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NHL Star Sidney Crosby: 'I Don't Agree' with Russia's Anti-Gay Laws - VIDEO


The NHL's top player Sidney Crosby was asked about his views on Russia's anti-gay laws at a press conference for Team Canada on Sunday.

"It's not something we've discussed a whole lot though, but, for me growing up in Canada, my view has always been that way. I think that everyone has an equal right to play and I think we've been supportive of that. With the Olympics and the controversy around that I think those decisions or those laws aren't necessarily something that we might agree with, I don't agree with personally ... their laws and their views, everyone's entitled to those."

Crosby's Team Canada teammate, Nashville Predators star Shea Weber (also a supporter of the You Can Play foundation) said he too disagrees, but echoed Crosby's intent to play in Russia and focus on the game:

"Obviously, the NHLPA and myself are trying to support that cause. Like Sidney said, the way we're brought up is different than how the Russians view it. We're going over there to play hockey and obviously that's what we're going to try and focus on this year throughout our season."


High-profile Olympic athletes had better start getting their answers prepared because they are all going to be asked about this before the Games begin.


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Canadian Hockey's Olympic Hero Sidney Crosby's Beefcake Shot


Originally posted on Towleroad back in October of 2005, I figured, given the fact that Crosby scored the winning shot in tonight's epic Olympic Gold Medal hockey victory, that this could use a reprise. Enjoy.

One more shot, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Sportrait: Sidney Crosby Sleeping with the Stanley Cup


No doubt some of you wouldn't mind being the Stanley Cup, particularly after recalling this juicy spread of the Pittsburgh captain.

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(image via deadspin

Sidney Crosby, Hockey Babe (Magnet)


In a move surely meant to appease those legions of straight, testosterone-charged, sportsfan readers, November's men's fashion mag devotes two pages to a bare, muscular, and beaded-with-sweat look at NHL wunderkind "hotdog" Sidney Crosby, whose hockey assets include "reacting, reading plays quickly, finding holes to make passes, knowing where guys are going to be, planning ahead, and having the speed to get there."

The 18-year-old Crosby is here to "save the NHL".

And of course the mascots of Crosby's Pittsburgh team have achieved gay cult status.

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