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Swedish Electro Artist iamamiwhoami Has A Message In A Bottle For You: VIDEO


Enigmatic Swedish electronic singer-songwriter iamamiwhoami (aka Jonna Lee) serves up her best Kate Bush in her latest track “Tap Your Glass.” The video continues the water theme trickling through  their previous videos.

In a recent note to her fans, iamamiwhoami mentioned an upcoming album that will become available fall of this year:

To whom it may concern,

the birth of this project was one drop in the ocean srpeading with rippled and becoming rapids in your actions. a venture continuously rushing forward by it’s own force while ingrained habits of defining, owning and capturing make themselves felt…

in early 2013 the foundation of our third audiovisual series began taking shape. washing clean of all smudge. leaving to see what lies beyond the woods. exploring this vast ocean with hopes of a true relfection…

with this we proudly present the forthcoming release of our third audiovisual album BLIE. a ten episode series released 20141110 on our label… for your to choose what you believe in: to own, to consume or to share.

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Swedish Store Auctions Rainbow-Striped 'Gaystation' to Help LGBT Refugees


The Swedish electronics retailer Webhallen is auctioning off a 500GB rainbow-colored ‘Gaystation 4′ and donating all the proceeds to an LGBT organizations that helps LGBT refugees from anti-LGBT countries re-start their lives in Sweden.

As of this writing, the bidding is up to $2516.44. Gay Gamer reports that “the full package includes the custom-painted system, one DUALSCHOCK 4 controller, four games, one micro-usb cord for the controller, one headset, and one HDMI cable.”

Gay Gamer also quoted the company as saying, “On Webhallen, we are gamers in heart and mind, keen that as many as possible have the opportunity to feel welcome and enjoy the world’s largest and fastest growing interest: TV & computer games.”

Sweden Resumes Providing Financial Aid To Uganda

Embassy of Sweden in Kampala

Despite having previously rescinded financial aid to Uganda over their reprehensible and inhumane anti-gay laws, Sweden has relented and resumed providing aid to the African country. The Swedish embassy in Kampala says:

Sweden wants to help create better conditions in Uganda for sustainable economic growth and development. This is why Swedish aid to Uganda will remain substantial.

The Swedish embassy also said:

Sweden continues to support human rights and freedom from violence.

This will be an interesting feat to pull off given how Uganda's laws undermine human rights and freedom while encouraging violence.

Swedish Ice Hockey Team Supports LGBTI Rights With Rainbow Uniforms

Kiruna IF

Swedish ice hockey team Kiruna IF will wear rainbow colors for the 2014-2015 season in an effort to become the country’s first sports club to receive certification by the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights.

Since 2008, the federation has certified businesses and organizations that are committed to providing a good working environment and respectful treatment of LGBTI people, reports Gay Star News.

On Thursday, 26 June, the players presented their new jerseys and talked about how the club will work to promote acceptance and diversity in Swedish hockey and in society at large.

In a press release, which describes ice hockey as "the most laddish sport," Kiruna IF wrote:

"The certification program provides new skills and tools and helps promote LGBT visibility. The focus is on LGBT issues but the certification process is also an excellent opportunity to discuss and reflect on norms and attitudes in a broader perspective."

Swedish Ice Hockey Association director of hockey development Tommy Boustedt said:

“Kiruna IF's acceptance project is a laudable initiative that is in line with Swedish hockey's core values, mission and vision. Participation and democracy shall be the defining features in the work to develop our sport.”

Throughout the coming season, team members will give talks in schools across Kiruna to stress the importance of accepting LGBTI people.

Gay Swedish Teen Told To Clean Up Homophobic Graffiti

SwedenProof that not only Americans enjoy blaming and punishing the victim, a gay teenager in Sweden reported the slur "dirty fag" scrawled on the bathroom walls at his school only to be told by the principal to "erase it himself."

Perhaps unsurprisingly, other teachers had seen this instance of homophobic graffiti directed at the student as well as several others, but have never taken any action against it.

The student has since left the school for an internship in order to escape the bullying that he endured for two years, and he has reported the incident to Sweden's Discrimination Ombudsman accusing the school of discrimination.

Swedish Football Player Marcus Juhlin Comes Out as Gay

Sweden-marcus-juhlin-mainAn (American) football player in Sweden, inspired by the coming out of Michael Sam earlier this year, has followed suit with an announcement of his own.  

22-year-old Marcus Juhlin made the proclamation in the April issue of the European gay magazine QX. 

Out reports:

He's the first American football player in Sweden to come out, and according to the QX team, the reaction from his team mates and from the other teams in the league have been amazing. "They all support and respect him,"QX editor in chief Anders Öhrmantold us. Marcus sent an email to QX in December stating: ”Please help me come out from the closet and close that door once and for all.” And they did. Juhlin lives in the city of Karlstad and is playing for Carlstad Crusaders. Oh, and in case you're curious, he is single.


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