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Rudy Giuliani: No Terrorist Attacks Under Bush, One Under Obama


Rudy Giuliani is following the same talking points as Dana Perino, telling George Stephanopoulos this morning that there were no terrorist attacks under George Bush and one under Obama.

As Rep. Alan Grayson said to Ed Schultz the other day: "The greatest attack of terrorism in American history happened on [Republican] watch. [Democrats] have nothing to be defensive about."


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Rudy Giuliani Won't Run for Kirsten Gillibrand's Senate Seat

The NY Times reports:

Gillibrand"The decision by Mr. Giuliani, 65, leaves Senator Gillibrand — who was appointed to her seat less than a year ago, has never run in a statewide election, and is still unfamiliar to many voters — without a high-profile Republican opponent as she faces election to the seat. As recently as a week ago, a Quinnipiac University poll showed Mr. Giuliani leading Ms. Gillibrand in a hypothetical matchup, 50 percent to 40 percent. Mr. Giuliani, whose decision to forgo a race for governor was reported a month ago, plans to endorse Rick Lazio for governor of New York on Tuesday afternoon at a news conference in Manhattan, the Republicans said."

Gillibrand was also endorsed last week by another potential Democratic opponent, openly gay Suffolk County lawmaker Jon Cooper.

Rudy Giuliani Fails to Show at Wedding of Gay Pals Koeppel and Hsiao


Howard Koeppel and Mark Hsiao, the New York couple who housed former mayor Rudy Giuliani for six months during his messy split with wife Donna Hanover, were married in a ceremony in Westport, Connecticut yesterday.

Giuliani "was a last-minute no-show," the New York Post reports. Said Koeppel: "Rudy and Judith were both invited with a beautiful written invitation by mail. His secretary called Thursday and said he was not able to come to the wedding and wished us all the best." In a follow-up blurb, the couple "shrugged it off" and blamed it on politics.

Koeppel and Hsiao recently defend Giuliani's anti-marriage-equality statements when the former Mayor said he'd make it a campaign issue should he choose to run for governor next year: "He isn't an advocate for gay marriage because of his religious beliefs. He is a traditional Catholic. Those teachings say marriage should be between a man and a woman."

The NYT published their wedding announcement on Saturday. Boy Culture has some analysis of the video which accompanies it, which you can watch, AFTER THE JUMP...

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GOP to Be Allowed 'Conscience Vote' on NY Marriage Equality Bill

The "center of gravity has shifted" on same-sex marriage in New York's senate, according to the Log Cabin Republicans, who say members of the GOP won't be pressured to vote against the recently-announced marriage equality legislation, The Advocate reports:

Ny "The Log Cabin Republicans announced Tuesday that the GOP's New York leadership in both the state senate and assembly are going to allow Republican legislators to make 'conscience votes' on Gov. David Paterson's marriage-equality bill rather than pressuring party members to vote against it, giving the legislation a much stronger likelihood of picking up Republican votes in both chambers. The development may be particularly important in the senate, where Democrats hold a slim 32-30 majority, four Democrats have already said they will vote against the marriage bill, and equality advocates will need to pick up several GOP votes in order to pass the legislation. Strategists expect the legislation to sail through the assembly, which already passed an identical bill in 2007 by a vote of 85 to 61."

Bloombergmike In related news, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg responded to recent polls that show 53% of New Yorkers in support of marriage equality as well as recent remarks by former mayor and possible gubernatorial candidate Rudy Giuliani that same-sex marriage would be an issue if he decided to run.

Bloomberg spoke briefly last week at Governor David Paterson's announcement that he was reintroducing marriage equality legislation.

Watch Bloomberg's brief remarks to Think Progress, AFTER THE JUMP...

New York Marriage Bill Gets GOP Boost [the advocate]

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Giuliani's Republican Family Values


Last night, MSNBC's Countdown looked at Rudy Giuliani's remarks to the New York Post about same-sex marriage, his friends, and the new polls. Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Engaged Gay Couple Defends Pal Giuliani's Anti-Equality Position

Thrice-married former NYC Mayor and erstwhile presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani says he'll come out swinging against same-sex marriage should he decide to run for Governor of New York next year.

Giuliani Giuliani told the New York Post: "[The marriage equality battle] will create a grass-roots movement. This is the kind of issue that, in many ways, is somewhat beyond politics. I think gay marriage will obviously be an issue for any Republican next year because Republicans are either in favor of the position I'm in favor of, civil unions, or in many cases Republicans don't even favor civil unions. Marriage, I believe, both traditionally and legally, has always been between a man and a woman and should remain between a man and woman. And Democrats, including President Obama and Hillary Clinton, have essentially the same position I have, which is let's have civil unions but not go so far as to change the definition of marriage. And that has to embrace many Democratic voters, if two Democrats like that nationally have the same position essentially that I have."

Koeppel_hsiao Howard Koeppel and Mark Hsaio, a gay couple together for 18 years who are friends with Giuliani and housed him for six months during his messy split with  wife Donna Hanover, say Giuliani doesn't discriminate and cite the religious excuse for his convictions: "He isn't an advocate for gay marriage because of his religious beliefs. He is a traditional Catholic. Those teachings say marriage should be between a man and a woman."

Koeppel and Hsaio plan to get married in Connecticut on May 2.

UPDATE: Giuliani appeared to back off his marriage comments, says Politico, in a morning interview.

Could it be because of this poll?


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