James Barnett Awarded Scholarship

James2The Point Foundation, an organization dedicated to presenting scholarship opportunities to students regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, has announced they will award an honorarium to James Barnett, the high school student who was expelled from Trinity Christian Academy. Last week it was reported that Barnett’s parents were threatening to kick him out of the house unless he chose to go to the Texas college of their choice rather than those to which he had been accepted. Barnett’s parents were wary of the media attention Barnett’s case was generating.


  1. dan says

    A college of their choice? One with few or no gay offerings? Sounds like his parents are like so many who follow the philosophies:
    out of sight out of mind, and don’t ask, don’t tell. Denial is truly not a river in Egypt!

  2. says

    Oh! this is great news. Hes such a nice guy, i started chatting to him after you started following him here. And he started his own business in 6th grade…cmon, holy crap!