Hong Kong Gays Celebrate


William Leung celebrates with his lawyer Michael Vidler following yesterday’s landmark Hong Kong gay sex ruling that struck down discriminatory sodomy laws there. There are, however, ignorant conservative wingnuts the world over. Listen to what Choi Chi-sum, general secretary of the Hong Kong Alliance for Family, said about the ruling: “This is about anal intercourse, not homosexuality. Anal sex is a high risk activity and participants are much more likely to contact sexually transmitted diseases.” Ridiculous!


  1. MT says

    I have a bit of a history question for anyone reading this. Given the number of states moving to create constitutional bans on gay marriage now that it has been deemed unconstitutional under present frameworks, does anyone know if this sort of effort was made against minorities when America began to recognize civil rights back in the day? I’m just wondering if what gay people are going through in our struggle for equal rights follows some historical pattern of other groups who went through similar experiences.

  2. says

    MT, I think an analogy can be made to the Jim Crow laws that were passed in the U.S. right after Reconstruction. These laws discriminated against African Americans with regard to education, and the use of facilities such as restaurants, theaters, hotels, etc. The laws even extended to prohibitions on marriage between whites and African Americans. The constitutionality of these laws was tested by the Plessy decision and the Supreme Court upheld the practice of segregation. In effect, this led to official legal recognition of practices that had already been in place allowing for open discriminated against African Americans. The notion of “separate but equal” was not officially overturned until cases arising from the Civil Rights struggle some sixty years after Plessy. So, there really isn’t anything new under the sun as far as ignorance is concerned. The fact is that the struggle for freedom and legal recognitions by minorities is just part of the socio/legal/historical fabric of the U.S. You can take heart in knowing that in the end fairness and justice usually win out. It just takes an awfully long time for that to happen.

  3. Nik says

    OMG, can we get any more ignorant? how do people speak through their hats is something that continues to baffle me. ask this Choi Chi-sum to go see some gaysexuals. i need to tell him how i long for connection, yes connection, and love with another male!

  4. jay says

    Well, at least One Hung Low isn’t trying to equate gay marriage with IV drug use, or sex with prostitutes. And I guess it’s a good thing that he isn’t saying gays get STD’s as a punishment from god.

    All in all, I’d rather have gay marriage linked to anal sex. It’s twisted logic, but at least it’s “on topic”.

  5. Louise says

    Hello everyone, I am writing a feature story about homosexual laws in Hong Kong. Would anyone be able to give me the contact details (i.e an email address) for someone who would have a relevant opinion about the topic? I would really like to get a response from both sides of the issue. Or does anyone reading this have a relevant opinion they would like to express to me so that I can include it in my article. Please email me if you have anything to say. My email is louise84@gmail.com
    Thank you.

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