D.C.’s Biggest Dick?

CheneybulgeWell, here’s a picture worth a thousand words. Not much more I can say about it, but blow it up and have a look.

Blue Lemur has the story on this photo, taken by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel photographer Mike Guldan, who insists the photo hasn’t been retouched.

“Guldan explains that he took between 100 and 200 photographs that day with a digital camera, chose six to eight images for possible publication and didn’t notice anything odd in the Kopp’s image because Cheney sat in the shadows. Incredibly, a “dozen or so” editors saw the photo before publication and nobody raised a red flag, he says.”

It’s obviously very exciting to be working around a lot of Bush.


  1. says

    he’s an impotent thief and war monger. thats just a big cathether full of his piss while we have to put up with his shit.

    the man will have some serious karma to work out…there is nothing at all attractive about him at all.

  2. James says

    I love the fun comments, but when you really think about it he probably has a bunch of change in his left pocket and it slipped over in between his thighs. Still disturbing to think about his thighs but lets one sleep at night.

  3. Jon says

    C’mon. Take any man that age and put him in a pair of boxers(or no underwear at all) and halfway loose fitting slacks and you will get the EXACT same result. Nature meets gravity!!!

    Actually, nothing happens by chance in politics…and it’s pretty disgusting that DICK opted for that look…he did a town hall-style meeting later that day and had to know what was going to happen if he sat down.

  4. adrian says

    A cigar is a cigar. I’m horny. It works for me. What can I say, I like men, big baskets, fetishising. Now, that killing 160,000 Iraques, I’m, not okay with that. But if he reformed and came out, and liked my cooking, well…

  5. Michelle says

    Oh man, I love that pic. I think he’s pretty sexy for his age. What more could you ask for? Smart, sexy, distinguished, and then a big hard cock on top of that! I’d sit on it in a heartbeat! I’d love to sit on it right now! Oh, sorry, am I posting in the wrong place? I’m a straight female!

  6. rob says

    Viva le Shorts, what a nice view of this man, hope he doesn´t switch to the ugly briefs. bravo for that cheney, what a big bulge. Down with the piss bag theory. kisses to both heads.

  7. Bobby says

    I’ve always thought Dick Cheney was attractive and always wanted to be his boy. After seeing this picture, I’d REALLY do anything to get my mouth around his huge Daddy dick.

  8. Glen says

    I agree with Bobby! Oh, to all of you naysayers…if presented with Mr. Cheney’s juicy dong, I’m sure each of you would milk it dry.

    Too bad you can’t clearly see the outline of his cock head…and maybe even a little pre-cum that soaked through his trousers.

  9. ILoveOlderMen says

    Any older gents 50+ fancy a kiss and cuddle and a chat with mixed race guy 33 from uk, please get in touch(married most welcome)..nice pic by the way Dick!

  10. paul says

    i think he is a lovely looking guy and i would love to suck the marrow out of his bone bravo mr cheney u big sexy man give me that meat anytime mmmmm

  11. Sehn says

    I had a dutch co-worker in his 60’s who ‘pulled’ that on me at a part time job I had; he just smiled and watched my reaction while I was trying to carry on ‘like nothing was happening’/avoid looking at it. so, yes, some of the older guys have giant schlongs like that. and no, it didn’t play out like some cheap ‘fantasy'; he was a bit of a jerk, married, and assumed that the world revolved around it. Though, w/a piece that big, no wonder the ego followed.

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