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'Looking' Back: Episode 14, 'Looking For Gordon Freeman'


It's often easy to forget that Looking is technically considered a comedy, but tonight's episode, "Looking For Gordon Freeman," seemed to have more laughs than usual. Sure, there were the usual zingers from Daniel Franzese's Eddie ("You know a party's really awesome when everyone starts talking about AIDS,") and Doris (Lauren Weedman), but there were a few other laugh-out-lines from the rest of the cast, too (like when Murray Bartlett's Dom responded "Isn't that just for porn?" when asked about Tumblr). Then again, maybe everything Dom says is just funnier in a Sia He-Man wig.

Of course, all those small moments are nothing compared to the big, cringe-worthy tirade Patrick (Jonathan Groff) unleashed on a party stuffed with all the primary players.

Let's discuss the fallout and everything that led up to it, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Lee Daniels Discusses Homophobic Audience Reaction To Gay Kissing On 'Empire': WATCH


Writer, director and producer Lee Daniels recently talked about watching focus groups react to same-sex kissing on his new show, Empire. Daniels referred to the dial technology used by focus groups to give instant feedback as to whether they love or hate something. When viewers love something they turn their dials up to a ten, whereas when they hate it they turn to zero. So how did the majority of those in the focus group first react to a gay kiss on Empire?

They’re at a ten until the two men kiss. So at the end the questioner asks, 'why is it a zero when two men kiss?' And you knew that the hundred people in the room — a hundred people in the room, most of them, 90 percent, 95 percent of them were heterosexual — didn’t want to admit to their homophobia so they just sort of look at the floor—it’s like not admitting to be a racist…'But can you tell me why you’re at a zero? Why do you go from a ten to a zero?' Because it’s unaccepted. I think that it’s slowly becoming a thing because we are making it a thing. It is the civil rights of our time right now and I think we have to not back down.

Watch the interview, AFTER THE JUMP...

And you can watch Empire Wednesdays at 9 PM ET/PT on Fox.

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Benedict Cumberbatch Talks Alan Turing And Gay Persecution with Jimmy Kimmel: VIDEO


Last night, following the announcement of his wedding, Benedict Cumberbatch appeared on Jimmy Kimmel to promote The Imitation Game.

The actor told the story of how he found out he was nominated for an Oscar, and he also discussed the historic importance of Alan Turing. Not only did Cumberbatch point out Turing's importance to the LGBT community, but also his influence on the tech sector — Silicon Valley and beyond. After Kimmel said he hadn't known Turing before Imitation Game, the actor replied:

He's known amongst the intelligence community, amongst the sort of gods of the computer world, the Silicon Valley, he's known amongst LGBT groups... what we've hoped to have done with this movie is to basically broaden an audience and an understanding of this extraordinary man, who at a very young age invented computer science and the idea of computing... [in terms of government persecution,] This man was utterly wronged...If you ask anybody in Silicon Valley — Bill Gates down — they still use Turing's mathematics.

Cumberbatch also pointed out how Turing's cracking of the Enigma code is estimated to have ended WWII two years early. Check out clips of the Kimmel appearance AFTER THE JUMP...

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'The Walking Dead' Introduces Its First Openly Gay Character: VIDEO

Screenshot 2015-02-16 12.47.37

These past few weeks have been rather rough on fans of “The Walking Dead” as a number of key characters have met their untimely ends in the mouths of the undead. Last night’s episode “Them” saw Rick and company mourning and dealing with the emotional fallout of losing two of their own and fighting both the elements and hordes of walkers.

When it was all said and done the episode was rather dour save for the introduction of a character many gay fans have been waiting for for a while now--Aaron, one of the survivors living within the Alexandria safe-zone. In the comic books Aaron works as a recruiter, scouting the safe-zone’s surrounding area looking for other survivors who may be able to contribute to to the small, yet productive community that’s sprung up in post-apocalyptic Virginia.

Robert Kirkman, the book’s creator and the show’s executive producer, first hinted that “The Walking” would see its first gay character this season late last year. At the time, many fans speculated (at Kirkman's suggestion) that Norman Reedus’s character Daryl would be re-written as the series’s queer character, though Kirkman eventually squashed that rumor.

If you need a quick refresher course on just who Aaron is and how he might play into the rest of this season of “The Walking Dead” check out’s quick rundown AFTER THE JUMP...

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This Mock 'Friends' Intro Shows How Different The Show Would Be If It Took Place in 2015's NYC: WATCH

Screenshot 2015-02-15 21.17.27

Imagine if the plot of Friends was set in the New York City of today. What might Monica, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe, and Ross’s lives look like if they were just striking out in 2015’s Manhattan? Might a millennial Friends depict a more diverse chunk of the Big Apple? Would the characters struggle to pay crippling rent? Would the show be more of a mockumentary? One can only wonder.

If the folks over at the Nerdist network are to be believed, however, then the sitcom would feature a group of hipsters sitting around on their cell phones failing to interact with one another. Millennials and their new-fangled means of communication, am I right!?

Check out the Nerdist’s take on Friends: Rebooted AFTER THE JUMP...

Screenshot 2015-02-15 21.18.33

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'Looking' Back: Episode 13, 'Looking For the Truth'


Each week, there are still loads of comments bemoaning Looking's 30-minute format. On episodes like tonight's "Looking For the Truth" (and last season's "Looking For the Future," which we'll talk much more about later), some of that gets addressed by isolating characters and focusing on less of the ensemble. The episode feels fuller when some of the storylines get a little more room to breathe.

We spent literally zero time with Dom (Murray Bartlett) tonight, and I don't think the episode suffered because of it. Not because his isn't a compelling character, but we were given more rich moments with Patrick (Jonathan Groff) and even Agustin (Frankie J. Alvarez).

Let's chat about a few key points from tonight's installment, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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