are holding the Republican party back, specifically, the resistance to gay rights.

Said Giuliani:

"I think the gay rights issue is a more current (example). I think beyond all the religious and social part of it, it makes the party look like it isn't a modern party. It doesn't understand the modern world."


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Rudy Giuliani Tells GOP To Lay Off Gay Marriage

Rudy Giuliani appeared on CNN's State of the Union today, and in addition to defending his pal Rupert Murdoch and explaining why he could win the Republican presidential nomination, the former New York City mayor urged his fellow Republicans to "get the heck out" of same-sex marriage.

"I think the Republican Party would be well advised to get the heck out of people's bedrooms and let these things get decided by states," said Giuliani during a break from his tour of New Hampshire. "We'd be a much more successful political party if we stuck to our economic, conservative roots."

Giuliani's "get the heck out" political stance obviously extends into his personal life, too: the former mayor said he would preside over his gay friends' marriage once it was legal here in New York, but then ignored their calls when they asked him last month.

While the formerly gay friendly mayor didn't comment on his snub, he did release a disinterested statement on marriage equality, "I'm glad that people who felt discriminated against have that, sort of, burden of discrimination lifted." So glad.

Asked again today about equality in the Empire State, Giuliani said, "I think [the marriage legislation] wrong, but there are other things that I think are wrong that get decided by Democratic vote... I see more harm, however, by dwelling so much on this subject of gays and lesbians and whether it's right or wrong in politics."

As for the prospect of Giuliani running for president, the 2008 candidate says he'll make a decision later this summer. Until then, he's just touring New Hampshire, meeting people, feeling out the scene and riding the motorcycles so conveniently placed behind him.

Rudy Giuliani Breaks Promise to Marry Gay Friends Who Opened Home to Him During His Divorce

Rudy Giuliani reportedly offered to marry Howard Koeppel and Mark Hsiao, the gay couple who opened their home to the former NYC mayor during his divorce, if same-sex marriage was ever legalized in New York.

Koeppel_hsiao Now that it has, Giuliani won't return their calls, the NY Post reports:

"I asked if he would marry us," recalled Howard Koeppel, the unlikely provider of an emergency Midtown crash pad to Giuliani for six months when his marriage to Donna Hanover was crumbling and Gracie Mansion was a war zone.

"He said, 'Howard, I don't ever do anything that's not legal. If it becomes legal in New York, you'll be one of the first ones I would marry.' "

Ten years later, Koeppel is distressed that his former house guest hasn't returned the many calls he began making before the legislation was passed last week. "It seems like a lot of people he was close to become persona non grata," Koeppel observed.

Koeppel and Hsiao were married in 2009 in Connecticut but want to repeat the ceremony in their home state.

At the 2009 ceremony Giuliani was a last minute no-show, but the couple had defended his anti-equality position a few weeks beforehand: "He isn't an advocate for gay marriage because of his religious beliefs. He is a traditional Catholic. Those teachings say marriage should be between a man and a woman."

Said Giuliani on Monday about the passage of marriage equality: "I'm glad that people who felt discriminated against have that, sort of, burden of discrimination lifted."

Watch: Rudy Giuliani Says GOP Should 'Ease Up' on Gay Rights, Thinks 'DADT' Can Be Repealed Now


Rudy Giuliani told Wolf Blitzer today that he thinks it would be politically wise for Republicans to stop demonizing gays and says 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' is ready to go, now:

"My feeling about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was, in the middle of the height of the Iraq war, not a good time to do it. We’re not in the middle of the height of the Iraq war. Afghanistan is a different kind of thing. You could probably accomplish it now. It’s eventually going to happen and it seems to me that it gets my party out of this anti-gay, feeling that we’re being unfair to people who are gay."


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Rudy Giuliani: No Terrorist Attacks Under Bush, One Under Obama


Rudy Giuliani is following the same talking points as Dana Perino, telling George Stephanopoulos this morning that there were no terrorist attacks under George Bush and one under Obama.

As Rep. Alan Grayson said to Ed Schultz the other day: "The greatest attack of terrorism in American history happened on [Republican] watch. [Democrats] have nothing to be defensive about."


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