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Meanwhile, In Westeros: 'Game Of Thrones' 05x01 [Recap]


Welcome to our first Game of Thrones weekly recap! Before we get into tonight’s episode, let’s set some ground rules. Firstly, I haven’t read the books, and so I’m coming at this purely from the perspective of someone who has only seen the show. For the sake of spoilers, I also ask to keep the comments similarly focused on the HBO series.

That bit of housekeeping out of the way, let’s discuss tonight’s premiere. There’s lots of change afoot from a production standpoint. For starters, we get our first flashback of the series. We also got a taste of director Michael Slovis’ style, having come to Thrones from Breaking Bad, you could feel his flourish on scenes like Tyrion’s arrival in Pentos shot through the air holes of his crate.

Even with these changes, there is a lot of the familiar to be found in tonight’s episode, “The Wars To Come.” The fifth-season premiere was a strong start, shuffling the board for several characters without too much of a big shake-up.

Let’s discuss what went down, AFTER THE JUMP

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LEGO Considering Producing 'Golden Girls' Themed Playset


Soon you may be able to buy a special edition set of Golden Girls-themed LEGO minifigs. Last month LEGO Ideas community member Lostsleep submitted a concept to the website that would be reviewed by LEGO’s official creative team if it received enough community votes. Though there had been other attempts at turning the Golden Girls into LEGOs, none surged in popularity the way Lostsleep’s did. 

“If we can get to 5000 votes, I will add the Lanai behind the Foyer,” Lostsleep wrote yesterday before his idea had hit its support goal. “The girls need a place to relax in the sun and play cards.”

As Lostsleep pitched it, his playset included Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, Sophia, and Stanley along with the iconic Foyer, Kitchen (with cheesecake) and Living Room where most of the show took place. In under a month the proposal racked up the necessary 10,000 upvotes, automatically qualifying the project for an official LEGO review and almost immediately LEGO released an official statement.

“Thank you for being a friend... and a LEGO Ideas member! Now you just need to endure the Miami heat (and Sophia's wisecracks from the sofa) as you wait for the LEGO Review,” the message explained. “While we don't know yet if we can produce this as a LEGO product, we're happy to advance your project to the Review phase. 

As large an an outpouring of support as there’s been for the playset there are still all sorts of licensing issues that would need to be worked out before production went forward. Perhaps its time for people to tell Disney-ABC, who own the rights to Golden Girls, just why this toy needs to exist.

Check out more concept images of the The Golden Girls Living Room and Kitchen Modular Set AFTER THE JUMP...


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HBO's 'Looking' Finale To Begin Filming This Fall

Screenshot 2015-04-09 11.22.21

Regardless of how we felt about it we’re all still sitting shiva for HBO’s Looking, may it rest in peace. Earlier this week one of the show’s stars--Frankie Alvarez--shared a little bit of information about the series’s ultimate cinematic finale that begins filming this fall and will air sometime next year. Looking’s last “episode” as Alvarez describes it will be less like the show’s weekly installments and more akin to Andrew Haigh’s critically acclaimed Weekend. 

"It's a feature-length film that doesn’t adhere to an episodic structure," Alvarez explained to Vulture. "So I think a lot of fans who wanted a longer episode are going to get one long, two-hour episode. I think that will be [a] blessing in a lot of ways: We’ll get to close it out the way everyone wants to close it out, and then, hopefully, we’ll continue to be friends ... supporting each other in future projects."

Looking wouldn’t be the first series to wrap things up with a made for TV movie, but the shift in storytelling format could be a boon to the show’s finale. For all of the criticism that was leveled at Looking, Weekend was widely praised, despite the two following similar narrative styles. As J. Bryan Lowder wrote for Slate earlier this year, Haigh’s slice-of-life storytelling seems to be at its strongest when its longer in form and bookmarked with a clear beginning and an end. Perhaps Looking’s finale will finally bring the show’s aim into a sharper focus and win over its naysayers.

(h/t Vulture)

'Empire's Taraji P. Henson Bringing More Than 'Cookie' to This Weekend's SNL: WATCH"

Screenshot 2015-04-08 13.37.35

When word broke that Taraji P. Henson would be hosting this weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live, the internet trembled with the collective gasps of Empire fans. On the one hand of course Henson would be hosting SNL; her name’s Cookie. Ask about her. As much of a runaway hit as Empire’s proven to be for Fox, Henson’s performance consistently stood out and defined the entire season.

For others, though, the significance of Henson’s upcoming guest spot stems from how few black women have ever actually hosted the show. Henson will be the 10th black woman to grace SNL’s stage as a host, following in the footsteps of Janet Jackson, Oprah, and Kerry Washington. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight the Empire actress explained that seeing herself spoofed in a recent SNL sketch hammered home just how much of a cultural phenomenon Empire has become.


"It's like a dream come true," Henson said of her hosting gig. "Legends do SNL. I'm a legend."

Check out the Taraji P. Henson’s promo clips for this weekend’s Saturday Night Live AFTER THE JUMP...

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'Twin Peaks' Cast Creates Video to Woo David Lynch Back to Production: VIDEO


Original Twin Peaks stars Sheryl Lee, Mädchen Amick, Sherilyn Fenn, Dana Ashbrook, Peggy Lipton, James Marshall, Al Strobel, Kimmy Robertson, and others have come together in a video in an effort to persuade creator David Lynch to come back to the production after reports this week that he had quit the reboot after a money dispute with Showtime.

In the amazing video, each of the stars is seen finishing the sentence, "Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like..."


A petition is also circulating to save Twin Peaks....


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'The Good Wife' Tackles 'Religious Freedom' in Perfectly-Timed Episode: VIDEO


Though it was filmed and written in February, episode 6 of "The Good Wife" feels as if it was planned in response to the "religious freedom" legislative controversies of the past week.

In lieu of an Indiana pizzeria, the episode tells the story of California baker, who refuses to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple.

Prominently featured in the episode is the character of Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski, above), a lawyer who is consulted for her opinion on reopening the case of the California baker. The debate goes back and forth, with level debate about the legal issues, and little talk of civil rights, but Lockhart is eventually unequivocal: "You're wondering whether to take up this baker's appeal? No, obviously," Diane says. "It's not because I'm a liberal, it's because you won't win."

Watch a clip (via HuffPost) from Sunday night's episode, AFTER THE JUMP...

Creators Robert and Michelle King attribute their timing to the writing team:

"I think it’s a combination of having a really good writers’ room. We have seven writers, and what they do all day is argue these issues. We’re part of the writers’ room too. But we’re all looking at the issues that we think are on the cusp of being subjects of debate at the family dinner table when the family gets together for Easter or Passover. What are they going to argue about? And you don’t want to get something that you’re too far behind the issue because then it’s reached its zenith in the zeitgeist. And then you’re kind of on the lower crest of it, or the facts change on the ground. Suddenly the issue that you thought was so hot has kind of cooled only because now it’s another issue. Our writers’ room is very good at doing things two months ahead"

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