James West Denies Allegations, Refuses To Resign


Fire up your WMPs and listen to anti-gay Spokane Mayor James West’s statement of this afternoon, denying all the allegations that he molested underage men and offered city jobs to men he met in Gay.com chat rooms.

“The allegations that I molested young boys over 20 years ago are entirely false. These allegations and inferences drawn from them are totally without merit. I categorically deny them. I have never had improper contact with a child….I have not used the internet appropriately while at City Hall or on City time and I have not used the city email system inappropriately.”

The most baffling moment of his statement comes as he asks citizens to remember that he worked hard for Spokane even as he battled colon cancer. While the plight of all those affected by cancer is certainly one to sympathize with, unfortunately for West there has been no connection drawn between cancer victims and homophobic hypocrites.

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  1. stephen says

    As a firm believer in Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection…my hope is that one day, sad, pathetic creatures like James West will cease to exist.

    The strides we make now, no matter how small they may seem, ensure that self-hating homophobes like James West will never again be able to reach a position of power, where they can do harm to innocent people and those of us who live our lives honorably and openly.

    In other words…LET YOUR FREAK FLAG FLY GIRL!

    (sorry, but I had to break the tension. I’m usually not that serious, but people like that West guy really piss me off!)

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