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News: Ne-Yo, The Red Sea, Malta, DADT, Rachel Maddow

 road Ne-Yo wants you to stop calling him gay.

Red road A view from space had the parting of the Red Sea actually occurred.

 road Retired NFL Player Marcellus Wiley: "It would really be tough for a gay guy in the NFL, for the locker room to understand him as a homosexual -- I'm not saying it's impossible to pull off, but I'm saying right now the fear of coming out of the closet and more so coming out in the locker room would really be too tremendous to overcome. It's unfortunate because it shouldn't be that way. I understand that the locker room is pretty intimate. I do understand that there are 53 guys walking around nude at times and I do understand how guys may feel uncomfortable, but I don't think that it should impair someone's decision to live their life, have their freedoms and express themselves."

 road CNN lists the 10 best movie dance scenes.

 road Decrease in hate crimes? Probably not: "A national anti-violence coalition released a report this week that shows declines in the reported number of hate crime victims and survivors, incidents and offenders in 2009. However, those reported drops since 2008 are likely due to many programs facing budget cuts and staff layoffs, rather than an actual decrease in violence, according to the report."


 road 250 attend gay pride march in Valletta, Malta.

 road Paris Hilton can't stay away form pot.

 road After Argentina's introduction of marriage equality, could Paraguay be next?

 road Milwaukee city worker in trouble for sending a gay man hateful messages on Facebook: "You know you are living in sin and will burn in hell if you don't change your life around. I'm sorry to hear you married another man. God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve."

 road Former Air Force Michael Almy testifies that he never admitted to being gay though he was discharged under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" anyway.

 road A Skarsgard sandwich sounds delicious.

 road Senator David Vitter is sorry he implied that Rachel Maddow does not look like a woman.

 road Get ready for Skins season 5.

 road Staten Islanders meet to discuss hate crimes.

Gay Men Attacked At Staten Island White Castle

I guess gay people can't even enjoy fast food without being attacked these days.

The NYPD is investigating a crime against a gay couple that occurred during the early morning hours at a Staten Island White Castle this past Wednesday. Luis Vieira and Richard Vieira were harassed by a group of teenagers who called them gay slurs.

Silive picks it up from there:

W "As they sat down to eat, three members of the group came in, Vieira said. As he looked at them, one approached the table and said, 'What the [expletive] are you looking at, fag?'”

"He responded, 'What the [expletive] are you looking at?' and after the two stared at each other for few seconds, the youth walked off. A few moments later, Vieira said, he felt a “bop in the back of the head.” He and his partner ran out, but retreated when they saw the youths swarming the parking lot."

"Vieira was asking a restaurant employee to call 911 when he realized Richard Vieira was no longer at his side. He found his partner outside, semiconscious and bleeding — he had been jumped and sucker-punched in the back of the head. 'I blotted him, brought him back to the White Castle,' Luis Vieira said. 'I had blood all over me. My partner had blood all over him.' A responding ambulance took Richard Vieira to Richmond University Medical Center, West Brighton, where he required stitches to close his wounds. He was later released. A police unit also responded, and after Luis Vieira made calls to several law enforcement agencies, a detective with the Hate Crimes Task Force reached out yesterday to the couple."

Luis Vieira, who was wearing a rainbow flag armband the night of the attack, insists that he and his partner were indeed targeted because they are gay.

Photo courtesy of Gothamist.

News: Staten Island Ferry, Betty White, Mom Ink, Kristin Chenoweth

 road The same Staten Island ferry involved in a 2003 accident that killed 11 people crashed again today. 37 people were hurt. NYT: "The ferry was approaching the dock at normal speed, 5 knots (or 5.8 m.p.h.), when the pilots realized that they could not operate the ferry as usual. Ms. Sadik-Khan added that they had enough time for crew to warn passengers and begin moving people away from what would have been the chief point of impact — the front deck."

479-Staten_Island_Ferry.sff.standalone.prod_affiliate.81 road Hot promo for Betty White's Hot In Cleveland.

 road More Betty White to whet your appetite for her appearance on SNL tonight. Watch her play beer pong with Jimmy Fallon.

 road Can anyone blame Jake Gyllenhaal for being "constantly shirtless" on the set of Prince of Persia?"

 road The perfect (and permanent) mother's day gift?

 road Chrstina Aguilera looking very much like Madonna circa 1992.

 road Racial attack? Video shows "two Seattle police officers kicking a man as he lay on the ground. The man was detained during a robbery investigation last month. The two officers have been reassigned as police conduct an investigation amid a firestorm of reaction."

 road Rihanna goes overboard with white tape.

 road A Lithuanian immigrant who has just been sentenced to 20 years in prison for the brutal murder of a gay man tries to take his own life.Nph3.img_assist_custom

 road Neil Patrick Harris picks his top 10 hottest guys. Number one shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. 

 road Kristin Chenoweth fights back against Newsweek article about openly gay actors playing heterosexual characters: "I know how much it means to young people struggling with their sexuality to see out & proud actors like Sean Hayes, Jonathan Groff, Neil Patrick Harris and Cynthia Nixon succeeding in their work without having to keep their sexuality a secret. No one needs to see a bigoted, factually inaccurate article that tells people who deviate from heterosexual norms that they can’t be open about who they are and still achieve their dreams."

