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Celebratory Video Shows Apple Employees, CEO Tim Cook at San Francisco LGBT Pride: WATCH


Yesterday, Apple posted a video on YouTube covering the company's support of the 5,000 employees who took part in San Francisco Pride on June 29th.

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook also made a surprise appearance at San Francisco Pride last week.

"On June 29, thousands of Apple employees and their families marched in the San Francisco Pride Parade. They came from around the world — from cities as far as Munich, Paris, and Hong Kong — to celebrate Apple's unwavering commitment to equality and diversity. Because we believe that inclusion inspires innovation."

Watch Apple's San Francisco Pride video, AFTER THE JUMP...


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The Most Shocking Thing Bill O'Reilly Can Find at the SF Pride Parade are Drag Queens Who Love Bill O'Reilly: VIDEO


Bill O'Reilly sends his correspondent Jesse Watters to troll the San Francisco Pride parade. Watters tries to get Gavin Newsom to call 'traditional' marriage supporters bigots, suggests Mark Leno's pants are a bit tight, and tries to get a rise out of Nancy Pelosi while showcasing a few of the parade's more 'promiscuous' characters.

But Pride parades have really hit the mainstream, and the most scandalous item that Watters seems to come up with are a pair of drag queens who "love" Bill O'Reilly.


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Uber Marries 8 Couples To Celebrate Marriage Equality And San Francisco Pride: VIDEO


This past weekend popular transportation service Uber provided 8 lucky couples spontaneous weddings in San Francisco in celebration of the city's Pride event and marriage equality. The couples used the company's app to request an UberWEDDING and chose where they would like to have the ceremony with the drop of a pin. 

Watch a video of the couples as they say "I do", AFTER THE JUMP...

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'Gay Shame' Protesters Arrested At Prison-Themed Pride Party In San Francisco

Gay Shame protest

No matter what, everything is offensive to someone, somewhere, and this past Pride the San Francisco activist group 'Gay Shame' took umbrage with's prison-themed "Prison of Love" party. Some 150 members of the group collected outside The Armory to protest, and according to owner Peter Acworth the protesters were largely peaceful, if unruly, and offended that the organizers of the party would try "to [turn] these genocidal practices [of prison rape] into a cash-making joke."

However, as is often the case, a few people ruined it for everyone. They began harassing people on the sidewalk, punching security guards, smashing phones, and even breaking the collar bone of one bystander. When one security guard followed a few of the protesters for the purpose of identifying them for the police, the protesters then threw objects at the guard and made violent threats, both felonies. Once the police arrived to arrest the assailant, two other protesters intervened in the arrest, which just so happens to fall under California's definition of lynching.

Mary Lou Ratchet, a Gay Shame representative, tried to draw a parallel between protesting a Pride party and Stonewall, saying,

Like the Stonewall rebellion 45 years ago, last night's attack reminds us how trans and queer people of color are criminalized and arrested for simply gathering in public space, like the 16th St. BART plaza [where the arrests took place].

The three protesters - Rebecca Ruiz-Lichter, Prisca Carpenter, and Sarai Robles-Mendez - remain in custody, allegedly on "trumped up charges." Ruiz-Lichter and Robles-Mendez's bail is set at $50,000 each; Carpenter's bail is $78,000.

In Addition to Rides, Uber Offering Gay Weddings This Weekend in SF

Screenshot 2014-06-27 00.18.08

For one day only (June 28th), from noon to 6PM, engaged couples can request a wedding on demand from Uber. In honor of San Francisco’s Pride this weekend, Uber wants to help LGBT couples get hitched using its popular car service application. Rather than requesting a traditional driver, San Franciscans can embark on “the adventure of a lifetime” by selecting “UberWEDDING” and dropping the pin wherever they would like the “ceremony” to occur.

According to Uber’s website, an on-site notary will begin the process of issuing your marriage license while en route to the ceremony. Upon arrival, Uber will throw you a wedding reception complete with music, cake, champagne, and gift bags. Finally, Uber will also provide couples with honeymoons courtesy of HotelTonight and Alaska Airlines. Perhaps the most compelling part of Uber’s offer is the price: absolutely nothing. The oddest part? You’re getting married in a glorified cab.

Uber expects demand for the limited-time offer to be high, and encourages interested couples to bring all of the necessary paperwork for a marriage license. Should an UberWEDDING request not make it through on its first try, couples are encouraged to try again. If you’re ready and willing to make the jump and don’t mind leaping through a few hoops, an Uber wedding might just be in your future.

Activist Questions Denial of U.S. Visas to African LGBT SF Pride Invitees

MelanieNathanMelanie Nathan (right), director of the San Francisco African Leadership Institute, wrote a scathing piece about the state department's denial of visas for several LGBTI persons from African countries whom she had invited to march in the San Francisco Pride Parade. The 2014 celebration, called "Color Our World with Pride," should have been the perfect venue for the expression of oppressed communities from around the globe, particularly LGBTI Africans and particularly given the United States' response to anti-gay actions on the part of the Ugandan government, among others. Nathan found herself distressed at the notion of Secretary of State John Kerry touting the state department's commitment to global equality initiatives (as the speaker at the department's GLIFAA Pride event, no less) while denying visas to the people who need them most.

Writes Nathan at HuffPost:

The State Department denied seven people a platform to speak about the persecution in their countries, presumably for fear that they might not return home to the countries that persecute them. And after they were denied, a clear pattern emerged, and I pulled 11 of the remaining 14 applicants.

While the Obama administration and this secretary of state have supported the LGBT movement like none before, there is no excuse for this flagrant snub and the homophobic attitude expressed by some of the consular officials who did the interviewing.

JohnKerryNathan argues that by denying visas the U.S. government is abetting the oppression faced by many of the people she had invited for participation in the Pride event. "[By] denying these Pride visas, we may as well have added the victims of the persecution to the blacklist too," Nathan writes.

She believes that Kerry (left) and his department have done a disservice to the global community, and it is hard to deny the cruel irony of the situation:

"No matter where you are, no matter who you love, we stand with you," noted Kerry in that Pride-affirming speech. "And that's what pride means, and that's what drives us today."

And he further assured, "The journey isn't complete. The march isn't over. The promise isn't perfected. But we will march on together."


No, Mr. Secretary, it seems that in fact we are not marching together. You have denied us all that privilege.


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