Dior 2006: Hedi Slimane Finds a Muse


For his Spring /Summer 2006 Dior advertising campaign, Hedi Slimane found a muse that followed his aesthetic perfectly. To shoot the following images, Slimane studied the work of Paul P., a Toronto-based artist who bases his “homoerotic and deeply romantic” images on young men in pre-70’s porn.


Slimane and Paul P. have never met. The latter is notoriously reclusive. Aside from whether or not your into young or old, sleek or hairy, the images have a mysterious, seductive quality to them. I think this campaign is pretty brilliant.


According to an article in the Toronto Star, “for the current Dior Homme ad campaign Paul P. drew (graphite on paper) five renditions of a single live model.”


From the Star: “Paul P. bases his art on pornographic materials from the ’70s and ’80s because for him, the time represents a less entangled pre-AIDS era, “before the massive shift in how gay porn looked,” before magazine models buffed up to achieve a plasticized, super-healthy look to distance themselves from the disease.”


Paul P. apparently xeroxes pages from gay porn and from those he bases his drawings.


Says Paul P.: “It’s a different way of looking at young men that wasn’t complicated by AIDS. It could simply be erotic.”


Works for me.


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