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Mr. Burns Endorses Mitt Romney: VIDEO


The Simpsons' Montgomery Burns is feeling confident about a Mitt Romney presidency but worries that Romney's dog Seamus (once tied to the roof of a car) might be a deciding factor for voters. So, he's got a simple test to prove that Seamus still loves his master.


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Homer Simpson Casts His Vote: VIDEO


Did he make the right choice?

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Lady Gaga Gets Marge Simpson Going: VIDEO


Lady Gaga stopped by Springfield for The Simpsons' season finale to boost the sad town's self-esteem, particularly that of a down in the mouth Lisa, recently voted the least popular kid in the school.

Marge, woeful and stressed over her daughter's depression, turns to Gaga, who in turn soothes the matriarch with a nice, long kiss. And Marge's reaction makes it clear the smooch got her in the mood. Is there something we don't know about this housewife?

Watch Marge and Gaga's animated exchange, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Behind the Scenes with Lady Gaga on 'The Simpsons': VIDEO


Lady Gaga is coming to cheer up Springfield in a special 'Lisa Goes Gaga' episode of The Simpsons. Here's a look at her cheering up Matt Groening and the rest of the crew at the taping.


(via pitnb)

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The Simpsons Disses FOX News: VIDEO


Never one to miss a detail, The Simpsons re-aired its first episode on Sunday night, and in doing so congratulated its network FOX, with one exception: "This doesn't include FOX News".


(screencap via reddit)

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1070

TOM LEPPERT: Senate candidate's rivals attack former Dallas mayor for appearing in Gay Pride parade. Ugly stuff. Lots of background at the Dallas Voice.

KENYA: Mob storms safe-sex seminar for gay men.

THE SIMPSONS: The 500th episode's genius opening sequence gets put in slo-mo.

STOP TEASING THE FISH: A puffer fish goes after a laser.

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