Staten Island Assemblyman's Partner Not Free to Be

TitoneStaten Island's newly-elected assemblyman Matthew Titone told the New York Post that he doesn't plan on being a "one-issue lawmaker". In other words, he doesn't want the fact that he's openly gay to make people think that's why he's in office. In fact, he says, those who elected him can see beyond that: "People realize I'm not that two-dimensional. I have passionate concerns that are relevant to all people...People on Staten Island vote conservative, but that doesn't mean they are prejudiced or biased. It's not an issue."

Except for, perhaps, some in the construction industry. Titone's partner of 10 years is a construction worker who has come out to friends and family, but not on the job, for fear of not getting any assignments. Said Titone: "It's a hard balancing act. In that field there is prejudice, bias - ignorance, really."

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Staten Island Elects Matthew Titone, 1st Openly Gay Lawmaker

Staten Island Elects Matthew Titone, 1st Openly Gay Lawmaker

In a special election held yesterday, Matthew Titone became the first openly gay official elected from the New York City borough of Staten Island, and the fourth in the New York State legislature. He was running against two other candidates, and the NYT reports that, however the election had prevailed, there would have been a "first" involved:

Titone"The Staten Island race in the 61st Assembly District drew a great deal of attention because of Mr. Titone and his two rivals. The Independence Party candidate, Kelvin Alexander, would have been the borough’s first black assemblyman had he prevailed. And Rose Margarella, the Republican candidate, would have been the first of her party to be elected from this heavily Democratic district in recent history. With 100 percent of the votes counted, Mr. Titone received 2,888 votes, Ms. Margarella 1,846 and Mr. Alexander 1,122, according to unofficial figures from the New York City Board of Elections."

Titone is a Democrat. He'll join Deborah Glick and Daniel O'Donnell (both Democrats from Manhattan) along with State Senator Tom Duane.

Jim Smith, a co-founder of Stonewall Staten Island, recalled Titone's coming out at the borough's second annual gay parade in June 2006, when Titone, then a candidate for state senate, said: "My name is Matthew Titone. I'm proud to be a Democrat from Staten Island, and I also happen to be gay."

Smith remembered: "It was a moment that I won't forget. It was a tremendous moment for me and for the gay community. It was pouring rain. Suddenly the rain didn't matter. This couldn't have happened in the 1980s. Society on Staten Island wasn't conditioned to it. When you were gay on Staten Island, you grew up in fear."

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News: Helen Thomas, Cheney Lies, Christine Quinn, Ricky Martin

road.jpg Utah's shameful anti-gay school club laws set to take effect: "Next month, a 17-page law will take effect governing just about every nuance of public school extracurricular clubs, from kindergarten jump rope to high school drama. How groups can form, what they can discuss in their meetings, who can join, and what a principal must do if rules are violated are addressed. But the school clubs law, signed last week by Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr., was not really intended to rein in the rowdies down at the audio-visual club, some lawmakers said. The real target was homosexuality. 'This is all about gay-straight alliance clubs, and anybody who tells you different is lying,' said State Senator Scott D. McCoy, Democrat from Salt Lake City, who voted against the law."

Helen_thomasroad.jpg Justice: 46-year news veteran Helen Thomas retains front row seat in White House briefing room.

road.jpg Despite the fact that Bush promised of Valerie Plame leak "I want to get to the bottom of this. If there is a leak out of my administration, I want to know who it is," a White House official revealed at hearings late last week that (surprise!) it was never investigated.

road.jpg New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn makes St. Patty's Day statement in Dublin. Quinn: "The fact I'm here in Dublin and able to march and participate in inclusive events should send a message of how backwards the New York parade is. John Dunleavy obviously isn't interested in compromise. Last year he said allowing gays and lesbians into the parade would be the equivalent of letting the Ku Klux Klan march in a civil rights parade or the Nazis march in an Israeli Day parade. But he only represents a very small minority of people in the Ancient Order of Hibernians, so we eventually will get beyond this. The vast majority of AOH members, like the vast majority of Irish New Yorkers, are open-minded."

road.jpg Riot strategy planned for Beckham games: "Police and LA Galaxy officials fear the arrival of Goldenballs could spark an invasion by English football hooligans."

road.jpg Staten Island playwright presents Boys Just Wanna Have Fun about a NY cop who falls in love at a SI gay bar. Anthony Wilkinson: "Staten Island has a true reputation of being conservative and Republican and homophobic. Nobody who is gay in Manhattan, or even in Jersey, is going to run to Staten Island to spend the night in a gay bar. But as a whole Staten Island is very family-oriented, and that’s one of the positive things about it."

road.jpg Ricky Martin named king of 50th annual Puerto Rican Day Parade. To head down Fifth Avenue on June 10th.

Dgbabylab_2road.jpg Inside the Dolce & Gabbana designer baby lab.

road.jpg Decorated war veteran and Pennsylvania congressman Jack Murtha responds to Dick Cheney's assertion that a withdrawal from Iraq would result in chaos: "Why would I believe that? I mean, all the things that they have predicted have — everything I predicted turned out to be true. Nothing they predicted turned out to be true. Why would I believe there's going to be chaos in the Middle East just because they say it? The Iraqis don't believe that. The countries on the periphery don't believe that and the public doesn't believe it. The public wants us out. They spoke in the last election."

road.jpg Is this how Paris Hilton persuades other artists to let her cover their singles? (warning: NSFW)

road.jpg Corrupt politicos do battle as Tom Delay slams Newt Gingrich, citing Clinton impeachment. Delay: "It is now public knowledge that Newt Gingrich was having an affair with a staffer during the entire impeachment crisis. Clearly, men with such secrets are not likely to sound a high moral tone at a moment of national crisis."


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