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Gay Marriage Champ Russ Feingold Won't Run for President in '08

Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold, a champion of marriage equality, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel over the weekend that he wouldn't be running for President in 2008. Feingold has been considering a run since 2005, but said that doing so would "dismantle" his professional and personal life.

Feingold_1Said Feingold: "I never got to that point where I'd rather be running around the country, running for president, than being a senator from Wisconsin...It would have required the craziest combination of things in the history of American politics to make it work."

Feingold has been vocal in both his opposition to a federal constitutional amendment banning gay marriage as well as full marriage equality for gays and lesbians.

Added Feingold, who did not rule out a run in the future: "I began with the feeling I didn't really want to do this but was open to the possibility that getting around the country would make me want to do it. That never happened. People have always portrayed me as ambitious. I'm not ashamed of that. But I have never had a craving to be president of the United States. I used to say it when I was 5 or 7 years old. But I haven't really been saying it as an adult."

Feingold said his first choice for a presidential candidate would be someone he sees eye-to-eye with on Iraq, but stopped short of endorsing anyone: "The first choice would be somebody who voted against this unfortunate Iraq war. That may not be available. Second choice is somebody who at least said it was a bad idea. . . . I would be happy if Obama or (Al) Gore ran."

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Russ Feingold on Meet the Press

A lot of folks are talking about Russ Feingold's appearance Sunday on Meet the Press. I agree, the Democrats could learn a lot from the Wisconsin Senator about articulating their message:

"The worst thing we could possibly do is what Vice President Cheney and President Bush did, which was take us into an unnecessary war that had nothing to do with 9/11 on false pretenses. They have done the worst thing that’s ever been done in this regard. The question is, do we just keep making the same mistake over and over again? Do we just stay in Iraq so that Cheney and Bush can say that, that they were right? That appears to be why we’re there. That appears to be the only logical reason to stay in a situation that is draining our military, that is hurting our recruiting, that is allowing Osama bin Laden to have us exactly where he wants us."

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road.jpg Russ Feingold today issued a statement following his walkout on the "mark-up" of the proposed Constitutional Amendment that would ban gay marriage.

road.jpg From the heartland: new Indiana poll shows that a majority of that state's residents support hospital visitation rights and inheritance rights for gays and lesbians. Meanwhile, in South Bend, home of Notre Dame, they're hoping to add sexual orientation to the city's non-discrimination statute.

Mustacheroad.jpg Bodyguard of famous pop star or 70's gay porn icon?

road.jpg Edmund White, the accidental activist: "Just sheerly inadvertently I happened to be at the Stonewall uprising because I was walking past it with a friend and we got involved. If anything, I was trying to make people behave. I was such a middle-class twit. I think I have sort of stumbled into history. It’s as though someone would happen to be walking past the Bastille at exactly the moment when it was being destroyed. It actually did change me. In my case, I think being in this exciting ferment, it did make me feel free almost in spite of myself. Rationally I couldn’t think of any way to justify homosexuality. I was in therapy to go straight. But irrationally and maybe on the level of the soul if you will, I responded with tremendous excitement and enthusiasm to this uprising."

road.jpg Aside from the fact that what the article describes is absolutely revolting, this has got to be the headline of the week.

road.jpg The age old question: Three experts try to explain why gay men in Sydney, Australia are not monogamous.

Russ Feingold And Arlen Specter in Heated Exchange

FeingoldWhen a meeting regarding a "mark-up" to the proposed Constitutional Amendment to ban gay marriage was today moved from a public Senate room to a restricted access room (the "President's Room") inside the U.S. Capitol, Russ Feingold objected to the move and had a heated exchange with Arlen Specter, the Senate Judiciary Committee's chairman.

This is what reportedly happened, according to the Associated Press, after Feingold, upset at the change to a restricted venue, "declared his opposition to the amendment, his affinity for the Constitution and his intention to leave the meeting."

"I don't need to be lectured by you. You are no more a protector of the Constitution than am I," Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, R-Pa., shouted after Sen. Russ Feingold declared his opposition to the amendment, his affinity for the Constitution and his intention to leave the meeting.

"If you want to leave, good riddance," Specter finished.

"I've enjoyed your lecture, too, Mr. Chairman," replied Feingold, D-Wis., who is considering a run for president in 2008. "See ya."

Specter has said he is "totally opposed" to the amendment, and "later said he would have been willing to hold the session in the usual room had he thought doing so would change votes." Bill Frist has scheduled a vote on the proposed amendment for the week of June 5.

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road.jpg Sorry to break the news, but Jake Gyllenhaal apparently has a new girlfriend! Watch out for those fishing trips, Gretchen...

road.jpg Men's magazines face hard times. Suit: "There are a lot of issues that are converging. One is obviously with domestic auto and how they’ve cut back [spending], particularly in magazines. Two, there was a shakeout in the category, and three, the effect of the Internet. You see books that are going directly online or foregoing their print edition because young men are getting their information from the Internet. They’re not looking to wait for a monthly magazine to find out."

road.jpg Russ Feingold, who recently spoke out in favor of gay marriage, has told Democrats they need to stop being so spineless and stand up to Bush on Iraq: "We must get out of our political foxholes and be willing to clearly and specifically point out what a strategic error the Iraq invasion has been...If we do not show both a practical and emotional readiness to lead in the fight against terrorism, we will lose in '06 and we will lose in '08, just like we did in '02 and '04. "


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