Young Iraqi Men Being Forced into Sex Trade

IranianteenA new report says that large numbers of teenage Iraqi men are being forced into the commercial sex trade there. The number of victims could be close to 4,000.

In order to get the young men to work for them, Iraqi gangs use money or threat to out the young men to their families. 16-year-old Hassan Feiraz told IRIN, “Every day I cry at night. I’m a homosexual and was forced to work as a prostitute because one of the people I had sex with took pictures of me in bed and said that, if I didn’t work for him, he was going to send the pictures to my family. My life is a disaster today. I could be killed by my family to restore their honour.”

The intoleerant attitude toward homosexuality in Middle Eastern countries was revealed most recently by the report of the hanging of two youths for homosexual crimes last month in Iran.

Young men in Iraq’s sex trade are said to receive $10 for each person they sleep with while the gangs that oversee the business take five times that amount. The leader of one gay sex ring, who goes by Abu Weled (“father of the boys”) said, “Iraqis love boys and our work is to offer pleasure to them. They are all gay and, in Iraq, the homosexual is something cheap and bad, but we make them feel special when working with us.”

Families have reportedly held their children back from school for fear that their sons would be lured into the forbidden business. One father said, “If I found that my son was doing something like that, I would kill him straight away, because it is an offence to our God and a crime against our honour. Homosexuals are nothing more than animals.”

Enlightened, eh?

While the government says it has begun a crackdown into the business, the trend shows no signs of slowing. Its massive growth has been spawned by the American invasion, as families feel increased economic pressure to survive.

I’m sure this is not the kind of “liberation” many were expecting. No doubt, when capitalism creeps in, there are those who will use the free market to its full and ugly advantage. It’s just tragic, however, that this is the only alternative other than death or exile for some of these young men.

IRAQ: Focus on Boys Trapped in Commercial Sex Trade [reuters]


  1. Donald says

    With the fall of the Taliban in Afganistan the boy – love culture came above ground again. Older men and younger boys as sex/pets – often treated better than their wives. The pratice was a death sentence under the Taliban but as soon as they fell one could see see men with the boys in cafes again.

    I wonder who the customers are for these boys?

    Because men are suppose to be pure when they marry homosexual behavior is not uncommon amoung young men in many arab/islamic cultures.

  2. Cassius says

    Sigh. Once again, it is the job of Cassius to now step in, and be the voice of logic, reason and scepticism.

    16-year-old Hassan Feiraz of Bagdad is afraid that his new profession will be discovered. How afraid is 16-year-old Hassan Feiraz of Bagdad? 16-year-old Hassan Feiraz of Bagdad is VERY afraid. Now, HOW do we know this?

    Because 16-year-old Hassan Feiraz of Bagdad just gave an interview to the IRIN news agency, using his full name, age and city of residence.


    Either this is the stupidest “coerced rent boy” on the planet…. or PERHAPS he’s making the load-o-crap “they caught me on candid camera” story up. Obviously, as some sort of desperate legal defense to use in the event that the nacent prostitution sweeps mentioned in the article manage to eventually catch him. Which I gather from the article is now starting to happen with greater frequency.

    Call me a cynic, but my money’s on the latter explanation.

  3. john says

    Why are these boys referred to as “teenage men”? Other than someone whose 18 or 19, all other teenagers are CHILDREN! This is rape and pedophilia.

    Yes, Iraqi society, like most of world, is homophobic and cruel, but sexual slavery is evil and sadly still practiced here in the U.S. Check the NY Times and the story it ran last year about children, boys and girls, who are forced into sexual slavery. Or, what about the case of the psuedo-Mormons who force pre-teen and teenage girls to marry. Dr. Phil, of all people, did an expose on this travesty. Thanks to his efforts, law enforcement finally, after years, took a look at this problem. The otherside to this evil story was also covered by the Times. Teenage boys from the same Mormon communities were forced from their communities to live on the streets because their male relatives didn’t want competition for the limited number of females.

