Gay Marriage

road.jpg Judith Miller out of jail, will testify in C.I.A. leak case.

road.jpg Schwarzenegger turns his back on equality, vetoes gay marriage bill.
Gov: "I do not believe the legislature can reverse an initiative approved by the people of California. This bill simply adds confusion to a constitutional issue. If the ban of same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, this bill is not necessary. If the ban is constitutional, this bill is ineffective."

Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez: "History will show that Gov. Schwarzenegger had a chance to end the last vestige of legal discrimination in our state. Instead of choosing the way of the future the governor has aligned himself with the enemies of equal rights for all."

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  1. Put as concisely as possible, the Gov is saying the current bill is bad law. And that he wants this done right so it will stick.

    Put away, temporarily, the emotional debate and give it a closer look. Yes, it looks like bad news. Think, guys, or you're going to look at least momentarily a little dim to people who do.

    Posted by: BAZ | Sep 30, 2005 4:09:37 PM

  2. Put as concisely as possible, the Gov is pissing on our heads and claiming it's only rain.

    A coward by any other name still stinks as bad.

    Posted by: Leland | Sep 30, 2005 4:23:48 PM

  3. Getting pissed on by a bodybuilder. That's hot!

    Posted by: Mitch Cardwell | Sep 30, 2005 4:29:37 PM

  4. What troubles me is the simple fact that the ONLY reason gays cannot marry is RELIGION. There is no scientific reason. No actual legal basis. It is only because some religions find homosexuality offensive or sinful. It is repulsive that the belief of some religions takes precedence over the civil rights of gay Americans. I don't understand how a gay republican can tolerate the premise that your party's religious convictions dictate policy. Mitch, your loyalty might be considered admirable to some, but your party doesn't want you to exist. Your party members pray that you are doomed to hell. They pray for your eternal damnation. Thats what they do. They don't like you. They hate your boyfriend. And you think a tax cut makes up for that?

    Posted by: Jeff | Sep 30, 2005 4:34:34 PM

  5. you gotta do better than that glenn to get me to accept your apology... make checks payable to ... LOL

    Posted by: Britt | Sep 30, 2005 5:03:02 PM

  6. Jeff, I have 3 friends that I call my best friends, all straight, all religious, all Republican. I've known them each for over ten years. I am a godparent to two of their children. None of them or their wives oppose gay marriage. Everyone in my family is southern and GOP. None of them oppose gay rights or gay marriage. Homophobia is far more rampant among blacks and hispanics then it is among white Republicans and last time I checked most of them vote Democratic. If my party didn't want me to exist the governor would have vetoed every gay rights bill that he's signed, including the 4 yesterday.

    My loyalty is to a set of ideas, not a party. Give me a Democrat that believes in smaller, limited government, state's rights, strong defense and fighting the war on terror and I'll vote for him. I would have voted for Lieberman in a heartbeat.

    Posted by: Mitch | Sep 30, 2005 6:18:34 PM

  7. Bitch, your loyalty isn't to a set of "ideas"--it's to the Repugnants' version of rosary beads, which string together a bunch of buzz words which armchair omniscients like you repeat over and over and over without any analysis of what they really mean and to whom. Even Repugnant icons George Will and Pat Buchanan, among many others, point out that George Bush has increased the size of the federal government, as well as the deficit specifically, more than Clinton, more than Carter. Repugnants bray endlessly about "states' rights" ever since people suggested that there was no right to own slaves or segregate and disenfranchise their descendants. BUT when one or more of those states is doing something the Repugnants don't like, then they jettison their devout belief in states' rights faster than Mary Cheney call change batteries in her vibrator. E.g., a state like Florida trying to control their own elections only to have the Repugnants march in with an army of lawyers and plead before the Supremes that this state should not have that right [unless, of course, they expected the count to go the Repugnants way]. Or Massachusetts, using their state right to determine who can and cannot get married. The majority of Repugnants want to amend the US Constitution to override all 50 states' rights there. "Strong defense"--there's a bumper sticker if I ever read one. The Repugnants' definition of strong, here, means nothing more than posing in front of bigger and bigger flags while continuing to make their friends in the military-industrial complex richer and richer. Eisenhower--now there was a Republican with balls. And, finally, "fighting the war on terror"--oh yeah, we've seen how good they are on that. Dined at Windows on the World recently? Remind me when and where Osama's trial is? "During an address from the aircraft carrier, the USS Lincoln, President Bush declared the war in Iraq a success saying no terrorist network will gain weapons of mass destruction from the Iraqi regime because it turns out they didn't have any." —Jimmy Fallon.

