FrontRunner Debuts in Utah


Now that The Deseret News has picked up on the fact that the Utah Transit Authority’s’s new rail line, the FrontRunner, bears the same name as Patricia Nell Warren’s gay novel, watch the wingnuts stand up to have it changed.

The chairwoman of Equality Utah said: “Maybe now enlightenment will be riding into the state on the rails of transit.”

The new train, which the UTA says “can whisk you from Ogden to Salt Lake City in 15 minutes,” replaces the Brokeback Express, whose cars, after many years of use, were still having problems coupling.

New rail’s name has unexpected gay links [the deseret news]


  1. Raymond says

    Well- think of it, they could have named it “LATTER DAYS”. They could have the AARON AND CHRISTIAN SLEEPERS” AS WELL.

  2. Greg says

    – Damn… the runner up title was “3000 Ton Patriotic Freedom Dildo”

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! My thoughts exactly, Rad..

  3. Raymond says

    I still prefer the LATTER DAYS analogy for anything that describes an LDS-related item.
    Oh, and when you describe a Hottie with a capital H, with mind, soul and body all rolled into one…it is Steve Sandvoss hands down over Heath or Jake….without even any competition. IMHO

  4. says

    I love the fact that this thing is rolling thru my city at this very moment…. And while it may seem like the Patriotic Dildo, its just the colours of our local transit authority (UTA, But none the less I love it all… Oh and as for a different name, I suggest something more like the Trumpet of Gideon or some overy nauseating Mormon name.