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Out Gay Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney's Emotional Reaction To SCOTUS Rulings: VIDEO


Emotions were running high on Wednesday following the Supreme Court's rulings on Prop. 8 and DOMA. Among those caught up in the fervor was out gay Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney of New York. At a press conference of all the LGBT members of Congress, Maloney expressed his own feelings on the impact of the court's history-making decisions:

“I called my partner, Randy, of 21 years to tell him about the decision and to congratulate him and I really couldn’t get the words out. And I realized in that moment that it was the first time in 21 years, 20 of those years spent raising our 3 amazing children, that I wasn’t talking to him as someone who was seen as less than in the eyes of my own country’s laws.”

Check out a video of Maloney at the press conference AFTER THE JUMP...

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News: Aurora, Bieber's Blunt, Catholic Hate Group Petition, NZ

1NewsIcon Did you get a chance to see Betty White on The Tonight Show this week?

Maloney1NewsIcon Oh, look, it's anti-gay GOP House Speaker John Boehner with the new gay Congressmen Sean Patrick Maloney and Mark Pocan and their lovely husbands and families.

1NewsIcon There's currently a We the People petition demanding the White House to designate the Catholic Church a hate group because of Pope Benedict's repeated denunciations of gay people. Less than 2,000 have signed said petition, which was posted on Christmas.

1NewsIcon From NBC News: "The U.S. Supreme Court is set to tackle gay marriage in a matter of months, but legislative action this week in Rhode Island and Illinois shows that supporters aren't in wait-and-see mode. Buoyed by ballot victories in four states in November, they're now on the offensive in two more; wins would mean that more than 20 percent of Americans live in places that have approved same-sex marriage."

1NewsIcon Could the Supreme Court decision on marriage equality cases be 3-3-3, not 5-4? "Say, for example, that three justices vote to reverse on the merits, three vote to affirm based on the 9th Circuit's opinion, and three vote to dismiss the appeal on jurisdictional grounds. In that case, I would argue, Proposition 8 is dead and same-sex marriage is once again available and recognized in California. The result would be a brief per curiam explaining the disposition of votes, and at least three separate opinions – maybe even more than that – to chart the outcome. No national precedent would be set in such a case."

Soccer1NewsIcon Are fans, not players, to blame for keeping European soccer players in the closet? From The Telegraph: "Part of football's appeal is its unreconstructed, largely masculine, largely working-class attitudes. It is easy to imagine that a gay footballer would dread the reaction at away grounds were he to come out."

1NewsIcon Almost 54% of New Zealand voters support marriage equality, according to a new poll. Only 38.1% do not. Meanwhile, with regard to the always controversial right to die question, about 60% believe a terminally ill person has the right to request doctor-assisted euthanasia.

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1NewsIcon Clueless photo shoot.

1NewsIcon Christians against yoga, one of the easiest and most effective forms of exercise in the world.

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1NewsIcon Either because officials thought them inappropriate or because venues backed out, about half-a-dozen gun shows within an hour drive of Newtown, CT, where the Sandy Hook shooting happened last month, have been canceled.

Rictor1NewsIcon Peter David is the straight author and comic book writer who makes sure gay heroes Rictor and Shatterstar are prominently featured in the Marvel title X-Factor. Late last year David had a stroke, and he needs your help down the road to recovery.

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Out Gay Candidate Sean Patrick Maloney Wins, Becomes First Out Gay Member of Congress from New York

Sean Patrick Maloney won his race for Congress from new York.

MaloneyThe Poughkeepsie Journal reports:

According to unofficial results, Maloney was leading Rep. Nan Hayworth, 127,547 to 119,709. In Dutchess County, 154 of 154 election districts were reporting results, with 299 of 322 election districts reporting in Orange County, 59 districts of 68 reporting in Westchester County and 86 of 86 districts reporting in Putnam County.

The redrawn 18th Congressional District includes Putnam and Orange counties, as well as parts of northern Westchester and the southwest corner of Dutchess.

Maloney ousted freshman Republican Hayworth, who he said was too conservative for the Hudson Valley district. He had cited her tea party support and her embrace of vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan's Medicare plan.

The Victory Fund reports:

Maloney, a former staffer in Bill Clinton’s White House, has a partner of 20 years and three children.

“We can’t wait for Sean to show his colleagues in the House his pride in his family, and his commitment to the people of New York’s 18th Congressional District,” said Chuck Wolfe, president and CEO of the Victory Fund.  Maloney joins Wis. State Rep Mark Pocan, who won his race tonight to replace Rep. Tammy Baldwin in the House.  ”Sean has been a leader in New York, serving two governors and working hard to secure a more promising future for his children.  He will also be a strong voice in Congress for fairness and equality.”

He is the first openly LGBT member of Congress from New York.


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