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Pod of Orcas Eyes a Small Fishing Boat Near Denmark: VIDEO


As a follow-up to my post of last week, here's a recent rare Orca encounter near Denmark, kindly translated by someone on Reddit:

There, there, look at that!
NO, they're coming over here, dammit! Sail dammit, sail dammit! They're right under us, they're huge. I am afraid of them!
Don't be.
Emil, for f**ks sake, it's Orcas! get me out of here.
Take a picture!
I am filming.
Look at that, now take some pictures!
I am filming it!
Look at the fin on that one... Now hold fast when they (BEEPING) or you'll be knocked off.
This is insane!
Just take a look at those fish, no it's Orcas dammit.
It's Orcas, Emil... SHUT UP!
It's the world's most dangerous fish... Take some pictures.
I AM filming it! I've got it all on film.
Look at that fin on its back... This is crazy!
They're under the boat!
They're gone now... This was crazy! They were huge, Mikkel!
NO, they are coming back! I don't want anything more to do with this sh*t.
Are you afraid of fish?
I'm afraid of f**king Orcas!


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Orcas Chasing a Speedboat: VIDEO


A totally killer whale encounter off La Paz, Mexico.


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Have a Whale of a Day: VIDEO


Every day should be graced with a special thrill, so long as nobody gets hurt.


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Pod of Killer Whales That Were Trapped in Sea Ice Now Free


A pod of killer whales that had been trapped under sea ice in northern Quebec are now free, according to the town's mayor. The whales had been frantically surfacing for air through a small hole in the ice.

Some good news from the North, via NBC News:

Two scouts sent to check on the killer whales around 8 a.m. local time found a passage of water had been created in Hudson Bay all of the way to the open sea – nearly 25 miles away -- and the ice hole that the marine mammals had been trapped in was empty, said Petah Inukpuk, mayor of Inukjuak, a remote Inuit village home to 1,800, in Quebec.

“They are free. They are no longer here. When there is a new moon, the water current is activated. It could have helped … completely trap them, but in this case it caused an open passage out to the open water,” he told NBC News, adding that they probably were freed overnight. “It was mother nature that helped them. ... They are no longer icelocked.”

I've reposted the video of the trapped whales shot yesterday, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Mother Whale Lifts Calf Up to Get a Look at Humans on Boat: VIDEO


One World One Ocean posts a gray whale encounter in Laguna San Ignacio, on the Pacific coast of Mexico's Baja peninsula, where the mammals migrate:

The gray whales in San Ignacio Lagoon frequently approach small tourist boats, seeking the human interaction. While they could easily avoid the people, whose small boats are not allowed to closely approach whales, they actually seem to enjoy making contact.

They also note:

Whale watching here is highly regulated, with limits on how many boats can be on the water, how long they can stay, and how close they can get; rather than closely approaching the whales, they must idle their engine and wait for the whales to approach the vessel, which is a common occurrence.

Check out this amazing video of a mother holding up her calf, AFTER THE JUMP...

Find out more about One World One Ocean here.

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Surfer Has Close Call with Two Lunge Feeding Whales: VIDEO


Remember that Blue Whale - kayaker close encounter I posted two weeks ago? Here's another major encounter with two humpback whales lunge feeding off Santa Cruz. And boy do they lunge.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

(via bi)

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