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News: Wii Fit, Giant Squid, Beckham Invasion, Larry Flynt, Mika

road.jpg Larry Flynt's investigators are currently looking into at least 20 high-profile political sex scandals, some of which involve "high ranking Republican and Democrat members of the Senate and the House."

Mikaroad.jpg Mika shows off cartoons from Life in Cartoon Motion in London exhibit.

road.jpg Bush's policies have made Al Qaeda a powerhouse again: "Six years after the Bush administration declared war on al-Qaeda, the terrorist network is gaining strength and has established a safe haven in remote tribal areas of western Pakistan for training and planning attacks, according to a new Bush administration intelligence report to be discussed today at a White House meeting. The report, a five-page threat assessment compiled by the National Counterterrorism Center, is titled 'Al-Qaida Better Positioned to Strike the West,' intelligence officials said. It concludes that the group has significantly rebuilt itself despite concerted U.S. attempts to smash the network."

road.jpg This should be common sense, but one shouldn't walk through a thunderstorm while listening to your iPod.

road.jpg British invasion: Beckhams arrive at Heathrow for flight to Los Angeles.

Lucasroad.jpg Adult film maven Michael Lucas to lose his trademark pout.

road.jpg Navigating the linguistic seas of cross-cultural slurs: "Language is always guilty. What could be more common than the verb ''get''? We Cubans use coger for anything that is taken, held, grasped, grabbed, etc., while in other Hispanic countries, the verb has the lubricious meaning implicit in 'I`m gonna get you.' In much stronger terms. In the lands that first identified the syndrome we call 'machismo' (as a malaise, I should add), words for homosexual abound. Sometimes they are as simple as the Spanish for 'bird' or 'duck,' which lend themselves to endless wordplay. Through the process known in literary studies as metonymy, there are pejorative allusions to gayness, such as 'one can see his feathers,' i.e. he is a bird, meaning queer. 'Bird,' as we all know, is British slang for 'chick.' And that word in Spanish, pollo, is archaic Cuban slang one can hear in old Beny Moré songs in which the great singer brags about how chicks dig him. And these are only the vicissitudes of staying within one language."

road.jpg David Mixner recalls lunch with Lady Bird Johnson.

road.jpg Orlando Bloom says he won't be getting naked on the London stage, although it might help if the play he was performing in actually had any opportunities for nudity.

Squidroad.jpg Giant squid washes up on Tasmanian beach: "one of the biggest ever found, weighing in at 250 kilograms, with a cross-section as big as a truck tyre and longer than a station wagon."

road.jpg Scientists spot planet with water outside our solar system: " But the planet itself would be hell for humans. Orbiting cheek by jowel to the star, at a distance that is 30 times closer than that between the Earth and the Sun, parts of the planet's atmosphere reach 2,000 degrees Celsius (3,600 degrees Fahrenheit). This seething temperature is reached on the side of the planet that always faces the star. By comparison, the other side of the planet is relatively balmy, with a low of 500 C (932 F). Tinetti's team used NASA's Spitzer orbiting telescope, using its infrared sensors to pick out the tiny signature that occurs when water vapour absorbs light from a star."

road.jpg The man forever associated with Ted Haggard has something to say in Colorado Springs.

road.jpg Do you have a lot of moles? You may have a better chance of living longer.

road.jpg Wii Fit prepares to combat couch potato-ism: "The title is set to include more than forty different activities, from aerobics to yoga poses to muscle conditioning, and it will even measure your BMI. Plus, as can be seen in the trailer, there are a number of other fun minigames -- yes, we know, minigames on the Wii! -- that also serve to improve balance and coordination." The videogame system may soon be #1 worldwide.

road.jpgAnd a very happy birthday today to Trent, our friend at Pink is the New Blog!

News: Wiiitis, NYC Club Assault, Paris Hilton, Jason Knight

road.jpg Gay man assaulted by staff at New York nightclub Pacha: " The victim was passed out in the West 46th Street club's bathroom early Sunday morning when he was allegedly dragged out and assaulted before being thrown out the back door. A source said that anti-gay slurs were made during the attack, which is being investigated as a hate crime. Cops executed a search warrant last night, seizing computers, video equipment and business records. During the raid, the club's manager, who was not identified, was arrested on a warrant."

Wii1road.jpg First documented case of Wiiitis: "If a player gets too engrossed, he may 'play tennis' for many hours. With the growing use of this new video game system, the risk of the Wiiitis variant may be higher than that of Nintendinitis reported in the literature, especially among adults. Physicians should be aware that there may be multiple, possibly puzzling presentations of Wiiitis.”

road.jpg Party at the Hilton Hilton: "After extensive consultation with Los Angeles County Medical Personnel, including doctors at the Century Regional Detention Facility, it has been determined that Paris Hilton will be reassigned to the Community-Based Alternatives to Custody: The CBAC Program. Ms. Hilton has been fitted with an electronic monitoring device and will serve the remained of her sentence confined to her home. She will now serve the full 45 day sentence. Ms. Hilton has been in custody for five days and therefore will be serving 40 days in the Electronic Monitoring Program under the supervision of the Los Angeles County Probation Department." More...

David_lizaroad.jpg Liza Minnelli to rap on new album: "There's always a man that you love. There's always a man that you didn't love. There's always a man that you love to love, and a man that you love too much."

road.jpg Human rights watchdog calls on governments to step up prosecution of hate crimes.

road.jpg George Michael says the press is jealous of him: "Me, I don't want any children, I don't want responsibility. I am gay, I smoke weed and I do exactly what I want in my life because of my talent. I represent an ideal which others have had to let go and they blame me for that. Especially men."

