1. gabe says

    He was also in this silly teen movie where in one scene he came out with shaving cream covering his privates. Drop-from-your-chair-hooooottt!!!

  2. Morris says

    Jose, HO-SAY!!!

    This is a charming lad. To be damn sure!

    Find a full-page shot of Towleroad’s thumb @

    Go wild counting up close his body hairs, tracing his chest sculpture and such…. If ever there’s been cause to celebrate being a good, obsessive, horny gay man, this is it!

    Go, boyz! Chris-en yourselves…

  3. says

    I agree with Timmy Ray – what a man – god he is gorgeous!

    Thanks for all the information I am sure I have enough to drool over now!

    Will have to check out the trailer when I get in tonight 😉


  4. Schroeder says

    Too bad he can’t act.
    At least Hollywood is keeping with the trend of how it really doesn’t matter how well they act, as long as they look good shirtless or in a wife-beater, they’ll be put on the large or small screens, and we’ll be told they’re “actors” and “matinee idols”.
    At least he isn’t waxed smoother than a 12-year-old, I’ll give him that. There’s something to be thankful for.

  5. Kathrine says

    Who the hell do you think you are talking about him like that. You bitches better hope that I don’t find you. If I go back on this web site and talking shit about him again then I will fucking cut your balls off if you have any. So FUCK off.

  6. Kathrine says

    I knew you motha funkers would shut up. Do you know how funkin stupid you are just going on this web site lookin at my man. OO you faggots fuckin pissed me the fuck off. You somes of bitches.LOL

  7. macarena says

    de donde ha salido este yogur de tio???
    espero q su forma de ser sea igual de cañera q su cuerpo…OLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  8. Caitlin says

    He is in the movies Cellular, not a nother teen movie, and staring in the upcoming movie the fantastic four. Chris also starred in Boston public. is so hot can’t get ova it

  9. Van Hiscers says

    To Trunkguy
    Who told you he couldn’t act.Have you ever watched the movie “Cellular”?Not every actor could do a good job that only act with a cellphone(or to a cellphone) for most of a movie,but he made it.I think he may be going to win an Oscar in the future.

  10. nicole says

    Chris evans is drop dead gorgeous. In my opinion hes the best actor ever He even did his own stunts in cellular now thats hot

  11. Actionman says

    I’m a huge fan of Chris Evans!

    He is hotttttt like fire ( have to watch Fantastic 4 to understand me )!

    Love to see him act, great actor!

  12. Actionman says

    I’m a huge fan of Chris Evans!
    He is hot like fire ( have to watch Fantastic 4 to understand me )!
    Love to see him act, great actor!

  13. Ana says

    well his not that bad actor in the movies that he had made so far.
    besides he’s hot and sexy but i wonder if he has a girlfriend? e-mailed me back if you’ll know something.

  14. Shawna says

    Chris Evans films in the #1 Movie, The Fantastic 4 (at least what I think). Chris Evans is the HOTTEST,SEXIEST actor I’ve ever seen!!! Like OH MY GOSH! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Amelia says

    Chris Evans is the hottest guy ever! i mean in Fantastic four hes funny,hott,n well hes on fire! i luv him!

  16. says

    I think I have never seen only one movie among those in wich this beautiful boy played.
    Anyways I love him… Hisbody is handsome and he’s got an (hell) angel face :-)

    Please marry me!!!!

  17. scorpio says

    Estas muy bueno papasote, te amo, me encantan tus abdominales, y esa cara de niño bello… sales del closet avisame y quizas tengamos una aventura…bye…..chris is the best is HOT

  18. carmina says

    he is the earth´s god,the king of the universe he is so gorgeous he is so sexy that I could eat some piece of him

  19. Taina says

    Exuse me, what the hell do you freakin gay men think you’re doing talkin about my sexy man Chris Evans. If you think he’ll ever even think about turning gay to be with one of you FREAKS, you’ve got another thing coming. Oh yeah, and if you’re wondering, yes, I am a girl. Chris is straight and will always be straight, so you gay men don’t have a chance with him.

  20. Angelina says

    I luv Chris Evans,he’s a great actor, and that’s how a man’s body should be….he’s the hottest guy in the universe….=*

  21. Pamela says


  22. jess says

    luv the fact that he gives fantastic four the comedic element that it needs. such a hottie. cant wait till the next movie fer him comes out. luved fantastic four. awesome flick.nebody noe how many tat’s hes got and wat they r??

