Brazilian Girls, Brazilian Boys

BraziliangirlsI’ve been listening to this EP for a week and I can’t stop. It’s pure laid-back international fusion — a mix of lounge, jazz, Bossa Nova, and chill-out European house. Brazilian Girls are three men and one woman. They’re based in New York, but the members, none of whom are Brazilian, come from Rome, Buenos Aires, California, and Kansas City. This EP is a prelude to an album coming out in January. You can hear (and see) a Brazilian Girls set archived at KCRW, a station we’re lucky to have in So Cal. I find the chorus of the song “Pussy”, which goes “Pussy, pussy, pussy, marijuana…” particularly addictive. Sexy cover art too.
Lazy Lover - EP

As a bonus, here are a couple recent photos from the Brazilian fotologs I check up on regularly, Rodrigo Calazans and Felipe Matarazzo. Both are models, and appear to be friends. Yowww.

Rodrigo Felipe_1

Posted November 10, 2004 at 3:00pm ETC by Andy Towle
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