Jason_knightroad.jpg Jason Knight, the petty officer second class who was discharged under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" but called back to active duty and subsequently discharged again, says that the papers regarding his most recent discharge leave the door open for him to be called back to active duty: "I can’t do anything but laugh. It’s getting to the point of being ridiculous."

road.jpg Former U.S. House Clerk Jeff Trandahl breaks silence on Mark Foley case: "Trandahl resigned from his post as House clerk and announced his new job in the fall of 2005, shortly after he began questioning Foley’s behavior toward pages in private conversations with both Foley and House GOP staffers. In his remarks last week, Trandahl refuted the speculation that GOP leaders forced him out of his job. He said he had long planned to retire after 20 years of government service and noted that his departure was set well before the scandal broke. Trandahl thanked former House Speakers Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) and Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) and current Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for supporting him during his tenure in the House. But he said former Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas) had long sought to oust him from the job because he is openly gay."

News: Dane Cook, Connecticut, Hammerhead Shark, Wii

road.jpg Michigan Supreme Court to decide whether or not partners of gays and lesbians employed by public universities and state and local governments should be able to receive health benefits: "The appeals court in February cited Michigan's 2004 voter-approved constitutional amendment against gay marriage — which makes the union between a man and woman the only agreement recognized as a marriage "or similar union for any purpose" — as also barring domestic partner benefits for the same-sex partners of public employees."

Hammerheadroad.jpg Immaculate conception: Hammerhead shark gives birth having had no contact with males. "This form of asexual reproduction, called parthenogenesis, has been found in other vertebrate species, including some snakes and lizards. But this is the first time it has been documented in a shark."

road.jpg Attorney General Alberto Gonzales may have obstructed justice as recently as March by attempting to "shape" Monica Goodling's testimony before the congressional hearings.

road.jpg Tremont Street in Boston the latest gay ghetto to dissipate.

road.jpg "Bridal shop" for gays opens in Barcelona. Owner: "I saw the opportunity to do business after the law was approved. I didn't know of any other country that had a shop or boutique for gay weddings. It will be an exclusive and personal product for a special day. It was obvious that gays, who also marry, needed their own bride shop."

road.jpg Does Dane Cook get this week's Photoshopped body award?

Melonsroad.jpg Beckham checks on the melons. Yep, still ripe.

road.jpg Irish priest from Feakle Parish apologizes to congregation for breaking his law of celibacy after photos published on a gay website.

road.jpg Nintendo: 35 million Wii consoles by 2012.

road.jpg As Connecticut awaits gay marriage decision, the noise does not subside: "Motorists sounded their horns in support of the gay rights activists in front of the state Supreme Court today. They were trying to influence the seven justices inside who are contemplating whether or not to give same sex couples full marriage rights under the state's civil unions law. A much larger crowd across the street at the state capitol celebrated the withdrawal of a same sex marriage bill from the general assembly but members of the Family Institute of Connecticut are still fearful that the state Supreme Court will make it happen without the legislature as happened in Massachusetts."

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #128

ESCAPED BEAR: One of my favorites from LOGO's "Big Gay Sketch Show".
(source: joe.my.god)

MIAMI: Trailer spot for the 9th Miami Gay & Lesbian Film festival.

VIDEO GAME DOG: Would this breed be called a Wiimeraner?

TRICKS OF THE EYE: Or should we say these guys are just throwing shade?

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Nintendo Wii Bowling a Hit with the Elderly


This is hot. Nintendo's Wii is making video game converts of the elderly.

Nintendo took the Wii to an AARP convention, says Perrin Kaplan, VP Marketing & Corporate Affairs for Nintendo of America: "The AARP thing was a little bit tough at first. They were like, ‘We don't really want to talk to you because we're all grandparents and we already buy stuff for our kids,’ and so we said, ‘No we want to talk to you about you. It took several attempts for them to finally say, ‘So why do you want to talk to us?’ And it's because we have products for them as well now."

The seniors weigh in:

72-year-old Flora Dierbach: "I've never been into video games, but this is addictive. They come in after dinner and play. Sometimes, on Saturday afternoons, their grandkids come play with them … A lot of grandparents are being taught by their grandkids. But, now, some grandparents are instead teaching their grandkids."

Don Hahn, 76, a veteran of numerous real-life bowling competitions: "This is pretty realistic. You can even put English on the ball. I used to play Pac-Man a little bit, but with this you're actually moving around and doing something. You're not just sitting there pushing buttons and getting carpal tunnel."

I bet golf's a hit too.

(via gizmodo)

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The Smiths, Mii Style


Following yesterday's request for gay newsmaker celebrity Miis, Towleroad correspondent Robert C. pointed us to this Morrissey fansite, featuring the former Brit band in all their pixelated glory.

Andy Rourke, Morrissey, Johnny Marr, Mike Joyce. Not sure I would get it right off the bat, but it's a good try.

Incidentally, Morrissey was recently voted Britain's third greatest living icon in a poll taken by BBC's The Culture Show.

Only Sir David Attenborough and ex-Beatle Sir Paul McCartney scored higher: "He beat seven others on the shortlist including singer David Bowie, actor Sir Michael Caine, actor and comedian Stephen Fry and model Kate Moss."


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