Gay Witch Hunt Underway in Cameroon

CameroonA disgusting witch hunt is underway in the African nation of Cameroon after the tabloid L’Anecdote published the names of prominent figures who are homosexual, a list that includes ” government ministers, news readers, popular singers and sports stars.”

The publication of names followed a holiday denunciation of homosexuality by Roman Catholic archbishop Victor Tonye Bakot.

L’Anecdote‘s publisher, Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga, told Reuters: “Men making love to other men … is filthy. It may be normal in the west, but in Africa and Cameroon in particular, it is unthinkable. We could not remain silent. We had to ring the alarm bell. We don’t regret it and we have to do it again … in spite of numerous death threats that me and my journalists have had.”

One of those named on the list is the country’s communications minister, Pierre Moukoko Mbonjo, who said: “Whether heterosexual or homosexual, sexual intercourse takes place in an intimate environment between two persons.”

According to the Guardian, “Same-sex intercourse carries a penalty of six months to five years in prison and fines of up to $370 (£210) under Cameroonian law.”

50 public figures named in gay witchhunt by Cameroon’s papers [guardian]
Cameroun: A Press Withch-hunt Targets Lists of ‘Homosexuals’ [direland]


  1. Jay Croce says

    Camaroon is not a democracy. Despite a slow movement toward democratic reform, political power remains firmly in the hands of an ethnic oligarchy headed by President Paul Biya (since 6 November 1982). The prime minister appointed by the president. It’s not like the citizens have anyone to help them if they disagree with “The Government”.

    It’s a pretty sad place. Slightly larger than California, it’s environmental issues include prevalent waterborne diseases; deforestation; overgrazing; desertification; poaching; and overfishing.

    Population: 16,380,005
    Age 0-14 years: 41.7%
    Age 15-64 years: 55%
    Age 65 years and over: 3.3%
    Median age: 18.6 years old

    So you see who’s making the decisions in this country. A bunch of children, led by a dictator.

    There are about 600,000 people living with HIV/AIDS.
    They estimate 50,000 deaths per year, due to AIDS.
    Because of its oil resources and favorable agricultural conditions, Cameroon has one of the best-endowed primary commodity economies in sub-Saharan Africa. Still, it faces many of the serious problems facing other underdeveloped countries, such as a top-heavy civil service and a generally unfavorable climate for business enterprise.

    IMHO, there is nothing that can, or will be done about this situation. If you feel the need to try….

    Diplomatic representation in the US: chief of mission: Ambassador Jerome MENDOUGA
    chancery: 2349 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008
    telephone: (202) 265-8790
    FAX: (202) 387-3826

  2. says

    Ummm… Doesn’t the Catholic Church have any responsibility? I can answer that… Yes they do and yet they will not take any. Once again, Jesus’ message is rubbed in shit all in the name of hate. Shame!

  3. Mulroney says

    Pathetic. Another third world Arican hellhole with nothing better to do than hunt down and persecute homosexuals while its citizens live in squalor and disease.

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