Quebec’s Frontrunner for “Party” Leadership

AndreboisclairCandidates for leader of the separatist Parti Québécois are hesitant to bring up the bad behavior of their rivals after openly gay and strikingly handsome candidate André Boisclair acknowledged cocaine use and saw his numbers soar in the polls.

He’s now at the front of the pack, according to the New York Times. Apparently, most Quebecers can relate to “wild weekends at the end of which you can’t recall where you left your rented car.”

A former cabinet member explains the psychology of the French Canadian voter: “We Quebecers fancy our heroes a little bit cheeky, defeatist, hesitant, unsure of themselves, alcoholic, a little or even a lot unreliable, a little bit fraudulent or even a little drugged. We like to say they are like us.”


  1. says

    He has the votes he so wants it appears already…. by a huge margin. (last I checked) He won’t be the first seperatist to go far in Canadian politics or the last. Wether Quebec seperates eventually or not is always in play. As someone living here, I’m glad he’s out front and glad he’s someone who people can relate to. We like people with faults, I prefer to vote for humans not icons. (though there’s a good chance he’ll become one in many ways – for better or worse)

  2. Paul says

    You have two types of politicans. The ones who are open about being human, and the ones who lie about it.

    Not that I’m all for a coked out leader, but I guess it’s more honorable to just come out with it than try to hide the obvious.

  3. egdam says

    According to his blog, he likes, among other things: la cuisine, Femme sur le bord de la crise de nerf (Almodovar), Robbie Williams, Madonna (!!), and Le portrait de Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde).

    Je voterai pour lui !

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