It Was Just Too Easy

New_yorker_brokeback_1 Bushcheney

The New Yorker takes a potshot at Dick Cheney with this week’s issue. They’re the first print publication I’ve seen to jump on the Brokeback poster spoof chuck wagon. The title of the cover illustration by Mark Ulriksen?

“Watch Your Back Mountain”.

We have seen a similar fan-created iteration of BushCheney (above right) in relation to Brokeback, but that was before the shooting incident. The VP sprayed this twist into Conde Nast’s lap. Or would that be Conde Nasty?

The Cheney shooting incident was also parodied on last night’s Late Show as Dave premiered a new spoof commercial “from the White House” encouraging the press to move on to other topics of importance aside from this silly shooting incident.

Brokeback Mountain spoof posters. [tr]
Vice President to Break His Silence [tr]