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Down Under, Big Brother Uncut Told To Cover Up


The new version of Australia's Big Brother, called Big Brother Uncut, has conservatives in that country outraged at the extent of the on-camera nudity and sexual activity between the contestants.

MP Trish Draper: "What we basically have is pornography and full frontal nudity on television at a time when children are watching. These people have an aspiration to be porn stars."


Both the Australian and British versions of the show go further with on-camera nudity than the American version which is heavily censored. Not even the 24/7 video feeds shown to U.S. internet subscribers reveal extended shots featuring full-frontal footage of contestants showering.


Big Brother Backlash [sydney morning herald]
Nude Big Brother Upsets Australia [bbc]

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  1. i love the guys with shirts off

    Posted by: sukai farrel | Jul 14, 2005 9:37:31 PM

  2. i can't get enough willies in my life. i have a small one myself so its good to see deans all night.

    Posted by: sukai | Jul 14, 2005 9:44:46 PM

  3. i like the size of their dixs sumtimes they can be big but then sumtimes they can be small.......I LIKE HUMGONGUS (like my boyfriends)....

    Sam .s.

    Posted by: Sam .S. | Jul 18, 2005 2:06:25 AM

  4. I would like to comment on the uncut australian show of bb 2005....

    every one seems to want to bitch about the show saying how rude it is and how its not for young ones.... if perents would take a stand at put there kids to bed at a decent hour like they use to then the children for one wouldnt see it and for the ones that dont have a strong stomic for up late and un cut change the chanel and wach another show hosted by the drop kick eddie mcgwire or how ever his last name is spelt... i cant stand that tosser so i change the chanel and watch un-cut... i sujest you do the same...

    Posted by: evilwillow213 | Jul 20, 2005 12:42:39 AM

  5. I love big brother uncut and if you dont like it dont watch it. let the people who want to watch it watch it O.K

    Posted by: ~*EMMZ*~ | Jul 21, 2005 2:28:37 AM

  6. Are you guys for real..

    To much nudity and sex talk.....

    Tell the do gooder baible bashing prudes in parliment to get a life. The best part of uncut is the reality! So what if the odd penis, vagina and breast is visible, if they weren't meant to be seen we wouldn't have been born with them.

    What did they expect all these young people to do while the were locked up. Discuss the socio economic needs of the third world. They're young and horny, of course nudity and sex will feature, as will foul language, aggression and stupidity.

    Wise up people and join the real world.

    Posted by: Carl | Aug 1, 2005 6:20:41 AM

  7. That is utterly stupid, they are claiming that big brother uncut is on at a time for their children to watch. That is the weakest arguement i have heard.

    Australian big brother is on a Monday at the moment, but its always been on a "school" night. Additionally its been on at 9:30pm, which is later enough, which a parent should not be keeping their under-aged kids up to that time anyways.

    Also SUPERVISE YOUR KIDS if you are up at that time, dont just get on the band wagon that its potentially exposable to children, bombs, internet pornography alot of things are potentially exposabled, stop being so lazy.

    Big brother isnt that good anyways.

    Posted by: mav | Aug 2, 2005 2:18:50 AM

  8. omg dean is croatian!!! i Love you!! rock on sexy!!! leave him alone man...he's kool

    Posted by: hrvatica | Aug 15, 2005 6:19:43 AM

  9. you chould keep big brother uncut on for 7 days a week

    Posted by: emily | Aug 19, 2005 12:59:11 AM

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  11. Here are some nudes pics from BB Uncut , enjoy them !

    Posted by: victor | Oct 13, 2005 12:50:22 PM

  12. I am gay

    Posted by: ali | Dec 4, 2005 3:28:13 AM

  13. haha victor your funny, anyway this is a stupid argument for starters their children would not be up at that time and get up their old fat asses and change the channel and let the people who like it watch it...

    Posted by: britney | Feb 2, 2006 3:44:45 AM

  14. i mean ali is funny.. Dean is coool

    Posted by: Britney | Feb 2, 2006 3:51:22 AM

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    Posted by: kylie | May 24, 2006 10:28:04 PM

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    Posted by: kylie | May 24, 2006 10:28:06 PM

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