    Far too often, we look at events in other countries and shake our heads but don’t bother to look at the horrific conditions that exist in our country. God, the scumbags at the San Diego Pride let convicted pedophiles (let’s just call them what they are: RAPISTS of children) participate. What the hell?!

    Oh, the story about the Iranians who were executed is more than that they were gay and subsequently executed. Turns out the two had raped a number of young boys and were executed for the rapes. Checkout for more details (not that I agree with executing teenagers, but all facts have to presented.).

  4. says

    If you’d clicked through to my post on the Iranian teenagers being hanged you’d see I posted an update on the report of the rapes. Not to turn this post away from this Iraqi report, but if the two Iranian youths had raped a woman, from everything I’ve read it’s highly unlikely they would have been executed for it. Thus, in this case they were likely executed for their homosexuality and not for rape.

  5. David says

    It is terrible what happens in every Middle Eastern country except for one: Israel. I lived there for a year and participated in Gay Pride Parades in both Tel Aviv (huge) and a smaller one in Jerusalem. I visited with gay rights organizations in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Gay people have domestic partnership rights under the law in Israel, and Gay sex is not criminal behavior. There have even been Palestinian gays who have received asylum in Israel because of their fear of being killed for the “honor” of their family. For whatever one thinks of Israel, it is an island of hope and sanity for Gay folks in the Middle East.

  6. john says


    The fact remains that they were rapists. I don’t condone their executions. I think capital punishment is wrong (especially when it’s overly applied/misapplied to minorities–racial or sexual); there are too many cases of innocent people sentenced for crimes they did not commit.

    So, yes, I think it’s wrong that they were executed. Yes, their homosexuality played a role; but the fact that they raped a child probably played a bigger role. I do take a offense when you use the word “woman” versus “girl” since the two raped “boys.” Using “woman” mischaracterizes their crime and softens their crime. They raped children savagely.

    As I said before, I hate when children are mislabeled as adults. The Iranian teenagers were children themselves. Given all scientific evidence of the development of the teenage brain, there is no way a teenager should face the dealth penalty in any case. A teenager simply does not have the physical development of his/her brain to make the same logical conclusions as an adult could. Irans actions were illegal under the terms of the convention they signed.

    Sadly, the execution of people who committed crimes while children was still legal up until recently when the Supreme Court struck down laws permitting their execution.

    Look, I’m just saying that we shouldn’t make these two kids into innocent lovers who were executed for just being gay. Other reports have come out that a young woman, 16 years old, who had a history of mental illness, was executed, stoned to death, because she had an affair with an adult man. Iran is not a liberal democracy and has no problem butchering children gay or straight.

    I have more sympathy for the 16 year old girl than the Iranian Leopold and Loeb.

  7. says

    The father says Homosexuals are like animals? Well it’s true we, as all humans, are animals. But samantics aside… I feel sure he doesn’t kill a cat, a dog, a goat, a cow etc when he sees them on the street (or the farm) just because they stand before him as an animal.

    Even animals have a right to life… and I stand proudly as a homo animal that wants to live.

  8. says

    “The fact remains that they were rapists. I don’t condone their executions. I think capital punishment is wrong (especially when it’s overly applied/misapplied to minorities–racial or sexual); there are too many cases of innocent people sentenced for crimes they did not commit.”

    It’s up in the air I think as to whether the rape is a “fact” or not. Unless you want to tell me that the Iranian government is a tireless purveyor of Truth and Justice. If you think that, then move there and find out. It’s apparently legal incidentally to hang a girl as young as 9 for any “crimes”.

  9. says

    Great piece of article. It explains so much about the topic. I should say it is a detailed article. Talks about a variety of things – something which I never thought could exist. What I found different in your article is the way you have gone about to explain the topic in a simplistic way.

  10. Ann Dabbas says

    I just wrote a comment and they cancelled it out. I’ll try again with a shorter version.
    Don’t start this type of activity. It will ruin you forever. It is not accepted by society and will make your life miserable.

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