The Gay Media: Cock-Out Colin Farrell Confesses

ColinfarrellColin Farrell explains to Chris Heath in the November issue of GQ why kissing men just isn’t his cup of tea:

“I was very uncomfortable doing it [in A Home at the End of the World]. As much as I love Dallas [Roberts] — and I got on great with him—I didn’t enjoy it. As I said, I don’t enjoy going to the fucking gym, and I’d prefer to lift weights for twenty minutes than kiss a guy for two seconds. That two seconds is longer by a long shot…

It taught me what I knew already: I don’t like kissing boys. When you feel his stubble against your lip, it’s repulsive to me, as repulsive to me as for a lot of gay men the idea of putting their tongue near a pussy is—something that, for me, is akin to heaven sometimes. So I just freaked out.”

Sexually ambiguous roles don’t bother the actor, however much they might bug his reps, Farrell continues: “…If I picked another character that even seemed like he was potentially partial to having a cock in his hand that didn’t belong to him, my agent would have a heart attack. But apart from making light jibes like that, I wouldn’t have given a fuck.”

Farrell also admits to being quite the flasher on the set of the upcoming Oliver Stone film Alexander, earning him the nickname of Cock-Out Colin.

DetailsMeanwhile, from the gosh that would never have occurred to me department, Details finally jumps the shark this month with their “Gay or…..?” series as they draw the earth-shattering and uncanny similarities between gays and hairstylists. Gay or hairstylist? Now that they mention it I have noticed something rather fey about Marcellus down at the salon!

Condé Nast better ready the barricades. I’m sure the straight hairdressers will be picketing in droves.


  1. says

    Wow. Sounds like Colin and damage control to me. Straight men don’t like kissing other guys. The funny part to me is the amount of damage control they think they have to do. It always makes me chuckle. Just think if I had to put out a press release saying I didn’t enjoy kissing a woman in a film I did. Pretty funny.

  2. HoyaBoy says

    It always seems like it’s the agents, managers, lawyers etc… of the “straight” actors who have the problem with gay or gay-appearing roles, it’s never the actor themselves. Interesting.

  3. Yoyo says

    Heh, Colin says he doesnt like to kiss men, but yet he accepted the role. He would probally say it was too good of a script to turn down, but in reality its always the money. Doing it for cash makes him a whore doesnt it? lol Colin – “I don’t like kissing men but pay me some money and I will”

  4. hefestion says

    I have read in many magazines that Oliver Stone had cut an scene where Colin Farrell and Jared Leto are kissing deeply… If they would not want to do it, they didn’t do it. If they had a deep gay kiss, is because they had fun doing it.

  5. Dan says

    Male intimacy in modern films is breaking barriers. Women have been hugging and kissing in films for years. Its time people learned that men have compassionate loving feelings.A hug and a kiss? Whats the big deal? We should applaud any non violent portrayal of masculine behavior. Men need to feel free to show love and affection. Without the fear of being judged as gay or effeminate. Otherwise our pent up frusteration will come out and we exert ourselves , in an overly aggresive manner.

  6. Kelli says

    Hes not gay, he hates kissing men, get over it, he is secure enough with his sexuality to take on the role of gay men so get off his back, you should be happy that you get to see such a hot actor play a gay part. I can’t believe your all on his gay saying, oh I bet he liked the kiss, just cause you wish he did, not everyone is homosexual!!!

  7. Terra says

    I agree, he doesn’t have to like kissing men to play a gay role, the guy is as straight as hell, but he is gay-minded enough to take on gay roles, he just sais it’s not his cup of tea. He already has problems with his management because he played to many gay roles. Besides, I remember Nicole kidman having a sex-scene with an older guy, I don’t think she enjoyed it that much as well, nor do I think actors enjoy to play rape-scenes, but they do play them, it’s their job.

  8. joef says

    to kelli,

    were not saying that he enjoyed it. were making fun of that fact that he has to DENY LIKING IT or making PUSSSY IS HEAVEN statments. were making fun of his insercurities.
    as as for you KELLI, its mostly homophobic people like you always try to protect actors from being called gay. “no he’s not gay. not everyone is gay” haha ur dumb. Youre probably gay Kelli and in denial.


  9. mediapusher says

    I can totally understand. Hell, I’d eat pussy if they paid me what they pay him to be in a film..jeeez. And I’m a gay guy.

    And hey, next time shave real closely and be a really tight bodied cute hairless young guy. Colin just might rape you then. LOL!

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  12. Jamilo says

    Lol You Guys! Colin Is Handsome,and I Bet He’s Sexually Fluid,Being A Celebrity Prolly Makes Him Not Wanna Try A Fellow Guy,And His Young Brother Is Gay So He Has To Turn Out Straight!I Personally Think He Had A Gay Phase Way Back!

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