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Right-Wing Catholic Group Links Deadly Illinois Tornadoes to Passage of Gay Marriage Law


America Needs Fatima, a right-wing religious group tied to the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property, linked the deadly Illinois tornadoes to the state's bill legalizing gay marriage, signed by Pat Quinn yesterday, Right Wing Watch reports:

RitchieRobert Ritchie (pictured), the group’s executive director, is just asking the question:

Do you think the massive Illinois tornadoes are linked to the passing of the same sex “marriage” bill?

The massive tornadoes that hit Illinois after the passing of the same sex “marriage” bill, has stimulated many people to reflection.

In it, some see God’s chastisement; others see it as yet one more merciful warning from Providence; others yet deny both options and give various reasons.

Storm Chaser, Meteorologist Caught Inside Tornados That Killed 9 in Oklahoma: VIDEOS


A series of tornadoes and flash floods have left nine people dead and more than 75 injured in the Oklahoma City metro area. 

USA Today reports

The storm, the second fatal one to strike the region in 11 days, spawned several tornadoes, toppled cars and left commuters trapped on an interstate highway during Friday's evening rush. Law enforcement officers and Red Cross workers headed to hard-hit areas after dawn to assess the damage.

The storm also brought heavy rain and hail.Floodwaters topped 4 feet in Oklahoma City early Saturday and were expected to rise as flash flooding continued in parts of the state. Across east and central Oklahoma, repeated rounds of thunderstorms have produced between 4 to 7 inches of rain since midnight Saturday.

Some highways were closed because of downed power lines. The Oklahoma Corporation Commission reported at least 86,200 power outages related to the storms as of early Saturday.

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 2.33.27 PMMeteorologist Mike Bettes and two photographers from the Weather Channel were hit by a tornado when chasing it in an SUV. Despite the tornado throwing their vehicle 200 yards through the air, all three survived with only minor injuries. 

From the Weather Channel:

"That was the scariest moment of my life," Bettes said. "I had never been through anything like it before, and my life passed before my eyes."

He and the photographers were trying to outrun a tornado they spotted in El Reno, Okla., and failed.

Bettes said it felt like the vehicle tumbled over several times and was floating in air before crashing to the ground.

Watch Mike Bettes describe his experience and a dramatic video from storm chasers on the scene yesterday as they get caught inside one of the tornados, AFTER THE JUMP....

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Want To See What The Inside Of A Tornado Looks Like? - VIDEO

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 4.12.52 PM

Storm chasers Brandon Ivey and Sean Casey captured this incredible footage yesterday in Kansas in an eight ton modified Ford F-450 truck known as the “Tornado Intercept Vehicle.”


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Glenn Beck: Wolf Blitzer's Question for Atheist Tornado Survivor Was a Plant — VIDEO

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 12.13.28 PM

Glenn Beck can spot a conspiracy from a mile away, and on his program last night the conservative pseudo-professor certainly delivered, claiming that an interview by CNN's Wolf Blitzer this week was the workings of a CNN producer "sympathetic to the atheist plight," Right Wing Watch reports.

The interview in question is from Tuesday, when Blitzer asked a woman who survived this week's massive tornado in Oklahoma, "Do you thank the Lord?"  In the interview, the woman laughed and responded disarmingly, "I'm actually an atheist," and the two shared a moment of awkward laughter.

To Beck, though, the question "just wasn't natural," and therefore must have been a plant by some producer who thought it was important "to point out that in the middle of the heartland, there are atheists there too."

Although Beck said the question "doesn't have to be nefarious," he went on to situate the interview as part of something much larger:

"We are not fighting against flesh and bone.  We are fighting the forces of spiritual darkness.  It doesn't matter what people's intent are.  I will tell you: that was there for a reason."


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Wolf Blitzer Asks Tornado-Surviving Atheist if She Thanked the Lord: VIDEO



Saved by the polite survivor: “We are here and you know, I don’t blame anybody for thanking the lord.”


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Westboro Baptist Church's Fred Phelps Jr. Blames Oklahoma Tornado on Gay NBA Player Jason Collins


Who's the first gay-hating wingnut out of the gate after the Oklahoma tornado?

It's Fred Phelps Jr., who tweeted:

"OK Thunder's Durant flips God by praising fag Collins.  God smashes OK. You do the math."



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