    Posted by: Leland | Sep 30, 2005 7:07:53 PM

  8. Mitch, being a Republican used to mean just what you said. Limited central government, fiscal conservatism, etc. Ever since the religious fundamentalists took over the party, however, those days are gone forever. You're lucky that your family is supportive. Most Republicans, southern or otherwise, simply are not, and it's foolish to try to convince us otherwise. All one has to do is watch the Republican national convention or read the party's platform to see that this is true. The Democrats, in all their befuddled, hand-wringing glory, are really not that much better, to be honest. And frankly you're right about the homophobia in the African-American and Hispanic communities. But the problem isn't necessarily the fact that the governator is a Republican... the problem is that he thinks that "the people of California" should be able to decide this issue... as if human rights should ever be dictated by a vote of the masses. He also crumbled under the vomitous, finger-wagging, deeply hypocritical blathering of the religious right, which is the main culprit here. Clinton did the same when he signed DOMA, to his shame.

    Posted by: Brian | Sep 30, 2005 7:11:46 PM

  9. "... the problem is that he thinks that "the people of California" should be able to decide this issue..."

    Well a court's going to decide that and that was the reason the governor gave for not signing the bill to begin with.

    From the governor's statement: "The ultimate issue regarding the constitutionality of section 308.5 and its prohibition against same-sex marriage is currently before the Court of Appeal in San Francisco and will likely be decided by the Supreme Court."

    If it stands then the governor is right. If it fails, the law will be nullified anyway.

    Posted by: Mitch | Sep 30, 2005 7:34:55 PM

  10. Mitch, don't give me this shit about white republicans being less homophobic than Hispanics or Blacks. Just because you have a couple of long standing friends with decent morals, does not exclude the overwhelming majority of republicans that are homophobic and put it in the platform of the party. African Americans and Hispanics did not introduce legislation to ban gay marriages, the mainstream republicans did, and in part with the checks you and your friends sent. My partner and I just moved the hell out of Floriduh, because of white, christian hateful people. Hypocrites with "W" and the Jesus Fish on the back of their Lincoln Navigators sucking up gas in the name of the
    Lord. My partner was injured during one of last years hurricanes, it took 3 hospitals before we could get him a doctor, and when we did, I was pushed out of the room and stearnly told "You're NOT family". Born agains on our street turned their backs and would not even respond to a "hello" or "good morning". I am in construciton, and death threats were made on Floriduh jobs sites because I had a Kerry sticker on my truck. Guns were drawn on jobsites, and your fine upstanding, white republicans tried to run me off the job. Which was fine be me, it was my contractors license, when I left, those assholes were outta work. But the worst experience I have is with children. God Bless you and your god child. But I too had a God son, actually a foster child. Who became my god son by virtue of John Paul II who baptized him at St. Patricks Cathedral in NYC. This child was black, orphaned and born with AIDS. He was in the hospital in the fall of 1995 when the republicans shut down the government, and all the AIDS kids in that hospital had health care witheld while the government was shut down. Just basic life support, no pain killers, spinal taps on 40 lb kids instead of an MRI. I saw these kids suffer. And some died during those days. It was brutality as a direct result of your party. My little man lasted three more months. I saw black families and spanish families and gay families adopt HIV babies, but I don't know any widespread adoption by white christians. They scream about pro life and what a sin it is to abort, but I don't see many whities pushing no brown babies around and I certainly don't see the country club set timing their kid's protease dosing. Sure they give a check, but never touch them. And as for us fags, well, we can't adopt, because we're unfit, but we sure can take care of 'em till their poor little bodies draw their last breath.
    My little man wanted to know if God sent down a ladder to get him to Heaven. But according to your party, I am unfit for such duty. My proudest moments have been swearing into the USMC, and holding up that fine young child for baptism before the Pope as an openly gay man with AIDS. And it had nothing to do with the Church, it was just a dying little boy's wish. But your party says I am unfit to be a parent, or a soldier. I don't see white republicans lining up at the soup kitchens or AIDS orphanages. I do see people of color and every orientation lined up to help. I am glad you found some decent folks in your party. But as a whole the republican party is about hypocrites. And, for the record, I was a republican, Ronald Reagan spoke at my graduation, I voted for GHWBush, and I served under him. I have been to the mid east. I have seen suffering. So don't tell me about your well to do white christian friends unless they are doing something to help someone other then themselves, their 401K or their own white babies.

    Posted by: Jeff | Sep 30, 2005 10:38:35 PM

  11. Mitch needs a huge dose of reality. Rethugs are so far up into everybody's business it's unbelievable. People are jumping that party's ship left and right. Wake up!

    Posted by: A | Oct 1, 2005 12:12:09 AM

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