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Teacher Fired For Being Gay in 1972 Receives Apology 42 Years Later: VIDEO


Washington-based Jim Gaylord, fired for being gay in 1972, will finally receive an apology from the Tacoma School District, reports The Olympian.

When confronted by the the vice principal at Wilson High School, Gaylord decided that he couldn’t live a lie any longer and confirmed rumors that he was gay.

The termination of his contract came after a Wilson student approached Gaylord to discuss the student’s same-sex attractions.  After a later suicide attempt, the student related to police that he had spoken to Gaylord.  The police visited the school and the vice principal then paid a visit to Gaylord.

A letter received by the former teacher informing him that he was fired read in part:

“The specific probable cause for your discharge is that you have admitted occupying a public status that is incompatible with the conduct required of teachers in this district. Specifically, that you have admitted being a publicly known homosexual.”

Gaylord never returned to teaching and a long court battle that went to the U.S. Supreme Court was unsuccessful.

Although Gaylord did not seek the apology, he said that it will help to “put a relatively pleasant end on an unpleasant situation.”

Last week, Flint Dollar, a teacher in Macon, Georgia, filed a sex discrimination lawsuit against a school after his contract was not renewed when the school found out he plans to marry a man.

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Iraq War Vet Kicked Out of Taxi for Kissing Boyfriend: VIDEO

Eric williams

Iraq war veteran Eric Williams was the victim of homophobia July 4th when a Tacoma, Washington, driver allegedly kicked him and his boyfriend out of a cab for sharing a kiss.

Speaking to Q13FOX.com, Williams, who completed two tours in Iraq and was the subject of a Don’t Ask Don’t Tell investigation, said that when the driver asked why they were kissing, he replied “that’s my boyfriend, I’m gay,” at which point the driver pulled off the road and refused to continue the fare.

While Williams says it was just an innocent kiss, the cab driver claims something more intimate was going on and he was offended.

Yellow Cab spokesman Anthony Nix said that the incident is under investigation. If video footage corroborates Williams’s version of events, the driver will be fired.

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Man Jailed for Road Rage Hate Crime: 'I can tell you’re lesbians. I should beat the crap out of you.' - VIDEO


LuAnn Branch and Kelli Nichols of Vashon Island were driving through Tacoma on Monday when their car was struck by William Zesbaugh, 71, who then attacked them with a "Club" steering wheel lock, yelling:

“I can tell you’re lesbians. I should beat the crap out of you.”

Zesbaugh has been charged with assault and malicious harassment as a hate crime and is in jail on $10,000 bail.

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Protesters Arrested, Tased After Heckling, Glittering Rick Santorum in Tacoma, Washington: VIDEOS


Rick Santorum was faced with a loud group of protesters as he made a campaign stop in Tacoma, Washington last night, Think Progress reports. At least two were arrested and reportedly tased before being handcuffed. He was also apparently glittered.

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Said Santorum over a din of shouting:

"I know this is a very important day in Washington. And in many respects a sad day for many people. We saw the law signed into here in Washington state. But it is very important you understand what just happened in another place….in the Ninth Circuit….The Ninth Circuit decided that anybody that disagrees with any of these folks, anyone who disagrees with these folks when it comes to the issue if what marriage is in this country, well they are irrational. That’s what the Ninth Circuit said. They said anybody who disagrees with their decision to shoot down Prop 8 in California, they do so because they are irrational and the only possible reason they can possibly…"

The Hill adds:

Santorum, forced to yell over the persistent protesters, said he respected their ability to disagree with him.

"Now I gotta tell you, I don't agree with these people but I respect their opportunity to be able to have a different point of view and I don't think they're a hater or a bigot because they disagree with me," Santorum said.

Three protesters were arrested at the event, according to CBS News, including one who threw glitter on Santorum. This is at least the sixth time activists have "glitter bombed" the GOP candidate, who is now a frontrunner for the nomination. The motive cited is often gay rights, and Santorum seems to be a particularly popular target due to his social conservativism.

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Hide/Seek Art Exhibit, Including Censored Wojnarowicz Video, Heading to Brooklyn and Tacoma

The National Portrait Gallery's Hide/Seek exhibit exploring gay and lesbian themes in American portraiture, is set to hit the road later this year:

Fire_wojnarowicz Tacoma Art Museum is collaborating with the Brooklyn Museum to remount the acclaimed and controversial art show “Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture,” which opened at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery last fall and closed last month. The show explores gay and lesbian themes in American portraiture, and sparked controversy around the country for pulling one work, David Wojnarowicz’s “Fire in My Belly,” from the show after complaints from Republican senators and religious conservatives. The video included an image of ants crawling across a plastic crucifix.

The Brooklyn Museum will get the show by the end of 2011 before it goes to Tacoma. The whole show: "Both venues will display the show in its entirety, including Wojnarowicz’s works."


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