LGBT Content Wins Big at SXSW Interactive and Film Awards: VIDEO


It's been a fantastic ten days, but the 2014 SXSW Festival's panels, films, and music have sadly come to an end. Fortunately, LGBT-related content managed to win top honors at the Interactive Awards Ceremony and Film Festival Audience Awards here in Austin. 

Hrc red logoThe Human Rights Campaign's red logo, which went viral last March during the Prop 8 and DOMA trial hearings at the Supreme Court, was the big winner of the SXSW Interactive Awards, taking home three awards: Social Media, Digital Campaign of the Year, and Best of Show. These categories were voted on by industry experts and highlight the projects that best push the boundaries of what’s possible in digital content and help inspire the next wave of creativity. 

On the film side of things, The Case Against 8, which goes behind the scenes of the high-profile trial that overturned California’s Proposition 8, took home an Audience Award in the “Festival Favorites” category. Shot over five years, this extraordinary film chronicles the two gay couples involved, as well as the unlikely alliance of lead attorneys Ted Olson and David Boies, political opponents who last faced off on opposing sides in the landmark Supreme Court case Bush v. Gore

You can check out a video of filmmakers Ben Cotner and Ryan White discussing the film at Sundance earlier this year, AFTER THE JUMP

Catch up on all our coverage of SXSW HERE.

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Jimmy Kimmel Tricks SXSW Hipsters into Raving About Bands That Don't Exist: VIDEO


In a new edition of 'Lie Witness News' Jimmy Kimmel gets people at SXSW to enthuse about bands that don't exist - such as Contact Dermatitis, DJ Metamucil, Neil Patrick Harassment, WTF Bruce Jenner, DJ Heavy Flow, DJ Costco, Hannah and the Baby Bjorns, DJ Cornmeal, I'm Not Done with the Salad, Willie Nelson Mandela, and Tonya and the Hardings and their album "Sorry About That Nancy".

It's a trick he played at Coachella, but the hipsters are no less gullible in Austin.


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Coffee Filter Gaga Joins Jimmy Kimmel: VIDEO


Lady Gaga showed up to The Jimmy Kimmel Show at SXSW last night in a dress made of coffee filters.

She tells Kimmel she has been eating barbecue all week and is "really fat right now." She talked about her "flying dress" and what her album ARTPOP means, her trip to space in 2015 on a Virgin Galactic flight, her keynote speech at SXSW, and the word 'selfie'.

And it was all very Gaga.


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Drunk Driver Plows Through Crowd at SXSW, Killing 2, Injuring Dozens: VIDEO


A drunk driver plowed through a huge crowd of people at Austin's SXSW festival at approximately 12:30 pm last night, killing two and injuring at least 23, KXAN reports:

Police say the suspect sped off, after being stopped on suspicion of DWI.

The driver almost hit a police officer with the car while trying to get away, according to police. The suspect then went the wrong way on Ninth Street, plowed through a barricade on Red River Street, and hit the people in the crowd.

The suspect then went through 10th and 11th streets before hitting a van. That’s when police say the driver jumped out of the car and began to run, but police managed to use a Taser and arrest the suspect.

Watch KXAN's report, AFTER THE JUMP...

The NYT adds:

The Associated Press reported that the driver was drunk and was evading arrest when his car crashed into people gathered on a busy street, injuring about two dozen of them. The Austin police chief, Art Acevedo, was quoted by The A.P. as saying that two people were killed on a moped that was hit as revelers were leaving a club at around 12:30 a.m. He told The A.P. that the driver had jumped out of his car and had tried to run away after hitting a taxi.

The Austin Police Department wrote on Twitter than an individual had been arrested. “We owe it to the victims and their families to gather the evidence we need to bring them justice,” Chief Acevedo was quoted as saying on the police’s Twitter account.

Our thoughts go out to the victims of the accident and their loved ones.

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SXSW 2014 - Witness The Technology That Will Make Holodecks A Reality:VIDEO


Sxsw_2014_bugWhile at the SXSW Gaming Expo, we spoke with Jordan Williams the President and CEO of Captured Dimensions, a company that uses image capturing technology to create three-dimensional figurines, holograms and computer images.

According to Williams, 3D imaging will inevitably lead to the creation of real-world virtual environments like the one seen on Star Trek’s holodeck. As the technology improves and becomes gains more video capability, it could also help render realistic 3D digital images of the human anatomy, complex costumes, archeological sites, famous sculptures, theatrical sets or even wholly artificial environments viewable through devices like the Oculus Rift.

See? We told you 3D imaging was the future

See the interview with Williams AFTER THE JUMP...

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'Veronica Mars' Cast Talks Sexuality, Stereotypes On SXSW Red Carpet


This week, the SXSW Film Festival screened the world premiere of Veronica Mars, a film continuation of the TV series about a plucky young female detective which got cancelled after just three seasons.

Sxsw_2014_bugThe film follows the titular detective as she returns to her fictional hometown of Neptune, California to investigate a murder allegedly committed by her rich, bad-boy ex-boyfriend. In the TV show, Veronica; her private investigator father Keith; her basketball-playing, African-American best friend Wallace Fennel; and her motorcycle gang member, Latino classmate Eli "Weevil" Navarro all played markedly middle-class characters who served as a counterpoint to Neptune’s secretive and corrupt upper-class.

We caught up with Percy Daggs and Francis Capra (the actors who play Wallace and Weevil) during the film’s SXSW red carpet premiere to ask them about the challenges of avoiding stereotypes while playing characters of color. We also asked Enrico Colantoni about the show’s depiction of Keith as a single dad who unsuccessfully sought female companionship amid his daughter’s social disruptions.

See the interviews AFTER THE JUMP…

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