Military Jocks on Film


The British photography team of Jonathan Anderson & Edwin Low takes another look into the world of athletes with their upcoming book Athlete-Warrior. This latest project makes the on-location process of photographing gymnasts, swimmers, boxers, and the like from West Point, Annapolis, and Colorado Springs military academies into a scrumptious an intellectual exercise wherein they attempt to reveal “fascinating parallels” that emerge when the same cadet is photographed in both his military and athletic attire.

From the gallery they’ve released I’m not sure if it’s the “fascinating parallels” you’ll be gasping at but the crisp B&Ws will please anyone with a uniform fetish or a love of strict discipline. (thanks Slaters)

Anderson4 Anderson5


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  1. anthony in sf says

    this reminds of that Bruce Weber (?) photo book years ago. Bruce (?) went to Boy Scout jamboree in Utah and took lots of pics of these Aryan youth kinder. Many pics were salacious — a must have for many Catholic priests. I never could believe that the Boy Scouts would consent to the project. I really can’t believe the military acadamies consented to this either. In both cases, I’m probably more interested in hearing about the making of the photos and relationships struck up between photographers and subjects than the actual results.

  2. anthony in sf says

    ok i spoke too soon. i just went to the site. the pics aren’t nearly as charged as i expected. i don’t think the academies would have any problem. there are even pics of women. frankly i don’t see a connection between soldier and athlete in this pics. these are basically kids at a military academy, not soldiers who have seen combat. the training might be similar, and the motivation behind the training might be similar. but, the motivation behind sports and the motivation behind actual soldiering isn’t really documented in these pics.

  3. Rob says

    Hm, of some interest I suppose. However, I’d consider a member of the military a hero far before an athlete.

    However, Ben Couchman the waterpolo player from the Air Force is certainly something.

    Anyway… I wonder what these men and women were thinking when they agreed to do this collection of photos. This “athlete-warrior” thing is mirrored by Nike’s new campaign.

    Which I adore.

  4. tim says

    I’ve worked with these guys-they’re amazing photographers who’s work is collected by museums.
    The actual prints are beautiful! They’ve been hired to shoot olympic athletes for years…check out this months Interview- they shot Duran Duran for the mag.

  5. says

    Hey Andy, I represent these guys in LA at Apex Fine Art… we’re having a show for their Athlete Warrior series later this year… I’ll keep you posted. Ben Couchman, btw… is very nice, has a 3.6 gpa at the air force academy and just got his wings.

  6. Rob says

    Smart, attractive, accomplished, even friendly. Congrats for Ben.

    Let’s hope he’s open-minded (the pictures would suggest so…heh) and lives a good, long life.

  7. Patrick M says

    Love how the AF on Ben couchman’s swim cap could just as easily by for the Fitch as for the Air Force…

  8. annie says

    Great pictures! Got a pic in the local paper of George Michael in 1985 at the London Live Aid concert. (Merciful Heavens! Where does he get his jeans??) Anyway, do you accept pictures? You’ve probably seen this, but it wouldn’t hurt to see it again, would it? Let me know if I can send this in and how to do so.