Gay Couple Respected in the Flamingo Crowd

Gay_flamingosTwo Flamingos at the Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust in Gloucestershire, England, are celebrating their fifth anniversary together.

Like penguins, flamingos tend to swap partners each year and practice monogamy during that particular breeding period, but Carlos and Fernando have been together for five years, and a keeper at the reserve says they’ll probably stay that way forever.

According to the Telegraph, “The pair have reared three generations of adopted flamingos, by making off with the freshly laid eggs of their heterosexual neighbours.” Watch the wingnuts take off with that information and start calling homosexuals cradle robbers!

The gay flamingo couple demands respect from the other flamingos in their flock: “They are not picked on by the other birds. If anything they are afforded more respect because two males together can be a pretty fearsome prospect for the other flamingos.”

Carlos and Fernando are Greater Flamingos, native to the Mediterranean and Africa.

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    This is pretty ordinary stuff in the realm of birds. Long ago, ‘The New Yorker’ (yes, ‘The New Yorker’) ran a lengthy piece analyzing the behaviors of homosexual ducks. Males that chose male partners would mate with a female, when the female was introduced and the former partner was removed. But would unvaryingly return to the male when he was returned, female there or not.

    Brokequack Mountain! (sorry)

    But the fascinating thing to me was that the male couples had the most beautiful nests; it seems that, since they can’t proceed with the ritual of procreation, the feathering-of-the-nest never fully ends.

    OK, bring on the jokes about duck track lighting…