  23. mrs. chris evans says

    hey everbody,
    i was wondering if anyone knows anything bout chris evans e.g. fone number i would really appreciate it if u could email it to me at
    thnx heaps.
    chris is the hottest guy i have ever seen, hes smart, a smart ass, hot, and a really talented actor.
    anyway, i really want to be famous and i dont know how to get there.
    i either want to act, sing or model.
    if anyone can help me please email me. (has to be in australia).
    thnx heaps chico xoxo

  24. nancy says

    Chris evans was , did i say was? o0ps i ment 2 say “is” a hottie, he lo0ked hot in “Not anothor teen movie”, Hotter in “Cellular” and Hot, as in [Out of this World] Hot in ”’Fantastic 4”’
    com on now who could resist him ???

  25. jess says

    finally saw cellular and damn is he not onlee hot buh really good in that flick. cant believe that him and jess biel r actually together. buh o well….

  26. Jade says

    I Lv Chris Evans N E Az Tha Sexiest Body I Av Eva Seen lv jade X MI N MI CUZ LV HIM N PRAY HE WILL NEVA GT MARRIED 2 NE 1 BT UZ! X

  27. rome says

    hey all of u bithes who thinks can get chris evans,well we dont know if hes gay but if he is,than back off hes mine cause hes so gay hottty.

  28. Pin says

    Wow………………People are so into Chris Evans…..that cool, well Basically the only reason why i post to Chris Evans, is becuz, he is a good actor, i really like the way he act, “2 thumbs up”…… go Chris

  29. Liana says

    Wow, a lot of Chris Evans lovers here, have to say he did look real cute in Not Another Teen Movie…he’s like my ideal guy….bit weird considering my boyfriend is blonde…ah well. Our little secret *wink*.
    And I must say, he’s the only guy that can pull off chest hair well. Good on ya!

  30. Jamie says

    everyone here is talking about how cute he is but i mean thats not really him in fact none of us know your just going by looks.theres more to a person then looks. actually its written in books that if you count on your mates looks more then yours your going to start to look like your mate. its a fact! so maybe learn more about who he is then try to start a conversation instead of rebound looks!

  31. ~*MeGaN*~ says

    ya’ll please tell me that Chris Evans is not gay! cuz Damn! he look so good im looking at him right now He turns me on I’d fuck him so hard rawr

  32. leah says

    ever since i saw Chris in’s really heaven..i think i’m falling in love with him..could it be? could this be love..

    when is he going to visit the Philippines..

  33. robert says

    oh god this dude is hot!!! been awhile since an actor this hot has appeared on the scene (lets see……last one maybe was orlando bloom……….got over him fast) what is it with chris evans. he is so gorgeous. i wish i had a full frontal pic of him. anyone know where to get one?

  34. casey says

    chris evans is my cuzin because my first ansestor little brother married one of chris evans ansestors and also i think chris evans is the best actor in the world .one more thing if you go to google and type the hottest naked male celebrites in the world it shows chris evans penis .IT’S creepy to me but really fucking hot to you people and a litte to me.

  35. Justin says

    All I want to say is…what difference does it make if he’s gay or straight? He’s still an amazing actor and I don’t think anyone should be asking him if he’s gay or not…

  36. Dennis says

    I think Chris Evans is the hottest man alive. Well, maybe not. But this guy is well hot. I had a dream once. Fucking him and it was so good. Don’t mean 2 be gay but wow! I was surprised. I have met some hairy hot fit guys around and they remind me of Chris Evans. Once more! I am not gay! Love u Chris. Oh ya, do u have a bebo account? Or an email address? Mine is i think. And my email is

  37. Bettina says

    I actually dont know who he is dating now? Do anyone know? I heard Rumors of him dating Gisele Brunchen, but I dont think thats true…. Strange.. Because there has been sooo mush about his Ex-girlfriend Jessica’s new boyfriends.. I’d like to see who Evans date aswell.. :) He must have layed his hands on some woman since the brake-up with Jes in 2006..!!!

  38. BITTER says

    He’s so bland and he has stick legs….also too pale IMO…..get some sun dude, and some acting lessons.

  39. Jarod says

    OMG that’s hilarious Chris Evans probably does not have a small penis! The guy they were talking about in the article was the British PRESENTER Chris Evans, not the American Actor Chris Evans, because Actor Chris Evans is no way near 39, but the British presenter was when the article came out.

    In fact, if the whip-cream scene in Not Another Teen Movie is anything to go by, I’d say that he’s a reasonably well-hung dude.

    He’s HOT.

  40. jehad says

    i swear that i am the first fan chris is my idol i wish that one day that we r going to be best friends