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So, I’m back in Montana again. This time, I’ll actually get to meet the nephew that didn’t arrive when I was here before Thanksgiving. Posting will also be somewhat slowed over the next five or six days. I’m using the technological stone age protocol called dial-up. There are also holiday shows at my nephew’s school and the other nieces want to see Narnia. So…I’ll do it when I can! I also hope to post some of the favorite photos I’ve taken over the past year which never made it to this site.

Took the photo above just a few minutes ago after the sun rose over the mountains. A far cry from the chaos in New York!


  1. Tread says

    I don’t think Narnia is too fundie. It’s a Christian allegory.

    Don’t let the current crop of Christianists erode the original message of Christianity (peace on Earth, good will towards men). Those Christianists do not believe in the principles Christ taught, they use the Bible as a weapon (watched Saved! with Jena Malone and Mandy Moore).

    There are still good Christians out there, they’re just drowned out by the howling hoards of Christianists.

  2. says

    oh how i miss montana – spent a summer living in missoula and loved it, one of the fondest summers of my life. i’ll be heading to idaho this weekend to freeze with mom and catch Narnia myself. rock on.

  3. says

    Greetings from another Montana-native. I won’t make it to the Big Sky Country for the holidays, but I hope to see a few more pics and hear about it all. And, oh do I ever understand how difficult it can be to get onto the ‘net from too many spots in Montana.

  4. Darrell says

    Hey Andy,

    Growing up a Alberta boy next door to your home state of Montana, I remember many summer holidays in your former backyard. I can appreciate your interest in Brokeback Mountian. thanks for all the info and the pics keep up the good work, Congrats on your family’s addition and Happy Holidays.

    PS Nothing can ever diminish the scenery in that part of the world, Next vacation you should hit Vancouver BC your jaw will drop!

    Again Happy Holidays from Canada

  5. says

    Not sure if you’ve mentioned the Brokeback review on the ‘Ain’t it Cool News’ website…

    But for this kind of review to come from the pen/keyboard of Harry Knowles, is further proof of just how great and moving a movie Brokeback is.

    I am in no doubt whatsoever that when I finally get a chance to see it in London next Friday, I’m going to be blown away and , most likely, in tears.

  6. permo says

    I am harboring a secret dream – a vogue for men like us to move en masse to MT and create a new post-queer version of the ghetto. I would rather live there than anyplace right now but could not would not be able to manage the culture thwak. Still, the BF and I go there every summer hoping to find a way…

  7. HisHolynessDPope says

    “Don’t let the current crop of Christianists erode the original message of Christianity (peace on Earth, good will towards men).”

    Onward Christian Soldiers!!! Let us quickly kill the enemy before they have time do it to us! Pre-emptive first strikes and nuke those ungodly heathens… let none survive!

    “There are also holiday shows at my nephew’s school”

    “Congratulations on the birth of your nephew!”

    Yep… a super genius born just a couple of weeks ago and Andy will soon visit his school! Sure start them young in Montana… maybe it began before birth? Was there a very bright North star shining at his birth?

  8. says

    My oldest friend lives in Montana – I’m due to visit again in a month or so. I can’t wait. It’s purdy up there. And what I used to think was his naive rhetoric about the people being nicer is in fact true; it seems that, when you’ve got lots of space to breathe, there’s less reason to be an asshole.

    As for a post-queer exodus – hmm. Helena is as lovely a little city as you could hope to find anywhere in this land. Plus, as Myrna Loy’s hometown, there’s the built-in cachet of fabulousness.

  9. Jay Croce says

    >>A far cry from the chaos in New York!

    LOL, Andy, to be so sophisticated, you’re such a rustic at heart!

    Anyway, I think it’s great you’re able to enjoy the holidays with your family, and get back to nature. I’m positively green with envy. Maybe one day I’ll adopt a needy family in the wilderness, so I can visit with them, and marvel at the geological wonders of rural life.

    All kidding aside, I really do think it’s great you have such a good relationship with your family. I don’t know too many people, Gay or not, who are close to their extended families. I’d rather chew razor blades than sit down to dinner with any of my own relatives. Fortunately, the feeling is mutual.

    Enjoy the holidays!

  10. dirtymontana says

    i left montana two months ago. thanks for the beautiful pic….i would still be there, but those long cold winters (always at least five months!) finally got to be unbearable!

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